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Endeavor:: Official 2 Players Variant with Neutral Tokens. Rules in English. By: DanielCG
TwoPlayersVariant_with_NeutralTokens.pdf (251 KB)
Official 2 Players Variant with Neutral Tokens. Rules in English.
Oct 8, 2015


Endeavor:: Variante Pour 2 Joueurs - Français By: JFrosty
Endeavor 2 Players FR.pdf (4.64 MB)
La version française de la variante pour 2 joueurs telle qu'imaginée par les créateurs du jeu. Les couleurs ont été choisies afin de concorder le plus possible avec le guide de jeu français.
Aug 19, 2014


Endeavor:: Universal Head ENDEAVOR Rules Summary & Reference By: UniversalHead
Endeavor_v1.1.pdf (658 KB)
The Universal Head ENDEAVOR Rules Summary & Reference v1.1 (Nov13). Double-sided rules summary, double-sided player summary sheet x2.
Nov 4, 2013
Endeavor_v1.pdf (642 KB)
The Universal Head ENDEAVOR Rules Summary & Reference v1 (Jun11). Double-sided rules summary, double-sided player summary sheet.
Jun 29, 2011


Endeavor:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
Endeavor.pdf (777 KB)
Als het een lange tijd geleden is, kan deze samenvattingskaart je helpen bij het spelen van Endeavor. Zo moet je niet hele tijd grijpen naar de spelregels!
Oct 20, 2013


Endeavor:: Endeavor - Pirates Ahoy - uppgraded grahics By: bijanajamlou
plunder cards smallfileseize.pdf (723 KB)
I took the cards posted from Wilhelm Legars and improved the graphics before i printed them. Thought i could share.
Aug 16, 2013


Endeavor:: Endeavor - Pirates Ahoy - Plunder cards and Buildings. By: celedan
Endeavor_Pirates_Ahoy__Plunder_Cards.pdf (55 KB)
Plunder cards and Buildings for the unofficial expansion Pirates Ahoy. Thanks at jmucchiello for his agreement.
Sep 9, 2012
Endeavor_Pirates_Ahoy_Buildings.pdf (53 KB)
Buildings for the unofficial expansion Pirates Ahoy. Thanks at jmucchiello for his agreement
Une traduction française est en cours, mais d'après jmucchiello quelques tests de partie sont à réaliser pour ajuster quelques petits problèmes.
Sep 8, 2012


Endeavor:: Hoja de Ayuda Endeavor SP By: eldibujante
endeavor resumen.jpg (1.53 MB)
Hoja de ayuda con el resumen de los turnos y las acciones, a partir del reglamento de JGU en español.
May 29, 2012


Endeavor:: Endeavor Scoring Track Gray By: Tuyau
Endeavor Scoring Track Gray.pdf (528 KB)
Count victory points at the end of each turn (starting at turn 4). Now the heat is on the leader!
Feb 9, 2012


Endeavor:: Endeavor Teaching Script By: iklinck
EndeavorTeachingNotes.doc (40 KB)
A teaching script for Endeavor. Assumes the teacher knows the game.
Dec 7, 2011


Endeavor:: concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet13 - Endeavor.pdf (64 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

See the Ikusa / Samurai Swords / Shogun game entry if you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made.
Jul 7, 2011


Endeavor:: Endeavor for EveryGame on iPad By: WrongWrongWrong
Endeavor.ege (2.56 MB)
This is an implementation of Endeavor using the EveryGame app on the iPad. EveryGame is like Vassal or other systems on computing devices that let users push pieces of virtual cardboard around a virtual board. You can learn more here: EveryGame – Virtual Game Table for iPhone and iPad

Once you have EveryGame installed from the App Store, navigate to this file page in Safari ON YOUR IPAD. Click on the download link. After a short moment of downloading the file, it will prompt you open it in EveryGame. Do so, and after a few more moments, you'll be in EveryGame, and Endeavor will be in the list of games to play.

A lot of the game in this implementation should be pretty intuitive to figure out. It can be used for a couple of 2-player variants here on the Geek (2 Player Endeavor and Faster, Friendlier 2-Player Endeavor) as well as the SoloPlay Variant. I haven't changed the layout of the board at all. Unfortunately, squeezing everything onto the iPad requires the use of some little tricks that EveryGame provides. To learn how to properly play it in EveryGame, please read the "rules" (not really rules; in this case, just a guide on how to get around in the interface). You can find these by going into the game within EveryGame, tapping on "Options" then "Rules". Read the "rules" once before messing around with the game, and then go back to the "rules" later for reference when things aren't clear.

Just a couple pointers if you are new to EveryGame: You will see tabs along the edge of the screen (like the mentioned "Options" tab). A couple of these bring up your building stock and a SoloPlay board. Also, if you see something that looks like a piece, you can probably drag it around. There are constraints that only allow certain pieces in certain locations, but if you would drag a piece/card/token/etc. to a place on the board in real life, you can probably do the same here.

Also, please give me feedback! I will answer any questions and would like to continue to improve this module. Thanks to Z-Man Games for permission to publish this here. As requested, credit for the game goes to designers Jarratt Gray and Carl de Visser. Also, almost all artwork in this module comes from the game which was done by the talented Josh Cappel. Thanks for your interest!

May 6, 2011


Endeavor:: Endeavor Rules Summary / Quick Reference By: Pum_
Endeavor Rule Summary.rtf (228 KB)
A rules summary / quick reference for Endeavour.
Formatted to fold down the middle into 4 page A5 booklet format.
Setup on front page, play in the middle pages, and game end/VPs ob back page.
In RTF format so that anyone can modify it to their precise requirements.
Formatted for A4, but should be easy to adjust to US Letter.
Feb 24, 2011


Endeavor:: Endeavor 2-speler variant (Nederlands) By: ZaNaBoZa
Endeavor 2-speler variant.pdf (14 KB)
2-speler variant voor Endeavor.

orginal source: BGG User GameRulesforOne (
Dec 29, 2010


Endeavor:: Reguły 2 graczy po polsku - poprawione By: atwar
endeavor 2 pl_v_11.pdf (136 KB)
Wariant dla 2 graczy v.1.1
Oct 10, 2010
endeavor 2 pl.pdf (134 KB)
Reguły 2 graczy po polsku - poprawione
Nov 21, 2009


Endeavor:: SoloPlay Endeavor - English one page summary By: JanMS
SoloPlay_Endeavor_Summary_english_v1.1.pdf (165 KB)
While translating the SoloPLay rules for Endeavor into German I made an one page summary for it.

Here you can download the English version of this one page summary of the SoloPlay rules for Endeavor.

You can find the original rules from GameRulesforOne here: and his

Infothread tehre:

Enjoy this amazing SoloPlay! Jan
Aug 23, 2010


Endeavor:: SoloPlay Magister Navis (deutschsprachige Version) By: JanMS
SoloPlay_-_Magister_Navis_-_v1.1.pdf (757 KB)
This is the German translation of the SoloPlay rules for Endeavor.

Deutsche Übersetzung der SoloPlay-Regel von BGG-User GameRulesforOne für Magister Navis.

Diese Datei enthält sowohl die Regeln (inklusive eingearbeiter Regelfragen) als auch die Spielhilfe und die 2- bzw. 3-Spieler-Varianten. Zudem habe ich eine 1-seitige Kurzregel entworfen, die ebenfalls in dieser Datei ist.

Englische Originaldatei von GameRulesforOne:

Original Infothread:

Änderungen in Version 1.1:

- Formatänderung auf von Letter auf DIN A4
- Wichtige Ergänzung zu den Regeln der Bauphase: "Nachdem Du das ausgewählte Gebäude auf Dein Spielertableau gelegt hast, versetzt Du den GAI auf den soeben frei gewordenen Platz der Gebäude-Auswahl-Tabelle."
- marginale inhaltliche und gestalterische Verbesserungen der Spielhilfen.

Bereits übersetzte SoloPlay-Regeln:

Blue Moon City:
Puerto Rico:
San Juan:
Aug 23, 2010


Endeavor:: Magister Navis zu dritt By: Bundyman
Magister Navis zu dritt.pdf (102 KB)
Die etwas spannendere James Cook Variante für ein Spiel zu dritt - deutsche Übersetzung. Dank an GameRulesforOne für seine Entwicklung.
Aug 20, 2010


Endeavor:: Endeavor Rus By: balrogest
Endevor.pdf (3.72 MB)
Endeavor Russian Rules
Aug 15, 2010


Endeavor:: Endeavor - Foglio riassuntivo By: Tetsuo [LiF]
Endeavor_ITAquickref.pdf (196 KB)
Foglio riassuntivo delle regole in italiano. Layout non originale, a colori.
May 23, 2010


Endeavor:: French Translation_SoloPlay_Endeavor.pdf By: GameRulesforOne
Endeavor_Soloplay_Francais_20avril10.pdf (348 KB)
File contains the French translation of the SoloPlay rules to be able to play Endeavor in a solo format. File translated by Christian Cang (BGG user-plastic77)

Additional SoloPlay files including those translated to French can be accessed through the following geeklist:
SoloPlay Variants Posted on the Geek
Apr 21, 2010


Endeavor:: Endeavor - score pad By: Phoxtrot
Endeavor - Score Pad EN.pdf (198 KB)
Score pads to print in A4 format.
Feb 9, 2010


Endeavor:: Endeavor - Fiche de score FR By: Phoxtrot
Endeavor - Fiche de score.pdf (198 KB)
Des fiches de score en français avec icones représentatives. A imprimer en A4.
Feb 9, 2010


Endeavor:: Endeavor Türkçe Oyun Kılavuzu By: wintermute
endeavor_turkce.pdf (1.97 MB)
İngilizce klavuzun Türkce tercümesidir.

Turkish translation of the game manual.
Jan 21, 2010


Endeavor:: Tableau de score Endeavor - FR By: smartrem
Tableau_Score_Endeavor_FR.pdf (140 KB)
Tableau pour noter et comptabiliser le score à Endeavor en Français.
Jan 19, 2010


Endeavor:: Magister Navis PlayAid in German By: Biswut
Magister Navis Spielhilfe.pdf (641 KB)
this the first draft of my Magister Navis PlayAid in German.
On the Second Side are the Buidlings and Cards.

Please feel free to give comments, suggestions and thumbs :-)
Jan 11, 2010

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