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Schotten Totten:: Schotten Totten greek By: fanak
schottentotten_rulebook GR.rar (19.66 MB)
Schotten Totten greek
Sep 20, 2017


Schotten Totten:: Schotten Totten - Magyar játékszabály By: Reflexshop
schotten-totten-rules-reflexshop.pdf (3.39 MB)
Hungarian rulebook
Jul 21, 2017


Schotten Totten:: Tactic Cards card sized ref. for Iello 2016 version By: mrranch
Schotten card 005.jpg (322 KB)

This is printed at 100% size to put in a sleeve (on back of existing player aid card) in the Iello version of Schotten Totten to show whet their tactic card icons mean briefly.
Mar 2, 2017
Schotten card 004.jpg (342 KB)
This is printed at 100% size to put in a sleeve (on back of existing player aid card) in the Iello version of Schotten Totten to show whet their tactic card icons mean briefly.
Jan 31, 2017


Schotten Totten:: Schotten Totten - A Plain and Simple Guide By: malibu_babe_28
Schotten Tottne Plain and Simple.pdf (445 KB)
A 2 page double sided summary including the tactics cards and the advanced rule.
Oct 18, 2016


Schotten Totten:: English rules By: daloester
SchottenTotten_EN_Rules.pdf (4.85 MB)
Final Schotten Totten English rules
Sep 19, 2016


Schotten Totten:: Schotten-Totten, правила игры на русском языке By: YeGor
schotten-totten_small_ru.pdf (338 KB)
Pdf с цветными иллюстрациями, по размеру коробки.
Jul 19, 2015


Schotten Totten:: Paper box for cards By: Pard
Schotten_totten_box.pdf (655 KB)
No glue telescoping paper box 6,5 x 9,7 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛ with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Apr 19, 2015


Schotten Totten:: Lost Cities and Battle line or Schotten-Totten By: satorisnow
Forces of Nature & Contenent (5.13 MB)
Retheme called Forces of Nature and Content Explorer
Mar 18, 2011


Schotten Totten:: Alientotten Derivative Cards By: aaarg_ink
alientotten-special cards 8.5X11.pdf (3.65 MB)
These are derivative cards to the great Alientotten by Piotro Slaby that can function as "stones" for the base game game as well as making it work with Lost Citie (investment cards) and En Garde (the board). The cards are formatted as 3.5"X2.5" (MtG size) and the sheets are letter sized.

Here is an image of the cards on a single sheet

My derivative cards adapts the set to make it playable for En Garde

and Lost Cities.

The Original Alien Totten image by Piotro Slaby:

The High Res PDF File for the original AlienTotten is here

and Piotro's website is
Jan 26, 2010


Schotten Totten:: Alien Totten - Piotro's Schotten Totten redesign. By: Piotro
Alientotten.pdf (471 KB)
7 pages pdf file ready to print. More of my work you can find at
May 20, 2009


Schotten Totten:: Schotten-Totten-Tuckbox German By: Topper Harley
Schotten-Totten-Tuckbox_German.rar (283 KB)
The original box is too big and disintegrates fast because of the cardboard inset. And because the deck has to be split in half to fit it in the box, i decided to make a new one.
Short german rules are on one side. The different card combinations on the other side.

Height is good. Thickness is abit too big for only the cards. You can print the complete rules on a paper and fold it to put it in the box. Or reduce the width of the printout about 1-2% to get a tight fit.
Apr 28, 2009


Schotten Totten:: Schotten Totten Polish Rules/Polska Instrukcja By: muka
Schotten_Totten_PL_v1.pdf (349 KB)
Polskie tlumaczenie regul gry
Sep 25, 2008


Schotten Totten:: Unofficial English translation of Pro Ludo rules By: morrigambist
Schotten-Totten_English_Translation.doc (59 KB)
This is a translation of the rules for Schotten-Totten, including the use of the tactics cards.
Apr 6, 2008


Schotten Totten:: Tactics cards summary in English. By: noursy
schotten_totten_tactics_cards_summary.pdf (242 KB)
This summary has the size of a playing card (measured from the PS Games/Ubik edition) and is ready-to-print.
Feb 5, 2008


Schotten Totten:: Schotten-Totten Player Aid (English) By: Turbo Pascal
Schotten-Totten_Player_Aid_Ver1.pdf (1.72 MB)
Player reference cards for Schotten-Totten showing formation rank order and rule reminders for the tactic cards. Designed to fit the Ubik game box (may fit the game box from other publishers but not tested). Dimensions are 12.0 x 9.5 cm and there are two cards on the PDF file, one for each player.
Jan 13, 2008


Schotten Totten:: Hungarian Score Cards (Magyar pontozó kártya) By: Artax
magyarkartya.jpg (58 KB)
Hungarian Score Cards (Magyar pontozó kártya)
Jan 9, 2008


Schotten Totten:: SchottenBL.pdf By: johncarlton
SchottenBL.pdf (346 KB)
10 homemade tactics cards for the advanced game (for those who own the older version of ST).
Sep 5, 2007


Schotten Totten:: Schotten Totten Tactiek-Kaarten.pdf By: Soulwax
Schotten Totten Tactiek-Kaarten.pdf (699 KB)
Overzicht Tactiek-kaarten (handig geheugensteuntje)
Dec 7, 2006


Schotten Totten:: SCHOTTEN-TOTTEN_Ayuda_SP.jpg By: Zoroastro
Ayuda en Español
Sep 28, 2006


Schotten Totten:: akciokartyak.pdf By: szoffi
akciokartyak.pdf (142 KB)
rules for action cards in hungarian
Aug 24, 2006


Schotten Totten:: schottentotten.pdf By: szoffi
schottentotten.pdf (310 KB)
hungarian translation
Aug 24, 2006


Schotten Totten:: SchottenTotten_SP_v2.PDF By: Zoroastro
SchottenTotten_SP_v2.PDF (1.69 MB)
Formateado con ejemplos gráficos. Tamaño para guardar en la caja.
May 26, 2006


Schotten Totten:: SchottenTotten_SP.PDF By: Zoroastro
SchottenTotten_SP.PDF (1.72 MB)
Reglas en español con ejemplos ilustrados.
May 17, 2006


Schotten Totten:: schotaction.pdf By: Kobra1
schotaction.pdf (4.56 MB)
Long awaited action card translation for the Pro Ludo Edition from
Jan 17, 2006


Schotten Totten:: SCHOTTEN TOTTEN - Reglas.doc By: JESSONSO
SCHOTTEN TOTTEN - Reglas.doc (1.38 MB)
Spanish rules - REGLAS
Jul 27, 2005

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