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Age of Steam:: Age of Steam Tiles for Adobe Illustrator to Create By: monkeyCmonkeyDo
Added more tiles to the document.
Jun 6, 2017
Updated. A couple of tiles didn't have the image embedded in them in the last version.
Jun 4, 2017
These are various tiles that I created in Adobe Illustrator so that custom maps can be created easily. I just grabbed a bunch of random stuff from different maps and recreated it in Illustrator. I would love to get some more suggestions on which tiles could be made/used. I am new to the Age of Steam world, so all of you will know better than me!
Jun 2, 2017


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam - Upgraded Player Aid By: jehayward
Age of Steam_Player Aid_April 2017_Color_Even Better.pdf (935 KB)
V3. Sorry for the spam of this. But I think this is the best version.
Apr 13, 2017
Age of Steam_Player Aid_April 2017_Color.pdf (425 KB)
V2 - This one is a little more stylized. Was going for something with a train ticket look.
Apr 13, 2017
Age of Steam_Player Aid_April 2017.pdf (214 KB)
"If I've seen further, it was because I was standing on the shoulders of giants."

Just updating the fantastic work that others have already done. Tried making it look just a tad prettier. Welcome to any feedback!

EDIT: Thanks to user alkis21 for his player aid that was inspiration for this file. His original player aid can be found here: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/17461/age-steam-2nd-editi...

My apologies for not giving specific credit.
Apr 12, 2017


Age of Steam:: Supply Arrows By: snoozefest
Steam Supply Arrows.pdf (691 KB)
Are you annoyed by having to constantly look back and forth between the supply board and the map, trying to remember which cubes will show up where? Well, be annoyed no more! Print these out, stick it to something sturdy (e.g., matte board), cut out the arrows, and place your cubes right on the board!
Feb 18, 2016


Age of Steam:: AoS NC By: phineaspoe
AoS NC.pdf (10.67 MB)
Age of Steam fan map of my home state. Rules are just like the base game. Beginning cube distribution is two cubes per city except: 3 per red city and 4 per the two double cities (Charlotte and Wilmington).

I hope you enjoy it. It has been well received at 3 and 4. It is loose at 2 and tight at 5. The last 5p game I played saw only one 5-link delivery made, with everything else at 4-links or lower.

I have never played it with 6.
Jan 21, 2016


Age of Steam:: Player aids in portuguese By: davidallves
Ajuda jogador.jpg (155 KB)
Player aids in Portuguese

Ajuda de Jogador em Português.

- Sequência de Turno;
- Pontos de Vitória finais;
- Custos de Construção;
- Ajuda de previsões de despesas

Imprimir do tamanho pretendido, dobrar, colar e laminar para obter um resultado perfeito
Jan 13, 2016


Age of Steam:: AoS - polskie tłumaczenie instrukcji do gry By: Bogdan_J
AoS instrukcja PL ver1.doc (7.53 MB)
Oryginalna (angielska) instrukcja do "Age of Steam" dosyć mętnie tłumaczy niektóre zasady gry. Dlatego nie jest to jedynie tłumaczenie instrukcji - to jej interpretacja dostosowująca ją do języka polskiego.
Jestem otwarty na dyskusję i propozycje zmian.
Nov 1, 2015


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam Expansion: Northeast Ohio - Solitaire Map By: Raiderjakk
neoh.pdf (385 KB)
This file is a two-page file (one page instructions and one page map) of Northeast Ohio featuring prominent cities and rivers in the region. This solitaire map:
- Removes Purple from the cube mix.
- Interurban city lines that prevent you from using them.
- $3 payment to use an Urbanization, Engineer or Production action.
- Cash minus shares and locomotive level determine if you've won - and by how much.

Two Production dice used.

Questions, thoughts welcomed. Happy gaming!

No rights are reserved for this file beyond licensing by Winsome or Eagle games.
Aug 9, 2015


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam Chinese Player Aid By: dantecheng
Age of Steam Chinese Player Aid v1.0.pdf (77 KB)
Jul 22, 2015


Age of Steam:: Easy-to-Follow Rules re-write for Age of Steam By: freechinanow
Age of Steam_quickrules.pdf (85 KB)
I found the rulebook a bit difficult to follow. I decided to rewrite/reorganize parts of it so that it worked for my brain when teaching the game. Maybe it'll work for your brain too.
Feb 4, 2015


Age of Steam:: Prices and turn order quick reference AoS By: Hotntot
AOS player aid prices and turn order.pdf (334 KB)
A handy, quick reference to prices (track + terrain) and turn order in Age of Steam. To be printed two-sidedly in colors, laminated and cut in six, one for each player.
Jan 13, 2015


Age of Steam:: AoS - Gulf Coast Fan Expansion By: Orph
AoS - Gulf Coast v1.zip (1.63 MB)
This is a fan made map for Age of Steam based on the region of the Gulf Coast from Texas to Florida. It incorporates a new shipping mechanic by using ports.
Apr 28, 2014


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam/Steam boards for Age of Steam/Steam By: ruferto
AoS-Steam - Boards for AoS-Steam v2.pdf (4.80 MB)
v2 - Redesign and new boards. You can use all of them with Age of Steam and Steam.

page 1 - Age of Steam's income board.
page 2 - Zorosteam's board. Redesign of Zorosteam's board created by Zoroastro (http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/65803/variante-zoroste...). It's based on the track of Railways of the world and it's a great variant. It's my favorite income system. It can be use with Age of Steam and Steam.
page 3 - Steam's income board
page 4 - Age of steam's goods board
page 5 - Steam's goods board

These boards are designed to be printed on A4 paper/cardboard. The boxes are bigger than the boxes of the official Age of Steam board. Despite this, I use mepples and wooden cubes (10mm) instead the original discs.
Sep 22, 2013
Steam board for AoS (two versions included).pdf (931 KB)
Page 1
If you like playing Age of Steam but you want to play a bit more relaxed, you can use the money system of Steam. This board provides a victory point track and a income track.

Page 2
if you want to play Age of Steam using Steam rules, you can use this board. There isn't a issued shared track. It includes 12 goods supply spaces.
Sep 12, 2013


Age of Steam:: Cartas de acción Age of Steam-Steam By: ruferto
AoS - Cartas Steam y AoS v2.pdf (2.06 MB)
Tres juegos de cartas con las distintas acciones disponibles en Age of Steam, Steam (básico) y Steam (estándar).
Están pensadas para jugar con un único juego (Age of Steam o Steam) a cualquiera de las tres modalidades.

v2 (Sep 14 2013)
Nueva maquetación. He partido del archivo creado por Mark Blanco (Geese). Tiene las tres versiones de las cartas traducidas al español (Age of Steam, Steam Básico y Steam Estándar). Gracias a Mark por darme permiso para usar su documento (magnífico trabajo Mark). Si quieres bajar el archivo original de Mark: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/filepage/8598/geese_aos_action_...

v1.1 (Sep 13 2013)
Corrige el error de la carta Producción de Age of Steam (gracias Game Junkie)
Sep 14, 2013


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam - Resumen de turno By: ruferto
Age of Steam-Resumen turno.pdf (858 KB)
Resumen del turno en una página. Age of Steam y Steam son muy parecidos. Con un único juego y con algunos de los ficheros disponibles aquí, en BGG, puedes jugar a las dos versiones.
Por favor, si encuentras alguna errata repórtalo para que pueda corregirla. Gracias
Sep 11, 2013


Age of Steam:: Cascadia Map By: jasoncarlough
AoSCascadia.png (5.93 MB)
I lost the original files so I had to redo the map from scratch. I changed a couple of things and added numbers for production (kind of important).

There are three special rules with the map:
1) Goods produce on the two eastern purple cities on a roll of 1,2 or 6 this is to simulate goods being shipped from the eastern US.
Note: This could very well be waaay too many goods on those cities but I think it could be interesting. If it is too many goods you can always try just producing on 2 of the numbers or even ignoring this special rule altogether. If you do that just ignore 1s, 2s or both.
2) In the northwest corner there are two ferry lines. These can be built for the noted cost and count as 2 tile lays each. They cannot be built until the associated town has been urbanized.
3) Tacoma and Seattle are connected, anybody can deliver goods between or through them as just as if everybody owned a link between the two cities.

If anybody does actually end up using this let me know how it goes and I will take your comments in to account next time I update the map.

Edit: Fixed minor issue with yesterdays version.
Nov 30, 2012
AgeofSteamPacificNorthwest.jpg (495 KB)
Old version
Jul 12, 2011


Age of Steam:: Nederlandstalige spelhulp By: koen2602
AGE OF STEAM.doc (57 KB)
Nederlandstalige spelhulp (afdrukbaar op 1 A5)
Aug 22, 2011


Age of Steam:: Teaching Guide for Age of Steam from The How to Play Podcast By: RyanSturm
HTP Teaching Guide 04 Age of Steam BW.pdf (234 KB)
Black and White version of the original teaching guide.
Jun 4, 2011
HTP Teaching Guide 04 Age of Steam.pdf (231 KB)
Here is a short outline to keep with your game and assist you when you need to teach the game. The outline includes an opening hook, a step by step outline on a suggested order in which to teach the meat of the rules and some beginning strategy. To hear an example explanation using this outline or to learn the game yourself listen to "The How to Play Podcast Episode #4 Age of Steam" available at www.howtoplaypodcast.com or on itunes.
Mar 15, 2011


Age of Steam:: AoS Abridged Rules By: epicyclist
AoS_Abridged.pdf (147 KB)
A one page PDF of abridged rules in English for the third edition. Last updated the "Final Scoring" section per the comments.
Apr 7, 2011


Age of Steam:: Rules Translation to Portuguese By: Romir
Age of Steam.pdf (3.34 MB)
Rules translation to portuguese (based on the german version)
Tradução das regras para português (baseado na versão alemã)
Versão 1.0
Jan 27, 2011


Age of Steam:: Players aid card // Karta pomocy Gracza By: IVAN2k5
AoS_pomoc.pdf (337 KB)
Przebieg tury oraz krótki opis poszczególnych kroków.//
Turn sequence & short description of the steps // Polish
Dec 23, 2010


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam, 3rd Edition Quick Reference By: rules_heretic
AoS3rd.QR.R27.ppt (84 KB)
This is a QR that I made up specifically for the third edition of the game. (Updated Nov. 2, 2010.)

Note: Included on the chart is the ability to sell shares at any time but at reduced value. The places this appears are marked with RR. Feel free to delete this if you don't want it. It's on there since this is the way I will play, at least initially.
Nov 2, 2010


Age of Steam:: example of the first round By: OdinB
Age of Steam_voorbeeld_speelronde_v1.0.pdf (990 KB)
full color illustrated example of the first round. In Dutch.
(I would like to thank VASSAL and peterk for the graphics)
Feb 14, 2010


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam 2-Player Variant for the Rust Belt Map By: fubar awol
Age of Steam 2-player Variant.pdf (11 KB)

A discussion of this variant can be found here:


This is a way to play with 2 players on the Rust Belt map. These rules can also be used (and have been, successfully) to improve many of the fan-based 2-player maps that do not have modified auctions / role selections (e.g.Scotland, Umbria, Alpha Centauri, Ohio)
Dec 3, 2009


Age of Steam:: Stock-Market display for AoS (Redesigned from Steam Barons) By: crosenkrantz
AoS Stocks.free.pdf (509 KB)
Errors corrected on the Performance table captions.
Nov 27, 2009
AoS Stocks.free.pdf (508 KB)
With this redesigned display and company property titles you have all the counters necessary to play the Steam Barons stock-market with your copy of Age of Steam.
AoS 3rd edition has enough trains to use them as shares, use the wooden disks for track markers.

Finding the correct setup of goods and cities for every AoS map is left as an exercise for the player :-)
Nov 12, 2009


Age of Steam:: Age of Steam - Expansion Guide By: mussels
Age_of_Steam_Expansion_Reference_v4.1.xls (62 KB)
A comprehensive listing of the official and unofficial Age of Steam expansion maps, with player numbers, designer, publisher, current availability, and typical USD price.

v4: Updates from Essen 2009 and other 2009 maps v4.1: Two extra maps missed in v4.
Nov 4, 2009
Age_of_Steam_Expansion_Reference_v4.xls (61 KB)
A comprehensive listing of the official and unofficial Age of Steam expansion maps, with player numbers, designer, publisher, current availability, and typical USD price.

v4: Updates from Essen 2009 and other 2009 maps
Nov 4, 2009
Age of Steam Expansion Reference v3.xls (58 KB)
New version, with several updates:
- New Steam Brothers reprints available at Boards & Bits
- John Bohrer's announcement of Finland & Portugal map for Essen 2009
- Age of Steam based game 3rd edition availability
- Many minor updates to availability and descriptive information
Mar 20, 2009
Age of Steam expansion guide v2.xls (54 KB)
Revision to Age of Steam Expansion Map guide. Some updated availability and pricing information, and a couple of new map listings.
Jan 28, 2009
Age of Steam expansion guide v1.xls (39 KB)
A concise listing of the official and unofficial Age of Steam expansion maps, with recommended number of players, designer, publisher, current availability, and typical selling price (via retailers, eBay, black market, whatever).

Feedback is welcome for supplying missing information (e.g. player ranges, components) or corrections (e.g. difficulty assessment, recommended number of players, availability)

I owe a great debt to the expansion retailer and publisher websites, along with the following GeekLists:
Age of Steam List: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/5009/item/174579
Age of Steam Maps by number of players: http://www.boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/15206/item/273318
Jan 22, 2009

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