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Angola:: Resum de la seqüència del joc i del combat By: Utana
Angola.pdf (110 KB)
Seqüència del joc i del combat per seguir pas a pas. Comenteu-me si hi ha cap error.

Trasnlated from da pyrate's guide, thanks!
Sep 20, 2016


Angola:: Angola - Resumen de reglas en español By: Denethor
Angola - Ayuda en español.pdf (76 KB)
Resumen de reglas en español para el juego Angola, formateado en dos páginas. Sirve como guía de referencia rápida, donde cada apartado remite al correspondiente del libro de reglas, y como guión para enseñar el juego.
Nov 11, 2015


Angola:: Angola Column Management reference sheet By: Cisco Serret
column_management_update_2012-11-12.pdf (214 KB)
Column management explanations
Nov 12, 2012


Angola:: Beginner's aide for Combat Dies By: Cisco Serret
angola_combat_dies.pdf (249 KB)
A visual representation for the number of dies each side gets. Red dies are for attacker and blue dies are for defender.
Aug 20, 2012


Angola:: Round action and AAR tracker By: hipshot
angolroundtracker.pdf (263 KB)
admin tool for keep track of each factions actions, secret aid and vps for Session reports and general use.
Jul 30, 2012


Angola:: Angola Combat Quick Reference Sheet By: mark of carnage
Angola Combat Quick Reference Sheet v1.doc (94 KB)
Combat quick reference sheet for the MMP version
Jul 25, 2012


Angola:: MMP Angola rules for proofing 12-01-08 By: pilotofficerprune
Angola_rules_110108.pdf (856 KB)
The latest proof of the pre-publication rulebook, incorporating recent feedback.
Jan 8, 2011


Angola:: MMP Angola rules for proofing By: adamant
Angola rules.pdf (1.03 MB)
We have these ready early and would love to get some feedback on them so we can make this product as tight as possible.

Thanks so much,

Dec 24, 2010


Angola:: Angola Cards (A4) By: da pyrate
Angola Cards.doc (92 KB)
A printable version of all the cards in the Angola game, sized to fit standard card sleeves/protectors.

I have used fonts called Zephyr and Legend. If you do not have these fonts you may need to adjust card sizes.

The document is for an A4 size page.
Mar 26, 2009


Angola:: Sequence of Play & Combat Guide By: da pyrate
Angola.doc (48 KB)
reformatted copy of tables included in game.
Mar 19, 2009


Angola:: Angola Counters for the 21st Century By: karstenengelmann
Angola counters.pdf (3.65 MB)
New home-made angola counters
Oct 14, 2007

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