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Zombie in My Pocket:: Unofficial Scorecard...tweaked! By: miggor
ScorecardFile1.pdf (573 KB)
This is a great little game, loads of fun, and after enjoying everyone's efforts on here, I wanted to stick my oar in! Here's the scorecard I rustled up to pimp my own copy. (Any zombie/chainsaw combo deserves a little Ash...)

Jun 22, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZimP Spanish Tiles By: oRMaN
Spanish_tiles.pdf (2.23 MB)
Baldosas de interior y exterior traducidas.
Jun 7, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZimP Spanish Rules By: oRMaN
Spanish_rules.pdf (95 KB)
Reglas completas de Zombie in my Pocket en español.
Jun 6, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Customised ZimP printout (rev'd + alt) By: budn3kkid
Customised ZimP printout (rev'd + alt).pdf (1.46 MB)
PDF of my customised ZimP printout, changes made from original below:
1. Dev cards and Outdoor/Indoor tiles taken from revised/2nd edition, created backs from rule booklet cover.
2. Outdoor/Indoor tiles' backs have words "Outdoor" and "Indoor" respectively.
3. Items and Status tiles/tokens taken from Alternative Graphics file by woodoo03.
4. All pages are aligned and ready to be printed - front and back (ie. Page 2 is front and Page 3 is back and so on...)
5. All cards' and tiles' sizes are readjusted to fit 65mmx95mm laminating pouches (I use 150micron pouches, 100microns can also be used). Will post photos of final product soon.

I take no credit for this release, just trying to compile and share what works for me to the rest of BGG. Jeremiah, fantastic game! Hoping to see different themes of this game, and perhaps 2 or more player variant. My friends like it but mostly prefer competitive play vs human.

Edit: corrected original artist Kwanchai's name.
Jun 2, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Zombie in my Pocket - Cyberboard Version By: zombiegod
Zombie in my Pocket (1.57 MB)
Zombie in my Pocket Cyberboard version V2.0

Board Game: Zombie in My Pocket

You will Need the Cyberboard program to run the files.

See my Geeklist Here for all my other Cyberboard Conversions.

Don't forget to Thumb!
May 26, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZIMP scorepads By: ehanuise
Zimp_scorepads.pdf (227 KB)
a pair of scorepads to keep track of items, health, time, and the zombie totem.
Uses 6 tokens/glass beads : 1 for health, 1 for time, 1 for the totem, 2 for the items, and one for the chainsaw uses.
May 22, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Dungeon in my Pocket By: Brewtal_Legend (2.39 MB)
The first fan made expansion/variant for Zombie in my Pocket. A little bigger, a little harder, theme, new items, enemies, and traps. Hope you enjoy. Please let me know what you think.
May 21, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Zombie In My Pocket Tuckbox v1.0 By: mczolton
ZIMPTuckbox_v10.pdf (3 KB)
A printable tuckbox for Zombie In My Pocket. Generated by
May 21, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Black and White Tracking Card. By: clonea
BW_track_card.JPG (26 KB)
I found that printing everything in black and white changes the game from a 1960's Hammer Horror flick to a 1950's United Artists B-Movie. So I made my own Black and White Tracking Board. I kept it very simple. Use buttons for counters of:
time, left hand, right hand, health, and a little guy. I also had an attack counter to track the current attack bonus. When using the chain saw, flip the counter upside down to note you used 1/2 of the gas in it.
May 20, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Zombie in my Pocket - Complete Game Package (revised) By: kwanchai
Zombie in my Pocket.pdf (2.33 MB)
Updated artwork and graphic design.
May 14, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: ZimP - alternative graphics By: woodoo03
ZimP_alternative graphics.pdf (1.21 MB)
pdf with an alternative tile set for ZimP - altered graphics (still simple), new tiles added for avoiding bookkeeping (item tiles, health/time/gasoline tracker), all tiles & cards now same size for easy storage. Quite small (4 cm squares).
May 14, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: VERY unofficial tracking card for ZiMP By: emelep
tracking card.gif (126 KB)
I looked at different pictures of what other folks were doing and put this together for my set. I use paperclips along the sides to note time, items, and health. I did this for my personal use after seeing someone else's super COOL sewing project in the images here. I used his or her notes for the items... they seemed smart! :) Use if you like.
Apr 16, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: v1.5 - Text file (for ease of reading/printing) of the ZimP rules. By: Jeremiah_Lee
ZimP Rules TEXT.rtf (13 KB)
This file contains all the rules for ZimP, in a text file instead of the fancy pdf booklet.
Mar 31, 2008

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Zombie in My Pocket:: Unofficial Play Mat By: FNH1
ZIMPMat.jpg (20 KB)
A simple little play-mat to help you keep track of your stats as you battle through the zombie hordes.
Mar 8, 2008

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