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Battle Cry:: deutsche Regeln By: kotlo
Battle Cry deutsch.PDF (980 KB)
This file includes the fanmade German rules.
Diese Datei enthält die deutschen Regeln.
Mar 3, 2017


Battle Cry:: Breakthrough at Tuyuti 24 May 1866 By: ironregime
Breakthrough at Tuyuti 24 May 1866 - Battle Cry scenario.pdf (1.06 MB)
This ambitious scenario of the First Battle of Tuyuti between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance requires a deeper, 13 x 17 "breakthrough" board, a lot of new terrain, and many more units than are available in the base game.
May 2, 2016


Battle Cry:: First Tuyuti 24 May 1866 By: ironregime
First Tuyuti 24 May 1866 - Battle Cry scenario (base game only).pdf (659 KB)
This scenario presents the First Battle of Tuyuti between Paraguay and the Triple Alliance. It requires only materials from the base game.
May 2, 2016


Battle Cry:: BC Campaign Rules.doc By: Jimzik
Battle Cry.pdf (501 KB)
Corrected some vagaries. This variant makes the game play more like ACW miniatures.
Aug 15, 2014
Battle Cry.pdf (270 KB)
A newly re-done overhaul of my original rules done in a PDF. file for ease of downloading.
Aug 5, 2009


Battle Cry:: Epic First Bull Run By: 420017
Epic Bull Run.pdf (246 KB)
Got two set of figures painted up and a "overlord" style board made up for epic battle cry games.
May 28, 2014


Battle Cry:: Solo Game Aid By: 420017
Battle cry solo sheet.pdf (453 KB)
Play the game as normal but when it comes to a non player turn choose 3 cards from their hand, that you would play.
Then roll a battle die and play that card.
Return the other two cards to the non players hand a draw a new card.
Simple solo game
Use one or two solo boards
Apr 22, 2014


Battle Cry:: Reference Sheet By: 420017
brrr.pdf (243 KB)
Had this made up for a while
Apr 21, 2014


Battle Cry:: Battle Cry Game Stats Over A Year By: 420017
battlecry.pdf (100 KB)
I have kept a note on the battles i have had with friends and playing online and have now put it all together to show the percentage for each side wining a scenario.

As you can see the game works out to be very well balanced.
Apr 20, 2014


Battle Cry:: Saunders' Field Scenario By: Drax Kramer
SaundersField_s.pdf (396 KB)
This scenario deals with the first major fighting during the Battle of Wilderness (May 5-6, 1864). On the first day of the battle, during his march through the Wilderness commander of Union V corps, Maj. Gen. Warren (Union player) discovered the advance of Confederate II Corps commanded by Lt. Gen. Ewell (Confederate player) against his right flank on the Orange Turnpike.

Warren deployed his corps for the battle on the edge of the Saunder's Field, one of the few openings in the dense woods. Warren wanted to wait for reinforcements from IX corps, but army commander Maj. Gen. Meade ordered him to attack. Two Union divisions commanded by generals Griffin and Wadsworth advanced against rebel divisions commanded by generals Johnson and Rodes. Despite initial success, rebels managed to repel the attack inflicting heavy casualties on the Federals.
Jul 8, 2012


Battle Cry:: Scenario: Prospect Hill By: Drax Kramer
ProspectHill_s.pdf (358 KB)
This scenario depicts the fighting for the Prospect Hill during the Battle of Fredericksburg. Commander of Union Left Grand Division, Maj. Gen. Franklin sent two divisions of I corps commanded by generals Meade and Gibbon to attack Confederate positions along the Prospect Hill on rebel right flank.
Confederate troops consisted of II corps division under Maj. Gen. A. Hill supported with divisions of generals Early and Taliaferro.
Initial attack by Meade was successful and Federals managed to achieve their initial goals, but once II corps commander, Lt. Gen. Jackson ordered his reserves forward, unsupported Union divisions had to pull back.
Jun 14, 2012


Battle Cry:: House Rules for added chrome By: entner
BattleCry-RuleMods-v11.pdf (152 KB)
Tweaks to the effects of some cards, split fire and melee combat, added notion of morale checks. Includes unit types for War of 1812 and the American Revolution.
Feb 11, 2012


Battle Cry:: Battle Cry at 2011 World Boardgame Championships By: rabdwombat
Battle Cry at WBC 2011.pdf (133 KB)
All of the player results, plus an analysis of bidding and win rates for the scenarios played.
Aug 19, 2011


Battle Cry:: Battle Cry Solo English rules by Manolo Vila By: manolovila
Battle Cry Solo English.pdf (82 KB)
Battle Cry Solo English rules. Need 2d6 by Manolo Vila
Feb 15, 2011


Battle Cry:: Battle Cry Solitario reglas en Español by Manolo Vila By: manolovila
Battle Cry Solitario Español.pdf (82 KB)
Battle Cry Solitario reglas en Español. Necesitas 2d6 by Manolo Vila
Feb 15, 2011


Battle Cry:: Five Forks Scenario By: CBallinger
FiveForks.jpg (313 KB)
Hey All, This is a scenario I developed a few years ago for the original edition of Battle Cry. In keeping with the changes in the new edition to classic scenarios I would up the card count to 6 for the Union and 4 for the Confederates. I would also allow any Confederate unit that occupies the Angle to ignore the first flag rolled against it in addition to not being forced to retreat. Comments welcome, but be gentle. This was my first and only attempt at doing this!
Dec 6, 2010


Battle Cry:: Make and Shade Game Board Map Hexes In XL... By: bebo995
M44 Perfect Hex.xls (26 KB)
Hi all,

Robert here: Use this XL File to create and print Hex Maps right from your computer. These Hexes will fit: Battlecry, Memoir 44, C&C Ancients, Battle Lore, Battle of Westros BL (The entire C&C Series). You can scale down the ratios of the cell Heights and Widths to fit ANY Hex Game out there too.

If you like, shade the cells to a color of your choice then print. You can also use colored paper and then print the grid over that to save on ink.
Use multiple sheets to create custom boards or if you have a plotter, you can create HUGE maps in a single print.

Distribute freely. The point is to have fun!

Thanks and please comment/email or ask for help if you need it!

Robert Zimmer
Sep 6, 2010


Battle Cry:: Line of sight: schematics By: PauloSantoro
Line_of_sight_schematics_v3.pdf (16 KB)
PICK THIS VERSION! Easy way to resolve line of sight.
Version 3
Thanks to trohat for correcting hex 5. There is another fix, and some rewordings and reformatting.
Aug 16, 2010
Line_of_sight_schematics_v2.pdf (14 KB)
This are supposed to solve unclear cases of line of sight. Thanks to guest guest for his initial work, Los_v4.doc.
Jul 4, 2009


Battle Cry:: Battle Cry Components & Command Cards Checklist By: earache
BCchecklistR1.pdf (2.71 MB)
Visual checklist of Battle Cry game contents. Includes area to note your actual counts. Second page is a checklist of the 60 Command Cards.

R1 shows the correct image for the 180 degree curved waterway tile.

Apr 14, 2010


Battle Cry:: Cartas em Português By: fritsch
Battle Cry - Cartas em Português.pdf (18 KB)
Cartas do jogo traduzidas para português.
Feb 23, 2010


Battle Cry:: Peninsula & Seven Days Battles By: hoop
Peninsula & Seven Days Battles (3.04 MB)
9 Scenarios (7 are new) covering the 1862 Peninsula Campaign and Seven Days Battles. Includes historical summary, design notes, Terrain Effects Chart, new terrain tiles, and required rules.
Feb 17, 2010


Battle Cry:: Card Holder & Solitaire Rule By: Bick 10
Card Holder.xls (2.17 MB)
This has 2 purposes. It can be printed on cardstock and folded so as to act as both 1) a card holder, and 2) Solitaire Rules list.
Feb 6, 2010


Battle Cry:: Battle Cry sheme By: Slotracer
battle cry scheme.pdf (770 KB)
Variant of Memoir '44 page and a little extra on page 2.
Jan 26, 2010


Battle Cry:: Traditional Chinese Command Card By: cchopman
CommandCard(TCn).pdf (59 KB)
English command order cards are translated into Traditional Chinese for helping Chinese players
Jan 13, 2010


Battle Cry:: Traditional Chinese Player Aid By: cchopman
BattleCry_PlayerAid(TCn).pdf (464 KB)
Traditional Chinese Player Aid included Turn Sequence, Battlefields, Units and Terrains
Jan 12, 2010


Battle Cry:: 1:32 figures By: Slotracer
If you plan to go 1:32 with Battle Cry, here's a list of the figures you can find for the ACW.
Nov 24, 2009

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