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Entdecker:: Entdecker - Mark Johnson Variant By: davebo
Entdecker MarkEJohnson Variant.pdf (1.70 MB)
Thanks to Yangtze2000's wonderful document explaining all of the Entdecker variants, I was able to create something I've wanted to have for quite some time: formal documentation of Mark Johnson's chosen Entdecker variant rules.
Dec 20, 2016


Entdecker:: Entdecker Event Table : Blank By: davebo
Entdecker Event Table Blank-Small.jpg (6.75 MB)
I've scanned the Event Table and removed the text so that one can add in text of the appropriate language.
Sep 19, 2016


Entdecker:: Entdecker Event Table : English By: davebo
Entdecker Event Table-smaller.jpg (3.43 MB)
I've scanned and translated the Event Table into English.
Sep 19, 2016


Entdecker:: Entdecker Rules - English (Clarified) By: yangtze2000
Entdecker Rules Clarified.pdf (346 KB)
This document attempts to clarify all of the remaining sticking points in the English rules with a close reading of the original German. It also incorporates the two most popular variants as notes within the text. Full accreditation of other people's work is given where appropriate.
Sep 16, 2016


Entdecker:: Entdecker Players Aid By: Cate108
Entdecker Players Aid.pdf (145 KB)
This is a player's aid that I made that conforms to the Mark Johnson variant. After you print it out, just fold it in two and laminate it.
Nov 4, 2013


Entdecker:: Entdecker complete rules integrated with Mark E Johnson variant By: aaarg_ink
Entdecker Rules with integrated MarkEJohnson variant.pdf (164 KB)
These are the rules for Entdecker with the Mark E Johnson variant integrated into the text. The original rules are in the text, just stricken and the variant rules noted in blue. If you don't mind small text, the best thing may be to print this 2-up double sided on a single letter sized sheet.

Thanks to Mark and Mike Siggins (original translator) for giving me permission to upload this!
May 8, 2013


Entdecker:: Ereignisübersicht, 4-fach By: Wolfram
ereignisse_Entdecker.pdf (185 KB)
Übersicht über die Ereignisse in 4-facher Ausfertigung
Feb 17, 2011


Entdecker:: Entdecker_Español By: InigoMontoya
Entdecker_Español.pdf (59 KB)
Traduccion al español de las reglas del juego Entdecker en su version de Goldsieber Spiele.
Nov 25, 2010


Entdecker:: Entdecker Variant.doc By: Liggur
Entdecker Variant.doc (140 KB)
The Soeding Variant rules, with some clarifications, re-editied into a 6 page file.
Jul 2, 2007


Entdecker:: Entdecker Variants (Soeding and Mark Johnson).pdf By: shawn_low
Entdecker Variants.pdf (19 KB)
All Entdecker variants in one document.
Nov 28, 2005


Entdecker:: cartes entdecker.jpg By: ybkam
cartes entdecker.jpg (775 KB)
Traduction de la carte événement en français
Jan 24, 2005


Entdecker:: Entdecker Turn Summary.doc By: Ivan
Entdecker Turn Summary.doc (44 KB)
Turn summary sheet by Ivan Hanley
May 4, 2004


Entdecker:: Entdecker Event Summary.doc By: Ivan
Entdecker Event Summary.doc (24 KB)
Event crib sheet by Ivan Hanley
May 4, 2004


Entdecker:: Entdecker.rtf By: Pitch
Entdecker.rtf (31 KB)
Traduzione in Italiano delle regole, formato rtf
May 7, 2003


Entdecker:: entde_rg.pdf By: BoardGameGeek
entde_rg.pdf (18 KB)
Traduction française par François Haffner
May 28, 2001

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