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Gheos:: Gheos German ShortRules By: EinBrettspieler
GHEOS Kurzspielregel.pdf (150 KB)
Short rules for Gheos - in german
Jul 23, 2011


Gheos:: Gheos - Resumen de reglas By: makentrix
Gheos-Resumen.pdf (313 KB)
Resumen de reglas en castellano de "Gheos".
May 8, 2011


Gheos:: Card-Size Scoring Tracks By: HunterJE
Gheos Cards.pdf (785 KB)
I hate the scoring chips, but I don't like having a big communal board when playing a tile game (since a part of the charm of a tile game is the lack of board), so I put together these individual scoring cards, one per player. Use spare tokens or borrow from another game, or even just repurpose a few of the provided scoring chips. Goes up to 109 with two tokens per card, or up to 199 with three if you're a real high-roller.
Jul 28, 2010


Gheos:: Gheos - 2 page Quick Start By: cowhollow
Quick Start - Gheos Rev 1.pdf (16 KB)
A summary of the rules to get you and your game group up and playing faster (correction to original file)
Jun 25, 2010
Gheos - Quick Start.pdf (33 KB)
Rules summary to refresh your memory and begin playing quickly.
Apr 6, 2009


Gheos:: Andrew Swan's Gheos Player Aid By: game_boy
Andrew Swan's Player Aid.pdf (74 KB)
A clean player aid with just the essentials for reference. Two per A4 page. Version 1.0
Jan 20, 2009


Gheos:: Gheos Scoring Track - "Island Walk" By: Tompa79
Gheos_ScoringTrack_01.jpg (971 KB)
A standard scoring track, made for Gheos, but able to handle more points also.
Dec 7, 2008


Gheos:: Scoring Track By: snej
Gheos Scoring Track.jpg (2.07 MB)
I find scoring tiles annoying, so I made a scoring track for Gheos.
This is a 300dpi JPEG, dimensions 8.5"x11".
Nov 8, 2008


Gheos:: Gheos Quick Reference By: Ajax
gheos quick.doc (48 KB)
1-page quick reference in English, a la Liumas.
Aug 9, 2008


Gheos:: Concise player aid - two per sheet By: sos1
gheos_aid.pdf (53 KB)
A concise player aid, especially for new players. Explains the phases, what the symbols mean, and how to get victory points. Two per sheet - cut in half.
Dec 21, 2007


Gheos:: gheos_ITArules.pdf By: masdero
gheos_ITArules.pdf (1.47 MB)
Traduzione italiana delle regole; admins, please remove the previous version, I corrected a layout error
May 22, 2007


Gheos:: Gheos Aid 1.0.doc By: Andrew York
Gheos Aid 1.0.doc (500 KB)
Player Aid (flowchart)
Feb 2, 2007


Gheos:: Gheos Players Aid.pdf By: surfitch
Gheos Players Aid.pdf (16 KB)
Gheos Player Aid.
Jan 21, 2007

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