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Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn und Taxis Regeln By: Hans im Glueck
Thurn_Und_Taxis_Regel.pdf (1.73 MB)
German Thurn und Taxis Regeln
Mar 25, 2017


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn and Taxis English Rules with Picutres By: wizcreations
Thurn-Taxis-English-Rules.docx (2.45 MB)
This file contains another version of the English rules for Thurn and Taxis, now with pictures similar to those contained in the original Rio Grande rules. I personally created all graphics in this document using user images from the Thurn and Taxis BGG gallery.

The file is roughly based on the version uploaded to BGG by Roger Burrows with modifications for additional clarity. I've uploaded the document in Microsoft Word format so that you may make any additional changes you wish.
Feb 27, 2017


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn & Taxis Tuckboxes for sleeved cards By: mzza
Thurn&Taxis_Tuckboxes_for_Sleeved_Cards.rar (529 KB)
Two simple tuckboxes for SLEEVED cards for Thurn & Taxis - one for the city cards, one for everything else. Created using Tyson Manwarren's website, here:

Image by Marek Rutkowski (edrache) used by permission here:

Disable scaling before printing!
Aug 25, 2015


Thurn and Taxis:: Summary in Chinese By: klin1982
Thurn and Taxis summary.xls (28 KB)
驿马当先 简体中文玩家帮助
Apr 2, 2015


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn und Taxis croatian rules By: sadistiko
Thurn und Taxis HR.pdf (1.30 MB)
Hrvatski prijevod pravila
Nov 13, 2014


Thurn and Taxis:: FAQ for Thurn and Taxis By: LarsGertsen
Thurn and TaxisFAQ.docx (15 KB)
I found a German version of Thurn and Taxis in Berlin for 13€. I looked through this forum and found English rules and a lot of rules questions. I collected many of these in a FAQ so the next guy don't have to look through around 90 rules questions :-)
Apr 23, 2014


Thurn and Taxis:: Papir za bodovanje By: sadistiko
Bodovanje.pdf (81 KB)
6 komada tablica po A4 papiru za bodovanje ove igre.
Dec 30, 2013


Thurn and Taxis:: Scoring sheet By: sadistiko
Scoring.pdf (83 KB)
Scoring sheet that we use to record scores
Dec 30, 2013


Thurn and Taxis:: Regex' horizontal tuckboxes for Thurn & Taxis sleeved cards By: regex
Regex' Horizontal Tuckboxes for Thurn and Taxis.pdf (431 KB)
This is a set of 2 boxes with a special horizontal design suitable for sleeved cards that would help you store your sleeved cards (standard Mayday thickness).

The boxes also feature a nice graphics design and a content list on the boxes.

Make sure you don not print from the browser preview and you disable fit to page.

Get more of my horizontal designs here: Regex' horizontal tuckbox series for sleeved cards.
Feb 22, 2013


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn and Taxis - PORTUGUESE RULES [br] By: renatyp
Thurn and Taxis -regras pt.doc (61 KB)
PORTUGUESE RULES [br][] regras em português.
Oct 21, 2011


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn und Taxis - Regolamento in italiano By: af7hqs
Thurn Und Taxis - Regolamento Italiano.pdf (189 KB)
Regolamento in italiano riscritto e rivisto per avere una maggiore leggibilità. Include le regole dell'espansione "il messaggero della principessa".
Feb 22, 2011


Thurn and Taxis:: ThurnUndTaxis_SoloPlay_French_v1.pdf By: GameRulesforOne
ThurnUndTaxis_SoloPlay_French_21sept10.pdf (48 KB)
File contains the French translation of the SoloPlay rules to be able to play ThurnUndTaxis in a solo format. File translated by Christian Cang (BGG user-plastic77)

Additional SoloPlay files including those translated to French can be accessed through the following geeklist:
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek
Oct 3, 2010


Thurn and Taxis:: English version based on original German rules By: rogerburrows
Thurn_and_Taxis_English_Rules_v1.doc (50 KB)
From the introduction: This version of the rules is designed for those who have the English-language version of the game, as published by Rio Grande, but would like the greater clarity of the rules in the original German version. Where there are differences in the rules, I follow the English-language version.
Sep 11, 2009


Thurn and Taxis:: SoloPlay_ThurnTaxis_v1.pdf By: GameRulesforOne
SoloPlay-ThurnTaxis.pdf (2.08 MB)
File contains rules to be able to play Thurn and Taxis in a solo format. Included is a player aide to help the player understand the play mechanics and provide an abbreviated rules set for reference during play. This variant was created to challenge the experienced Thurn and Taxis player.

For more solo game variants and a discussion about this game's design click the following link: (Thurn and Taxis SoloPlay Design)

More game files available here on the Geek can be accessed from the following Geeklist:
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek
Apr 4, 2009


Thurn and Taxis:: Simplified Thurn and Taxis map By: mrorwell
simplified Thurn map.xls (53 KB)
This map was designed as a teaching aid and for those folks who find it a bit difficult to read the names across the table.

All connections are complete and the cities are in their relative positions.
Apr 1, 2009


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn und Taxis Greek rules By: Petergr
Thurn_und_Taxis_Greek_rules.pdf (2.42 MB)
The Greek rules for Thurn und Taxis. Version 1.0
Mar 18, 2009


Thurn and Taxis:: Game rules in Czech By: sim1
Thurn-Taxis-cz-v1_1.pdf (106 KB)
Rules in Czech
Nov 8, 2008


Thurn and Taxis:: Verkorte spelregels Nederlands By: tdelme
korte_spelregels_Thurn_und_taxis.pdf (56 KB)
Short rules in Dutch for the game Thurn und Taxis
Aug 8, 2008


Thurn and Taxis:: Concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet05 - Thurn and Taxis.ppt (47 KB)
Concise reference sheet for looking up easy-to-forget rules quickly. Useful if you haven't played the game for some time and need a refresher. Provides a summarised and structured outline to help in teaching a game.
Jul 22, 2008


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn und Taxis player aid By: podgorc
Pomoc Igralcu.doc (386 KB)
Slovenian translation of player aid
Jan 3, 2008


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn and Taxis rules By: stumpf
THURN E TAXIS-rev.pdf (72 KB)
In Brazilian Portuguese
Nov 29, 2007


Thurn and Taxis:: TuT Hungarian rules By: nagybal55
thurn_und_taxis.pdf (2.70 MB)
Hungarian rules for TuT, TuT magyar szabaly
Nov 17, 2007


Thurn and Taxis:: Romanian rules for Thurn and Taxis By: cutia
Thurn_und_Taxis_romanian.pdf (1.57 MB)
Regulamentul Thurn and Taxis in limba romana
Sep 29, 2007


Thurn and Taxis:: Thurn & Taxis Summary of common Q's and A's from BGG forums v1.rtf By: nexttothemoon
Thurn & Taxis Summary of common Q's and A's from BGG forums v1.rtf (21 KB)
Summary of common Thurn & Taxis Q's and A's from BGG forum threads V1
Jul 24, 2007


Thurn and Taxis:: Th&T_PlayerAid.pdf By: Oxotnik
Th&T_PlayerAid.pdf (48 KB)
Player Aid [English], 4 per page
Apr 4, 2007

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