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Small World:: Shoppes of Small World - Custom Expansion By: jrhitch
Shoppes of Small World - Rules and Cards.pdf (12.64 MB)
Shoppes of Small World introduces an item system that depends on new cards/new tokens and adds a shopkeeper aspect to map symbols. It requires the Leaders of Small World expansion, as it adds new mechanics to leaders.
Nov 19, 2017


Small World:: Small World Kompendium By: Motorkopf
Small World Kompendium.pdf (353 KB)
Aktualisierte Version, jetzt auch mit der Erweiterung Sky Islands
Sep 15, 2017
Small World Kompendium A5.pdf (353 KB)
Auf besonderen Wunsch: Das Kompendium in A5
Aug 15, 2017
Small World Kompendium.pdf (355 KB)
Version vom 15.08.2017, jetzt auch mit Sonderregeln für River World und 6-Spieler-Brett.
Aug 15, 2017
Small World Kompendium.pdf (280 KB)
Version vom 09.09.2014, jetzt auch mit Royal Bonus und Im Netz der Spinne
Sep 9, 2014
Small World Kompendium.pdf (195 KB)
Alle Rassen und Spezialfähigkeiten, außerdem die Regeln der Achtbaren Altertümer und Beliebten Orte.
Enthält das Grundspiel, sämtliche Erweiterungen einschließlich Underground und sogar das Community's Compendium.
Die Regeln wurden ergänzt durch Regelungen der offiziellen FAQ.
Jul 6, 2011


Small World:: List of Races & Powers By: tlee33
small world races & powers v1.1.pdf (793 KB)
Fixed the Dwarves and made a couple minor graphical adjustments.
Jun 27, 2017
small world races & powers.pdf (796 KB)
A full list of races and powers from the core box and expansions. Shows race and power tokens along with a description.
Jun 26, 2017


Small World:: Small World Complete Cheat Sheets By: Beeacon
Small World Complete Powers 2 Compressed.pdf (13.49 MB)
Small World Complete Powers 2 Cheat Sheet with Relics and Places.
Jun 5, 2017
Small World Complete Powers 1 Compressed.pdf (12.49 MB)
Small World Complete Powers 1 Cheat Sheet.
Jun 5, 2017
Small World Complete Races Compressed.pdf (13.17 MB)
Small World Complete Races Cheat Sheet.

Having been through all of the files for Small World I was unable to find a cheat sheet that kept in theme with the game and contained all of the races and powers at a legible size. These cheat sheets are current as of the River World expansion.

The files are at A3 size (set to 'Actual Size' for US Letter paper) and should be double sided so that you will have the following sheets:

1) Races Side 1 / Races Side 2
2) Powers Side 1 / Powers Side 2
3) Powers Side 3 / Righteous Relics & Popular Places

Small World
Small World Underground
Small World: Be Not Afraid
Small World: Grand Dames of Small World
Small World: Royal Bonus
Small World: A Spider's Web
Small World: Cursed!
Small World: 6 Player Board

Due to the file size limit of BGG, the uncompressed files can be found here:
Jun 5, 2017


Small World:: Smalworld - Krok po kroku By: Kamiru86
Small_World_Krok_po_kroku_A5.pdf (573 KB)
Szybki skrót zasad - najlepiej wydrukować w formacie A5 - dzięki temu nie zajmuje dużo miejsca na stole.
May 12, 2017


Small World:: 20-pt and 50-pt Coins By: theapostlegreen
SW_Coins_20_&_50.docx (10.91 MB)
Large-denomination coins for Small World (especially useful in 5- and 6-player games.) MS-Word 2010 document.
Mar 30, 2017


Small World:: Cards Instead of Tiles By: Jake Ritter
Small World Race and Power Cards BGG PDF.pdf (3.77 MB)
Pdf as requested
Jan 21, 2017
Small World Race and Power Cards BGG.pptx (14.00 MB)
Errors fixed.
Jan 17, 2017
Small World Race and Power Cards BGG.pptx (15.94 MB)
I play with these instead of the race and power banners. For me it solves the following issues:
1. Randomizing races and powers
2. Players don't need rule books or sheets. No needing to flip through pages or fight over who knows what sheet. Just pick up a card and read it.

You can print these out on sticker paper and attach them to a regular poker card. I'm probably going to get these printed on real cards.

Jan 12, 2017


Small World:: Printable Races and Powers Expansions By: Andural69
Smallworld_powers_v2.pdf (547 KB)
PDF Powersversion. Cleaned up images, fixed skeletons image.
Jan 10, 2017
Smallworld_Races_v2.pdf (525 KB)
PDF Races version. Cleaned up images, fixed skeletons image.
Jan 10, 2017
Smallworld_v2.xlsx (7.47 MB)
Cleaned up Images. Fixed Skeletons images
Jan 10, 2017
Smallworld_Races.pdf (521 KB)
PDF version of Races
Nov 15, 2016
Smallworld_powers.pdf (541 KB)
PDF version of the powers
Nov 14, 2016
Smallworld.xlsx (6.73 MB)
A Handful of minor adjustments where converting to PDF chopped off words.
Nov 14, 2016
Smallworld_W_RoyalBonus.xlsx (6.73 MB)
I took previously done work by goobus (Heather B) and added Spider's Web. size 8 font was too small for some of the people I play with, so I made it 12 and colored the header to standout. This makes more pages, but double-sided is a small price to pay for readability.

Small World
Be Not Afraid
Grand Dames
Royal Bonus
Spider's Web
Oct 12, 2016


Small World:: Small World Player Reference By: Necr0mancer
Small World Player Reference v1.2.pdf (1.25 MB)
Adjusted some typos from original version.
Dec 31, 2016
Smallworld Player Reference.pdf (7.07 MB)
A player reference that includes all of the Races/Special Powers.

Includes the expansions:
Small World Base Game
Be Not Afraid
Grand Dames of Small World
Royal Bonus
A Spider's Web

Does not include Small World Underground

The first two pages are powers and the second two pages are races. Can be printed back and front so that each are on their own page.

Each are listed -roughly- alphabetically and have a picture of the tile for easy reference. The color coding is by expansion.

Any errors or omissions, please let me know and I'll be happy to update!
Sep 21, 2016


Small World:: Resumen razas y poderes By: Sir Koke
Resumen Razas y poderes.pdf (100 KB)
Tabla muy resumida de todas las razas y poderes editados hasta la fecha, incluidos Royal Bonus y una tela de araña.
Nov 14, 2016


Small World:: Références Peuples By: nitramb
SW races ref.pdf (6.53 MB)
Références des peuples en anglais, mais avec description en français.
Oct 18, 2016


Small World:: Small World Complete Aid English By: alx145
Small World Complete Summary Final.pdf (1.24 MB)
This file contains all information for races, powers, relics, and places in Small World, Small World Underground, Grand Dames, Be not Afraid, Cursed, Royal Bonus, Spider Web, and the 6 player board. The Small World board game and all its images are the property of Days of Wonder.
Aug 18, 2016


Small World:: SmallWorld - foamboard insert plans By: ilujito
SmallWorld - foamboard insert plans.pdf (405 KB)

The main idea was to be able to store all my small extensions in the core box:
- SmallWorld
- Be Not Afraid
- A Spider's Web
- Royal Bonus (not in the pictures below but it fits perfectly)
- Cursed!
- Grand Dames of Small World
- Leaders of Small World
- Tales and Legends

I guess that "Necromancer Island" could probably be easily stored in there as well.

All elements (except bottoms) are made from 5mm foamcore.
Bottoms are made of 3mm foamcore.

Got inspired by the pictures from tomja:

Side view:

May 13, 2016


Small World:: Lycanthropes - Race By: Bloodylips
Lycan print sheet.pdf (146 KB)
Fan made race for SmallWorld. Made this quiet awhile ago, but never officially uploaded it.

Lycanthropes - Once during your conquest phase on even rounds, you may put down a howling-token onto one of your Lycanthrope-occupied regions. Any non-lycanthrope single active race token, decline race token (including your own decline race(s)), or lost tribe adjecent to the howling region will be removed from the board. Decline race tokens (and lost tribes) will go straight to the tray, while active race tokens will go back to their player and be redeployed with any surviving conquest tokens at the end of the lycanthropes players turn. Regions with 2 or more race tokens are uneffected by the fear of howling. Defensive structures like camps, troll lairs or fortresses etc will prevent the howling effect (if the total amount of defense and tokens reaches 2 or more), however terrain-effects like mountains does not stack against howling.
Apr 5, 2016


Small World:: Small World Player's Aid - All expansions By: DigitalFix
Small_World_Races_and_Powers.pdf (3.54 MB)
This is a 2 page, full color .pdf I created as a new player's aid sheet for Small World. It contains all races/powers from the base game, be not afraid, grand dames, a spider's web, cursed, and royal bonus. Enjoy :)
Mar 27, 2016


Small World:: SmallWorld Custom Race - Vampires By: SirMorrow
SmallWorld-Race-Vampires-Flat.jpg (2.43 MB)
My take on Vampires. Note all images include an overprint to avoid white borders when cutting out each image. I haven't tested this yet, but all artwork came from hi-res scans
Mar 10, 2016


Small World:: Small World Rassen & Krachten Nederlands (Dutch) By: Davicious
SW_Dutch_Rassen&Krachten V1.1.pdf (1.38 MB)
Update: Fixed minor mistakes and typo's.
Dec 13, 2015
SW_Dutch_Rassen&krachten V1.0.pdf (1.37 MB)
Vertaling en uitleg voor Small World incl. alle uitbreidingen excl. Underworld. Met dank aan andere gebruikers van dit forum voor het verspreiden en verkrijgen van toestemming van Days of Wonder om het grafische materiaal te mogen gebruiken. Feedback, tips en verbeteringen worden gewaardeerd. Met een beetje hulp van anderen wordt het spel beter speelbaar voor iedereen!

Translation and explanation of all Small World Races and Powers. With many thanks to other users of this Forum who have gained permission from Days of Wonder to use the artwork and providing the a document that I could translate. Tips and feedback to improve this document are valued. With a little help of all, we can all enjoy the game a whole lot more!

Dec 3, 2015


Small World:: Small World Tile Tray By: TuffLuck
Smallworld Holder (175 KB)
This is the Sketch-Up 3d model I made to help me build a balsa tray for all the components. This has space for everything except for Underworld, which I don't own yet (So all add-ons up to "A Spiders Web").

I designed it to fit inside the original box (after throwing out the original insert) and there's still room for more. People keen enough to build this should have no problems modifying the design to their needs. Everything is grouped for easy manipulation.

I'm only halfway through building it, so I will update with photo's and design changes as I come across problems.
Dec 10, 2015


Small World:: Necromancer race - facelifted by Infiltrator84 By: Infiltrator84
necromancer.pdf (4.48 MB)
Hey guys, I facelifted the necromancer race (concept by Joel Stack (SolidStack)) with the art of erickenji (

The necromancer race power reads as follows:

"Once per turn you may convert a single adjacent declined race token into a Necromancer token taken from the tray."

The pdf should be printed as is - the dimensions match the SW token/plate sizes already.

Nov 1, 2015


Small World:: Recueil des Peuples, Pouvoirs, Lieux et Reliques By: bovayl
Recueil SmallWorld et Underground.pdf (10.63 MB)
Version 1.1 - Correction des Barbares (oups, un copié collé malheureux) et ajout des artificiers (oubli de ma part). J'ai ajouté les peuples et pouvoirs de SmallWorld Underground. Bon jeu, n'hésitez pas pour les retours.
Oct 27, 2015
Recueil SmallWorld.pdf (3.74 MB)
Petit recueil à imprimer au format A5 qui reprends toutes les races, pouvoirs, lieux et reliques de toutes les extensions parues à ce jour pour Small World. Je n'ai pas inclus la version Underground, je pensais le faire à part.

Merci de me faire part de vos commentaires, remarques, corrections ou ajouts pour le rendre plus pratique ou plus complet.
Oct 16, 2015


Small World:: All races & powers combined sheet (A4) By: Snidd
smallworldsummary.pdf (2.34 MB)
I created a document for me to easier share with friends when playing, contains all the expansions + base game races & powers. Thought i would share it with everyone else, since i googled a bit before i made it myself.
Oct 6, 2015


Small World:: Spanish Rules, page 10 recovered By: masterwizard55
Small World_Reglamento_incluye pagina 10.pdf (5.51 MB)
Here are the rules in Spanish, including page 10 that used to be corrupted.

Aca esta el reglamento en Español, incluyendo la pagina 10 que aparecia como corrupta en la version anterior.
Aug 31, 2015


Small World:: Small World Player Aid - All the Expansions Included (finnish) By: saksi
Small World Player Aid (all expansions included) - finnish.pdf (3.20 MB)
Apulaput Small World peliin (epävirallinen fanitiedosto). Sisältää kaikki alkuperäisen pelin ja viiden lisäosan ("Ladies", "Curses", "Be afraid", "Royal Bonus" & "Spider's Web") rodut ja erikoiskyvyt..

Small World Player aids in finnish (unofficial fan content, version 1.5 - fixed the Soul-Touch and Skags). Includes all the races and special powers from the base game and the first three expansions (Ladies, Curses and Be afraid).

(Posted with permission from Days of Wonder. Names and images are Copyright Days of Wonder - All Rights Reserved)

Thanks to "kreikkaturkulainen" for letting me use the special power pictures from his player aid. Also thanks to "ChromeMystic" for letting me use the race pictures from his player aid.
Aug 29, 2015
Small World player aid - all the races & special powers.pdf (3.78 MB)
Small World Player aids in finnish (unofficial fan content, version 1.4)
Jan 13, 2015


Small World:: custom image dice set for android app By: Ravachol (7 KB)
see this geeklist

for detail

i made all myselft, even if it's very simple ;-)
Aug 28, 2015


Small World:: Small World race/power cheat sheet (simple) By: pestaside
SmallWorld_shawn_play_aid_V1.pdf (83 KB)
I tried to make my own race/powers cheat sheet that I could understand and print off on 8.5 x 11 paper. Includes base game, Grand Dames, Cursed!, Be Not Afraid, Royal Bonus, and A Spider's Web expansions. Races are all on one side. Special powers are all on the other side in alphabetical order. I looked up FAQ's on Days of Wonder site to try to get the latest info and keep the wording simple. There may be typos and mistakes. Go easy on me.
Jul 29, 2015

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