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Yspahan:: Yspahan croatian rules By: sadistiko
Yspahan HR.pdf (2.49 MB)
Hrvatska pravila i list s opisom karata za igru
Jan 11, 2017


Yspahan:: Score sheet - croatian By: sadistiko
Bodovanje.pdf (147 KB)
A4 papir za bodovanje
Feb 21, 2016


Yspahan:: Regex' Horizontal Tuckbox set for Sleeved Yspahan Cards By: regex
Horizontal Tuckbox for Sleeved Yspahan Cards.pdf (3.63 MB)
This is a box with a special horizontal design suitable for sleeved cards that would help you store your cards safely (standard Mayday thickness).

This box also features a nice graphics design and a content list.

Make sure you do not print from the browser preview and you disable fit to page.

Get more of my horizontal designs here: Regex' horizontal tuckbox series for sleeved cards.
Nov 22, 2015


Yspahan:: Übersicht Spielablauf By: clafis71
YSPAHAN Spielablauf.pdf (95 KB)
Kompakter Spielablauf auf Din A5 zum Ausdrucken und Austeilen an die Mitspieler.
Jan 14, 2015


Yspahan:: Yspahan - Kurzanleitung By: Schmitti
Yspahan - Kurzanleitung.pdf (217 KB)
Yspahan - Kurzanleitung in deutsch/german
May 5, 2014


Yspahan:: Camel Boards for Two Players and Three Players By: DigitalMan
Yspahan 2P and 3P Camel Boards.pdf (2.35 MB)
Two edited Yspahan side-boards with only the number of camels needed for two players or for three players.
Jun 19, 2013


Yspahan:: Yspahan Cards and Buildings reference - includes expansion By: Glad8r
Yspahan.pdf (765 KB)
Yspahan Cards and Buildings reference - includes expansion
Apr 25, 2013


Yspahan:: yspahan quick.doc By: Ajax
yspahan quick v13.doc (35 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Weston. Version 1.3.
Removed confusing "double-build" reference, thanks to KlydeFrog.
Mar 3, 2013
yspahan quick v12.doc (35 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Weston. Version 1.2.
Added card play clarification, thanks to jeuresume.
Aug 18, 2012
yspahan quick.doc (37 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Weston.
Added slight Supervisor correction, thanks to johnthesweeney.
Jan 13, 2008
yspahan quick.doc (36 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Weston
Mar 31, 2007


Yspahan:: Yspahan greek rulebook By: netrinogr
Yspahan gr small.pdf (3.46 MB)
Greek translation of Yspahan basic rulebook, Yspahan 2p game and Yspahan: The Souks / Ελληνικοί κανόνες του βασικού παιχνιδιού Yspahan, παιχνίδι 2 παικτών και της επέκτασης The Souks
Sep 30, 2012


Yspahan:: Yspahan Player aid (finnish) By: saksi
Yspahan Played aid (finnish).pdf (3.65 MB)
Apulaput Yspahan-peliin (versio 1.1). Selitykset kaikkiin kortteihin, pohjana "The Souks" -lisäosan uusitut kortit.

Yspahan player aids in finnish (version 1.2). Explains all the cards, based on the new cards on "The Souks"-expansion.

(Posted with permission from Ystari)
Jul 16, 2012


Yspahan:: Yspahan 2 személyes magyar szabály By: saabee
Ysp2HUN.PDF (1.74 MB)
Yspahan 2 személyes magyar szabály.
Jan 17, 2012


Yspahan:: Yspahan - Tuck Box (fits cards in sleeves) By: shigadeyo
Yspahan_Tuck_Box_Card_Sleeves_1.pdf (367 KB)
This is a simple tuck box for the 'Yspahan' cards; cards in standard or premium sleeves will fit. Color: Yes; Paper Size: US Letter; Font: N/A.
Jan 6, 2012


Yspahan:: Yspahan Player Aid (English) By: almo1705
Yspahan player aid.pdf (2.80 MB)
Simplified turn order summary on one side, Building and VP source summary on the other side. Print, fold, and tape/laminate/glue.
Nov 20, 2010


Yspahan:: Yspahan - Russian rules / Русские правила By: Santanos
Yspahan - Rules (rus) v.1.1.pdf (605 KB)
Yspahan - Russian Rules v.1.1
Aug 23, 2010
Yspahan - Rules (rus).pdf (595 KB)
Yspahan - Russian Rules v.1.0
Aug 13, 2010


Yspahan:: Yspahan - Tower Board Add-On By: DonovanLoucks
Yspahan Tower Board Add-On.pdf (42 KB)
A small add-on aid for the tower board which shows whether the icons on the right side of the tower board refer to the number of dice (in the case of gold, shops, or camels), the value of the dice (in the case of the supervisor), or simply "1" (in the case of cards).
Jul 2, 2009


Yspahan:: Yspahan - Polish Rules/Polska Instrukcja By: muka
Yspahan_PL_v1.pdf (2.02 MB)
Polskie tlumaczenie regul gry
May 13, 2009


Yspahan:: Polish Player Aid/pomoc dla graczy By: muka
YspahanAid_PL_v2.pdf (225 KB)
pomoc dla graczy - skrot zasad
May 13, 2009


Yspahan:: Teaching aid for Yspahan - in Hebrew By: koby_shachar
HowToTeach_Yspahan.doc (41 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
May 1, 2009


Yspahan:: Garden of Yspahan Variant - Rules (PDF) By: iandstanley
The Garden of Yspahan.pdf (1.43 MB)
PDF format rules from forum
Mar 16, 2009


Yspahan:: Yspahan: Garden Expansion By: LupusX (5.41 MB)
This zip-file contains different jpeg-pictures for my expansion.

- Garden board
- Garden board (print friendlier)
- Garden tile
- Caravan camels
- Building board for brown player.
Feb 27, 2009


Yspahan:: Cards and Buildings in Greek By: Vagos (1.58 MB)
Card actions and Building descriptions translated in Greek
Jan 5, 2009


Yspahan:: diagrama de flujo de Yspahan By: haiass
Yspahan_diagrama_de_flujo_castellano.pdf (189 KB)
Hoja de referencia para la ayuda en la explicacion del juego.
Diagrama de flujo con la secuencia del turno
Dec 3, 2008


Yspahan:: Yspahan 2 jugadores Reglas Oficiales by Manolo Vila By: manolovila
Yspahan 2 jugadores.pdf (287 KB)
Yspahan 2 jugadores Reglas Oficiales Traducidas by Manolo Vila
Aug 4, 2008


Yspahan:: yspahan_2.pdf By: meehoow
yspahan_2.pdf (43 KB)
2-player rules in Polish, polskie tlumaczenie regul dla 2 osób
Apr 14, 2008


Yspahan:: Yspahan - Regole in italiano più leggibili By: af7hqs
Yspahan_ITA_1.0.pdf (718 KB)
Versione migliorata per la stampa, basata su quella di Morpheus. Aggiunti i chiarimenti ricavati dalle FAQ. Contiene le regole per 2 giocatori. Versione 1.0.
Feb 26, 2008

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