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Balloon Cup:: Kublacon Summary Card By: theashers
Balloon Cup.pdf (133 KB)
This is the Summary Card I made for Kublacon 2015. People were asking for it so here it is!!!

See below for a Geeklist with all the Kublacon 2015 2-Player Speed Gaming Event games.
May 28, 2015


Balloon Cup:: Paper box for cards By: Pard (3.51 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7x10x2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Feb 27, 2015


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup Explanations and Variations By: EndersGame
Balloon_Cup_Explanations_and_Variations.pdf (86 KB)
Balloon Cup Explanations and Variations - PDF version
Jun 10, 2014
Balloon Cup Explanations and Variations.doc (23 KB)
Balloon Cup Variations and Explanations. Includes reference charts for card distribution, and the necessary fix to prevent the game lock up. Additional information for three optional rule variations (including the creator's original rules) and 3 for 1 trades.

For a poll and discussion about some of the differences between the published rules and designer's original rules, also see this thread:
Apr 27, 2005


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup Player Aid for Card & Cube distribution By: janenglund
Balloon Cup Player Aid.pdf (2.79 MB)
Player Aid for card and cube distribution - Graphically nicer version
Aug 18, 2013


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup Chinese Rules By: finhisky
Balloon Cup Chinese Rules.pdf (604 KB)
Balloon Cup Chinese Rules
熱氣球錦標賽 中文(正體)規則

©2013台東桌遊同樂會 Finhisky
Jan 24, 2013


Balloon Cup:: Japanese translation from the Rule Book By: Warsaw
ballooncup_Rule_Japanese_translation.pdf (1.05 MB)
This is the Japanese translation of the Rules of Balloon cup.
Aug 4, 2012


Balloon Cup:: Ukrainian Language Rules By: yorri
Balloon Cup - Ukrainian Rules.pdf (4.66 MB)
Ukrainian Language Rules
Nov 2, 2011


Balloon Cup:: Player Aid in Italian By: Talenor
trofei.jpg (635 KB)
Useful table about card distribution
Sep 22, 2009


Balloon Cup:: Ballon Cup Hungarian rules By: ef__
g_Balloon_Cup.pdf (438 KB)
Ballon Cup játékszabály
Sep 1, 2008


Balloon Cup:: Hungarian translation By: ef__
g_Balloon_Cup_Summary.pdf (25 KB)
Ballon Cup Összefoglaló
Aug 29, 2008


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup consice rules refresher By: Mark_H
Reminder.pdf (172 KB)
This sheet is for people who have played the game before but need a concise rules refresher so they can jump straight back into playing. Print double sided, laminate and stick in the box!
Aug 9, 2008


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup - goal and tip By: finallyh
BalloonCup.pdf (242 KB)
Goal(trophy cards) and tip(victory cubes)/Polish
Jun 29, 2008


Balloon Cup:: Regras em Português By: Zenao
Balloon_Cup_PT.pdf (319 KB)
Two pages with illustrations.
Apr 14, 2008


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup Polish Rules/Polska Instrukcja By: muka
Balloon_Cup_PL_v1.pdf (1.11 MB)
polskie tlumaczenie regul gry
Jan 10, 2008


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup Summary.pdf By: kentreuber
Balloon Cup Summary.pdf (56 KB)
Setup and Rules Summary
Apr 21, 2006


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup - Player Aid.pdf By: Kiko
Balloon Cup - Player Aid.pdf (205 KB)
Player aid for newbies: Shows all cards of each color, so the new player gets to know all avaiable numbers of each color.
Sep 12, 2005


Balloon Cup:: balloon cup_it.pdf By: the_spy
balloon cup_it.pdf (3 KB)
Rules in italian
Feb 14, 2005


Balloon Cup:: Copa de Globos (Balloon CUP) - REGLAS .doc By: JESSONSO
Copa de Globos (Balloon CUP) - REGLAS .doc (67 KB)
Spanish rules - updated - ( REGLAS completas y actualizadas )
Sep 14, 2004


Balloon Cup:: Balloon Cup Rules.doc By: Frouvne
Balloon Cup Rules.doc (741 KB)
English Rules
Mar 22, 2004


Balloon Cup:: RULES ADDENDUM.doc By: zombiegod
Lock Up fix. Addendum sheet
Sep 3, 2003

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