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Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game:: Mouse Guard alternative character sheet By: sgryphon
MG_Character_Sheet_Fillable_v10.pdf (451 KB)
Alternative character sheet for Mouse Guard (form fillable PDF). More white space than the official one, so looks a little cleaner and less daunting (but that does mean it has less rule help on it).

Aimed more at new players with the features needed for the player's turn at the top (Traits), then the in-game features for bonuses (Wises), then for ongoing character progression (earning Artha, and skills, further down).,
Aug 2, 2018

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Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game:: Mouse Guard-wise, Reference for players By: PghArch
Mouse Guard Mouse-wise.pdf (268 KB)
A personal attempt to understand how to help players navigate the game grew into this set of guidelines. So, I decided to format and share it.
Sep 26, 2011

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Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game:: Mouse Guard buttons By: thomas d
mice.pdf (194 KB)
At RinCon '09, I ran a game of MG and had the players wear buttons depicting their mice. This file has three copies of each of the four mice: one with the names of the mice in my game and two blanks for you to use in yours. The drawings are all original and based off of David Petersen's artwork.
Oct 20, 2009

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Mouse Guard Roleplaying Game:: Mouse Guard Character Sheets Etc. By: banyan (6.62 MB)
This includes the files for a blank character sheet, character sheets for the main characters from the comics, a map of the realm, a GM record sheet, and a conflict sheet in both PC and Mac formats
Jun 21, 2009