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Yahtzee:: Foglio punteggi italiano By: cesareo
Yahtsee Italiano Foglio punteggi.pdf (351 KB)
Foglio punteggi n lingua italiana
May 3, 2022

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Yahtzee:: Scoresheet as calc (or Excel)-sheet By: LingoDingo
Yahtzee.ods (16 KB)
Have it in your phone/tablet/computer, and just add the numbers... get the results calculated.
When done/sheet is full, just mark and delete what you entered.

Improve what you want.
Jun 21, 2021

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Yahtzee:: Playable Yahtzee Excel File By: poboy
Yahtzee.xls (15 KB)
Fully functional version of Yahtzee that is playable without any other material. Includes dice and score sheet, has the ability to hold dice, and some helper formatting to identify where you can score points based on the roll.

This is does set Manually calculate and removes error warnings for circular references (it reverts those changes when you close the file). I'd close this before opening another excel file.
Apr 24, 2020

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Yahtzee:: Score cards for Yahtzee, Triple Yahtzee, and Challenge Yahtzee By: vandesc
Yahtzee Score Cards.xlsx (59 KB)
Added Word Yahtzee, Jackpot Yahtzee, Casino Yahtzee, and Power Yahtzee.
Jan 6, 2020
Yahtzee Score Cards.xlsx (28 KB)
This single Excel spreadsheet contains score cards for the original Yahtzee, Triple Yahtzee, and Challenge Yahtzee. You have the choice to print and use pencil (two score cards per page) or fill in electronically from within Excel (totals calculated automatically).
Mar 2, 2012

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Yahtzee:: [Español] Reglas para Yahtzee en español By: ArtEmiSa64
Kniffel (Yahtzee) - Reglas en Español.pdf (328 KB)
Traducción del reglamento completo.
Oct 17, 2018

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Yahtzee:: Folha de pontuação em português By: rpopuc
Folha de pontuação - (457 KB)
Folha de pontuação para impressão em papel A4.
Dois formatos disponíveis: retrato e paisagem.
Jun 12, 2016

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Yahtzee:: Yahtzee Spreadsheet By: ArmyAirborne
Yahtzee.xls (15 KB)
This spreadsheet allows you to keep score on your computer. It adds your upper section score and determines if you get the 35 bonus points or not and will automatically add them to your total. It also has space to annotate bonus Yahtzees if playing with that option. Created in Open Office and saved in Excel 97/2000/XP .xls format.
Jan 22, 2016

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Yahtzee:: Yahtzee R script By: MockTurtle4
Yahtzee R script.rtf (3 KB)
This text file can be used to play a solo game of Yahtzee in R (R Core Team (2013). R: A language and environment for statistical computing. R Foundation for Statistical Computing, Vienna, Austria. ISBN 3-900051-07-0, URL
Mar 11, 2015

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Yahtzee:: Scoresheet By: cereus
Yahtzee_v1.1.pdf (58 KB)
4 sheets on a single page. With every single sheet is possible to play 3 times. (A4 format)
==Errata Corrige for the small straight score==
Mar 7, 2014
Yahtzee.pdf (28 KB)
4 sheets on a single page. With every single sheet is possible to play 3 times. (A4 format)
Jul 31, 2011

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Yahtzee:: Yahtzee Score Pad (6 Players) By: shigadeyo
Yahtzee Score Pad.pdf (65 KB)
Yahtzee Score Pad to accommodate 6 players; laminate and use a dry erase marker.
May 19, 2013

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Yahtzee:: Punkteplan für Yahtzee / Kniffel (Deutsch-Version 1) By: Gadler
Kniffel-Yahtzee_Punkteblatt_1_Deutsch.pdf (74 KB)
Punkteplan für Yahtzee / Kniffel. Den kann man z.B. in DINa4 ausdrucken, und in Laminierfolie einschweißen.
Den Plan kann man dann mit Edding oder Boardmarker beschreiben und danach wieder abwischen.
Ein immerwährender Plan also :)
Mar 27, 2012

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Yahtzee:: Planilla para juego de dados By: jnmgl
Hoja de punteos para juegos de dados.pdf (72 KB)
Es una hoja para el juego de dados popular, se puede imprimir una copia y luego fotocopiarla al frente y al reverso y quedan casi alineados, espero les sirva.
Aug 25, 2011

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Yahtzee:: Large Print Yahtzee Scorecard By: Munkwunk
Large Print Yahtzee Scorecard.pdf (9 KB)
I made this large print Yahtzee scorecard because I was unable to find any suitable anywhere else on the internet. This two-sheet card (best printed back-to-back) will track up to 3 games and is perfect for people with low vision.
Dec 31, 2010

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Yahtzee:: YahtzScoreBordersSymbolsColors.pdf By: snapdragoness
YahtzScoreBordersSymbolsColors.pdf (133 KB)
Small, printable Yahtzee score cards; great for making your own set
Jan 10, 2007

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Yahtzee:: Yahtzee_Rules_circa1967.pdf By: erfalucho
Yahtzee_Rules_circa1967.pdf (3.31 MB)
Yahtzee Rules from 1967
Mar 5, 2005

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Yahtzee:: Maxi-Yahtzee Score Card.pdf By: gooup
Maxi-Yahtzee Score Card.pdf (357 KB)
Scorecard for Maxi-Yahtzee (Yahtzee with 6 Dice) often called the Swedish variation
Jan 18, 2005

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Yahtzee:: yahtzee score sheet.xls By: MidnightSpace
yahtzee score sheet.xls (17 KB)
score sheets
Sep 3, 2004