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Le Mans:: LeMans Origional Rules By: cauldronofevil
LeMans Origional Rules.pdf (348 KB)
The original unmodified rules.
Jul 26, 2014


Le Mans:: Racing Hints for LeMans, from GENERAL Vol.2 No.2 By: Zyll
Racing Hints for LeMans.pdf (23 KB)
It is laborious to find this article on, so I've excerpted the article by Jared Johnson and uploaded it in a much more readable format. Enjoy!
Oct 2, 2013


Le Mans:: Track Record Sheet By: Zyll
Record Sheet.pdf (84 KB)
My own re-typesetting of the original Track Record Sheet, trying to keep the look and spacing of the original.
Oct 2, 2013


Le Mans:: Original and New Chance Tables By: Zyll
Chance Tables.pdf (71 KB)
I put the Original and Ken Hoffman's Chance Tables side-by-side for easy comparison and reference.
Oct 2, 2013


Le Mans:: Beige Cards By: Zyll
Beige Cards.pdf (314 KB)
I combined all the Beige Cards into one PDF page.
Oct 2, 2013


Le Mans:: LeMans_Alt_Chance_Table_July_1965 By: GBookman
LeMans Alternate Chance Table.docx (13 KB)
There is an Alternate Chance Table in this article from the now public domain magazine The Avalon Hill General July 1965 page 7 col 1. This Alternate Chance Table allocates higher risk to the Hairpin turn.
Jul 12, 2010


Le Mans:: UPLOAD: LeMans Track Record Sheet By: jackmitch
LeMans_Record_Sheet(original).pdf (235 KB)
Many thanks to Jeff Meyers for uploading a scanned copy of the Record Sheet that came with the game. I have cleaned this form up a bit and offer my improved version for the enjoyment of LeMans players. LeMans has long been out of print, and to the best of my knowledge, there is no source from which Record Sheets can be purchased.
May 30, 2009


Le Mans:: LeMans Record Sheet (scanned) By: peacmyer
LeMans_Record_Sheet_scan.pdf (45 KB)
LeMans Record Sheet (scanned)
Jan 13, 2009


Le Mans:: LeMans Cars Specs (Blue) By: psusen
LeMans_Cars_Specs_Blue.xls (25 KB)
This .xls file uses the same template as the original (beige) spec card file. I assume the cards were released with the revised LeMans edition. Only the Porsche (#9) car spec is the same.
Aug 31, 2008


Le Mans:: Modified Rules for LeMans By: jackmitch
LeMans_Modified_Rules(V1).doc (182 KB)
During the time that LeMans was in print, the Avalon Hill Game Company published at least two sets of rules. Not only were there inconsistencies between these rules, but even within each set, there were ambiguities and contradictions. This is an effort to integrate the best features from each set of rules and incorporate refinements of my own. In addition, I have re-written the rules in their entirety to make them as clear and succinct as possible. This is a work in progress, and I welcome constructive critcism and suggestions that will lead to further improvements in the play of this classic game.
Aug 17, 2008


Le Mans:: LeMans Record Sheet By: jackmitch
LeMans_Record_Sheet.pdf (20 KB)
LeMans is a difficult game to find in the used game market, and the Record Sheets on which one records the gear his race car is in, hard brakings, spin outs, engine over-revs, etc. are almost always missing. Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate an original Record Sheet. Thus I have created one for game play. The driver of each car will need one of these Sheets for each race. (If anyone can send me a photograph of the original Record Sheet, I will be happy to convert it into a downloadable file and post it to this site.)
Aug 9, 2008


Le Mans:: LeMans Cars.xls By: Kevin_Whitmore
LeMans Cars.xls (27 KB)
Printable roster of LeMans cars
Feb 24, 2006

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