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Munchkin:: 28 nouveaux donjons pour Munchkin By: deratiseur
Munchkin - 28 nouveaux donjons.pdf (95 KB)
28 nouveaux donjons pour munchkin. Inclus quelques idées pour s'en servir.
Nov 29, 2017


Munchkin:: Munchkin Playmat (11x17) By: Stormhammer87
Stormhammer87's Munchkin Playmat.pdf (558 KB)
This is a playmat for Munchkin I made, combining and using ideas from both Frode789 and stlwill's submissions on this page. 11x17 in size.
May 8, 2017


Munchkin:: Munchkin-constitution de deck By: nicoTnK
constitution de decks Munchkin.pdf (657 KB)
Quand on a toutes les extensions EDGE de Munchkin, ça devient difficile de mélanger pour faire tourner toutes les cartes.
Je propose donc un moyen de sélectionner une partie de ses cartes pour apporter de la diversité à vos parties.
Apr 13, 2017


Munchkin:: Munchkin simple rules summary and level counter By: col_w
Munchkin rules summary and level counter v1.0.pdf (426 KB)
Munchkin simple rules summary and level counter.
Version 1.0
Sized to fit in box
Feb 20, 2017


Munchkin:: Munchkin Playmat By: stlwill
Munchkin placemat (11x17).pdf (32 KB)
This is inspired by many of the playmats already out there but I tried to combine the kill-o-meter and level counter in one place. Vistaprint has a poster that' 11x17 and that's what this is designed for.

I welcome any feedback!
Feb 4, 2017


Munchkin:: Epic Races & Classes By: bigas138
Epic flowchart.jpg (1.20 MB)
A summary with all the epic skills of every single race and class of the Fantasy game.
Nov 6, 2016


Munchkin:: Munchkin Player Aid By: Raugiel
MUNCHKIN.pdf (224 KB)
This is a player aid designed with beginners in mind. Can be printed on a single, double-sided sheet.
Oct 2, 2016


Munchkin:: Munchkin Deluxe w Lvl Up Tuckboxes By: LassKerr
Deluxe.pdf (1.00 MB)
Munchkin Deluxe Tuck Boxes and a LVL UP Character Markers Tuck Box.
Sep 6, 2016


Munchkin:: Ian McGinty Guest Artist Edition Tuckboxes By: LassKerr
merged.pdf (674 KB)
Tuck Boxes for the Ian McGinty Guest Artist Edition
Sep 6, 2016


Munchkin:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Munchkin_box.pdf (1.62 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 6,2 x 9,2 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛ with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Apr 3, 2016


Munchkin:: Hoja personaje Munchkin (versión reducida) By: marco80
hoja personaje munchkin.pdf (6.75 MB)
Hoja de personaje para la caja pequeña del Munchkin original (2001) y las siguientes ediciones.

Nov 29, 2015


Munchkin:: Munchkin Board for regular box - A4 By: abIaze
A4 Munchkin Board.pdf (255 KB)
Print onto A4 page, cut out, laminate (optional), tape or glue onto cardboard, fold up and put in box ready for next game!
Oct 20, 2015


Munchkin:: Rohans Munchkin rule summary By: rcoxon
Rohans Munchkin rule summary.pdf (674 KB)
Just a good rule summary.... I hope you find it a useful reference for when you haven't played for a bit.....
Oct 7, 2015


Munchkin:: Tablero ayuda de personaje A4 By: tejadaftm
Tablero Munchkin.pdf (306 KB)
Tablero de ayuda para colocar las cartas de personaje. Útil para jugadores novatos y para mantener las cartas ordenadas.
Sep 15, 2015


Munchkin:: Munchkin Dungeon Tracker By: deadcatdreaming
munchkin-leveltracker.pdf (4.14 MB)
A quick dungeon styled level tracker I made myself. Originally created for my Adventure Time themed set but repurposed, without the badging, for anyone else that may find it useful.

Once you have cut them out the two pieces can be placed together to create a continuous run. FYI - I glued my copies to some foam core board.

You will need 6 identifiable playing counters/cubes/characters to track progress.

If there is enough interest I will make printable character tokens, so let me know :)
Sep 8, 2015


Munchkin:: Munchkin Playmats (x2 A4 sheets) By: Frode789
Munchkin Playmats (1.48 MB)
Version 2.0, some fixes on page 2 of my playmats. Added space for non-item treasure card bonuses, such as "Really Impressive Title" cards etc.


I have not seen any playmats that I were perfectly pleased with, so I decided to make my own. They are made to fit onto two side-by-side A4 sheets. I recommend using paper of at least 80g/m2 for better sturdiness.

Download contains two playmats, with places for the different card groups in Munchkin. 1. page includes the usual, race, class etc, while 2. page has spaces for hirelings, their items, as well as steeds and a "backpack" (place cards that are not equipped/carried, but still "in-play, for example potions").

Just thought I'd share it if anyone is interested. Feel free to come with constructive feedback, or if I've made some typos/errors.
Sep 8, 2015
Munchkin (1.46 MB)
Old version. - -
Aug 18, 2015


Munchkin:: Munchkin Strength Indicator By: tytusmk
MunchkinStrengthIndicator.pdf (61 KB)
A print and cut version of a hero equipment level indicator. It is intended to give other players a snapshot of the hero's fighting strength as new equipment is obtained.
May 8, 2015


Munchkin:: Munchkin Sex/Level Marker By: lalanolina
Munchkin Level (10.73 MB)
Level and sex trackers.
8 different arts.
Size 10x15cm.
Apr 5, 2015


Munchkin:: Tuckbox for Munchkin treasure cards By: slablanc
Munchkin 1 Loot Final a.pdf (1.85 MB)
For unsleeved Munchkin treasure cards.
Dec 11, 2014


Munchkin:: Munchkin Doors Tuckbox By: slablanc
Munchkin 1 Door Final a.pdf (1.91 MB)
For unsleeved Munchkin door cards.
Dec 10, 2014


Munchkin:: The 13 rules for the Munchkin Drinking Game By: Mauth
MDG.txt (1 KB)
These are the rules for a drinking game inspired by my friends who drink.

If you like these or can come up with more, please feel free to post a comment below, and they might get added.

I'm trying to make it fun, and not get everyone wasted in 15 minutes, but this IS munchkin, and as such, anything can happen. Enjoy!

Drink responsibly. Don't go get'n yourself eff'd up and then drive or beat up your friend. IE: Don't be a dick.
Dec 9, 2014


Munchkin:: Feuille de personnage By: ckuron
Munchkin Feuille Personnage.png (5.55 MB)

Une feuille de personnage, en français, basée sur celle de Gryphon & Moldon

May 5, 2014


Munchkin:: Munchkin Card List - Updated 2014-02-26 By: donpedronogal
Munchkin_Cards_20140226.xlsx (162 KB)
Updated version of GHornet2's Munchkin Card List Spreadsheet.
Feb 26, 2014


Munchkin:: Munchkin Playmat german / deutsch By: Dickie77
Spielhilfe Munchkin_plain.pdf (81 KB)
Based upon the work of BobSlaughter I created this playmat. I included also a counter for combat strength and the according frames to mark the actual combat strength...hope 49 as maximum is enough ;)

I will create an publish this one in english when finding the time...

[ImageID: 1891240]
Jan 12, 2014


Munchkin:: Munchkin Solitaire Rules By: UofLHoops
Munchkin Solitaire.pdf (19 KB)
This is a set of simple rules for playing Munchkin Solitaire. I do not claim any ownership, as they are a conglomeration of rules found in the Munchkin Guild and other places. These rules represent a hybrid of a few different sets of rules, with the end result being a fun, challenging way to play Munchkin as a solo game.
Jan 7, 2014

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