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Zombie in My Pocket:: Player Scorepad By: Luthervamplord
Scorepad.png (351 KB)
Scorepad for Zombie in My Pocket.
Feb 27, 2009

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Zimp German Translation Full Package By: Xorg
Zimp_Revised_German_1.1.pdf (1.80 MB)
Deutsche Übersetzung der Revised Edition von kwanchai (Version 1.1)
Feb 17, 2009

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Meeple in my Pocket By: jeRm!
meeple in my (1.69 MB)
Help the King out of his predicament before the Queen finds out what has happened.
This game is completely playable with original Carcassonne pieces. Just print of the rules on regular paper and cards/player aid on a piece of cardstock. Use meeples to mark your player aid or actual game pieces if you like.
Feb 5, 2009

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Card Backs for By: linael
Card_Backs.pdf (1.69 MB)
These are Card Backs for the small kwanchai version "Zombie in my Pocket - Complete Game Package (revised)"
Jan 31, 2009

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Attack and Health counter wheels, item tracking wheel By: Cheddar Beer
zimp1.pdf (193 KB)
A pdf of my DIY counter wheels for Zombie in my Pocket for tracking health, attack and items. See image 431706 for the finished product.
Jan 30, 2009

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Another ZimP tracking card. By: Superface
my_tracking_card.bmp (318 KB)
I made up my own black & white tracking card today using MS Paint. (If anyone likes the layout and can make it more graphically stimulating, be my guest.) I designed it to use paperclips as markers (thanks, other person who's name I don't remember...). Time at the top, health at the bottom, items listed on either side, including the Totem. Note: this card presupposes you are playing by the rule that the Totem counts as an "item", i.e. you can't carry it and two other items at the same time. Also, the "Saw" box is split in two, to keep track of the first or second uses. You'll just have to remember on your own if it's been refilled or not. Enjoy!
Jan 13, 2009

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Regolamento ZimP in Italiano (formato txt e PDF pocketmod) By: robi_wan
ZimP v1.5 Italiano (Txt & Pocketmod).zip (156 KB)
Rules for "Zombie in my Pocket" translated in Italian, available in both Text and Pocketmod format.

Regolamento di "Zombie in my Pocket" tradotto in Italiano,
disponibile sia in formato Testo che in Pocketmod.
Jan 8, 2009

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Rules v1.5 in Russian By: mr_mcrabbit
zimp_rules_rus.doc (44 KB)
Rules for v 1.5 in Russian.
Dec 28, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Santa Claus at My Home tuckbox By: silvanus321
Santa Claus at My Home Tuckbox.pdf (555 KB)
I made this tuckbox capable for storing the advance edition cards, so you can just use one tuckbox.
There two languages tuckboxes in this pdf file.
Right now you can carry your game everywhere.
Dec 23, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Santa Claus at My Home_Chinese rule (basic edition V1.0) By: silvanus321
聖誕老人在我家 ( 基本版 V1.0).pdf (2.12 MB)
This is the Chinese edition of this variant game.
I also update the typo of the Santa Claus character card.
Dec 19, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Robot in my Pocket By: jeRm!
robot in my pocket (478 KB)
A variant of ZimP based on freeing the robots from RoboRally.

(v1_1 fixes lack of wording on "secret lab" tile)
Dec 19, 2008
robot in my (476 KB)
A variant of ZimP based on freeing the robots from RoboRally.
Dec 10, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Santa Claus at My Home (basic edition V1.0) By: silvanus321
Santa Claus at My Home (basic edition V1.0).pdf (2.16 MB)
I started this project one month ago and I'm glad to release it before Christmas. It's a basic edition and I've tested it for more than 30 times. I am appreciated your feedback of this variant.
Every card is double sides (back side is the wall, page 4 and 6), but you can just print the front side (page 3 and 5) and play it. Merry Christmas and enjoy the game!
Dec 19, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Rules v1.75 in Spanish in PocketMod format (Translation version 1.0) By: garea37
Zombie_in_my_Pocket_(v1.75)_Spanish_Rules_Version_1.0_PocketMod.pdf (130 KB)
Rules v1.75 in Spanish in PocketMod format (Translation version 1.0) - See for folding instructions.

Reglamento v1.75 en castellano en formato PocketMod - Visitar para instrucciones de plegado.

Mis otras traducciones y ayudas de juego.
Dec 16, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Wolfenstein in my Pocket By: Aarontu
WimP.pdf (1.36 MB)
A ZimP variant inspired by the Wolfenstein series.

(Be sure to 'fit to printer margins' when printing so none of it gets cut off)
Dec 3, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Dungeonquest in my Pocket (DOCX + PDF) [OLD VERSION!] By: ConraDargo
Dungeonquest in my Pocket (DOCX).zip (6.11 MB)
Enter the Dragon's Castle if you dare, loot it for treasure, and then get the hell out - all before sunset when the beasts lurking inside awakens and devours you! Try and beat the highscore that has been recorded in the Adventurer's Tome. ZIP contains everything needed to play including storage. Also includes a Components Edition of the game for those who wishes to change the size of every component before printing it all out.
Nov 27, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZimP Scenario Books I-V By: jeRm!
ZimP scenario books (253 KB)
ZimP Scenario Books I-V in pocketmod form.
Full information can be found at

Book 1:
The Scientist vs The Zombies by Jeremiah_Lee
The Cabin by Gutter
Buried Alive by Jeremiah_Lee
The Kid by Howitzer_120mm

Book 2:
Zombie Survivor by tiggers
I, Zombie by Gutter
7 by fixpix
ZimP Rogue by Gutter

Book 3:
Zombie Townhouse by Gutter
Treasure Seeker by Howitzer_120mm
Shovel necessary by oplprokop
The Surveyor by Howitzer_120mm
v1.75 changes by Jeremiah_Lee

Book 4:
Movie Slasher vs Zombies by Usercreated
Sanity Anyone? by turtleback
Sorority Scream by Kavu
Rettug's Wonderful Continuum Altering Amulet by Gutter

Book 5:
Skills 1 by fixpix
Skills 2 by Gutter
Weapon of fortune by Gutter
Two-Player Multi Deck by Radditz5678
Nov 25, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZimP Certificates By: FNH1
ZimpCerts.pdf (5.60 MB)
Give yourself a certificate if you save the world!

I used these at work when a bunch of people took up the challenge.
Nov 2, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: AimP - Alternate Indoor Tiles By: Curufea
AIMP-AlternateIndoorTiles.pdf (923 KB)
An alternate version of the Atmosphere Processor indoor tile set with the exits from each tile clearly marked with arrows.

For the ZimP variant "Aliens in my Pocket"
Oct 27, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Beaver In My Pocket Rule + DevCard + Prototype Tiles. By: Zackbond (2.73 MB)
You are in Canada, driving in the most ( or one of the most ) lost road of the Country, when your Car suddently stop functionning, You stop in a forest infested of BEAVERS ! No time to Waste, you must kill the Beaver King, David, and destroy the Demoniac Beaver's Dam, find Toolbox and before the midnight , GET OUT OF THERE !! Its a Variant from Zombie in My pocket. Thanks to the original game Creator for this nice Concept.
Oct 10, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Trekkie in my pocket By: Usercreated
Trekkie in my (1.34 MB)
Zombie in my Pocket based game set in the Star Trek universe.
Sep 25, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZimP 1.75 playaid (tracks Health, Attack, Sanity, Zombie Totem) By: matildadad
ZimP_playaid_totem.jpg (732 KB)
High resolution file. Print at 100% size to match the size of the ZimP cards.

To be used with ZimP 1.75 rules and turtleback's Sanity variant:
Sep 19, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: New Scorepad with pawns for rules 1.5 and 1.75 By: kotetsujeeg
Zimp scorepad e pawns (by Jeeg).rar (1.59 MB)
In this rar you will find 2 sets of pictures ready for printing. I used the same graphics of the new revised game.
First set is for rules 1.5. It is a scorepad with pawns to remember items, values, the totem, hours and to move among the room tiles.
Secondo set is for rules 1.75. New attack value mechanism, no more than 6 health points, etc. there is also a new foyer tile with two exit.
I hope you like it! No more paper and pencil!!
Sep 15, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: AimP tracking card for Items and Time By: Curufea
Aliens_in_my_pocket_Playaid.jpg (181 KB)
a playaid to track items and time in the variant 'Aliens in my Pocket' game. Based on the wonderful aid here -
Sep 14, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Dungeon in my Pocket variant Dashboard set - v1.0 By: Thosw
DimP Dashboard v1.0.pdf (37 KB)
A homebrew dashboard set for the Dungeon in my Pocket variant of Zombie in my Pocket. You'll need 1 red glass stone, 1 blue glass stone, 2 yellow glass stones, and 3 green glass stones to use as markers. The inventory mat has a dotted line where it can be cut and folded into fourths. All mats will then fit into a sandwich bag.
Aug 10, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZimP tracking card for Items and Time By: matildadad
Zombie_in_my_pocket_Playaid.jpg (622 KB)
a playaid to track items and time in the original 'Zombie in my Pocket' game. Printed at 100% size it exactly matches the ZimP Development cards (although it is best used horizontally). Use with gaming stones/tokens.
Aug 4, 2008

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