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Battle of the Bulge:: Set Up & Sequence of Play – All Optional Rules Rev 1.0 By: Wild Admiral
Battle of The Bulge 1991 Smithsonian Edition Player Aids Rev 1.0.pdf (1.84 MB)
The attached document contains the following

Page 1 - List of Scenarios with their start/stop dates and # of turns. 3 of the scenarios are from the original game rules. 2 of the scenarios are from General Magazine Vol 27 #5.
Page 2 - SCENARIO ONE - "Surprise" Set Up
Page 3 - SCENARIO ONE - "Surprise" Sequence of Play
Page 4 - SCENARIO TWO - "The Beginning of the End" Set Up
Page 5 - SCENARIO TWO - "The Beginning of the End" Sequence of Play
Page 6 - SCENARIO THREE - "The Ardennes Offensive” Set Up
Page 7 - SCENARIO THREE - "The Ardennes Offensive” Sequence of Play
Page 8 - SCENARIO FOUR - "The Bulge Reduced" Set Up
Page 9 - SCENARIO FOUR - "The Bulge Reduced" Sequence of Play
Page 10 - SCENARIO FIVE - "The End" Set Up
Page 11 - SCENARIO FIVE - "The End" Sequence of Play
Feb 19, 2023

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Battle of the Bulge:: Japanese Rules By: 3views
BOTB’91 Jpanese Rules.pdf (1.98 MB)
The rulebook of BOTB'91 translated into Japanese.
Does not include Historical notes, Weapons of WW2, examples of play, and Hints for play.
Jan 10, 2022

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Battle of the Bulge:: newcounters.jpg By: icurmt2
newcounters.jpg (32 KB)
New Color Counters fo SS and Para units
May 12, 2005