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Up Front:: UF Scenario Cards 2.3 By: rri1
UF Scenarios 2-3.pdf (165 KB)
Added Rules Review to various scenarios.
Feb 23, 2017
UF Scenarios 2-2.pdf (162 KB)
Few more fixes to correct:
Scenario Q: German defense should not have 23 twice.
Scenario U: Corrected British & Japanese listings.
Jan 26, 2016
UF Scenarios 2-1.pdf (162 KB)
Corrected typo on Scenario T.
Jan 14, 2016
UF Scenarios 2-0.pdf (162 KB)
The cards have all 24 Up Front scenarios from the original versions of Up Front, Banzai & Desert War in a readable format.

This edition of the cards corrects several errors and fixes typos. Also Partisan rules are included for Scenario I: Partisans and The Random Reinforcement Table is included on Scenario V: Ambush for handy reference.
Jan 13, 2016


Up Front:: Up Front Scenario Cards 2.3 B By: rri1
UF Scenarios 2-3B.pdf (166 KB)
Version 2.3: Updated to include Rules Review in various scenarios.
Feb 23, 2017
UF Scenarios 2-2B.pdf (165 KB)
This set of scenario cards for Up Front includes the same standard scenarios as: https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/127098/uf-scenario-cards-...

This set is designed to be printed double sided and cut in half to produce 5.5" x 8.5" cards with one scenario on each side (A paired with B, C with D, etc.)
Jan 1, 2017


Up Front:: Up Front Counter Replacement Cards-Scenario R & Z, Morale/Panic chits By: rri1
UF Counter Repl Cards-Scenario R Z and Mor-Pan.pdf (379 KB)
These cards replace counters used in arcane situations:

Page 1 & 2: Scenario R—Paratroop Drop cards: Instead of using chits per the rules Scenario R, these cards may be used instead

Page 2: Group ID cards. An additional set of Group ID cards for use with scenario X—Surrounded. Used for the second force specified in this scenario.

Page 3: Morale/Panic Counter replacements: These cards are mostly used during Campaign Games (Rule 42) or if you want to change the Morale and/or Panic values of a man for a scenario.
Jan 15, 2017


Up Front:: Hunters From The Sky By: gre81
Hunters From The Sky.pdf (219 KB)
A converted SL scenario.
Nov 5, 2016


Up Front:: The Attempt to Relieve Peiper By: gre81
The Attempt To Relieve Peiper.pdf (300 KB)
Changed play to Vassal only for use of the Winter Deck.

I changed the Pillbox to a Cower card.

added ...in allowable terrain after the word Entrenched.

Added Minefield cards as Cower cards for German player.

Changed distance to RR5.

Germans should be First Line. Changed this in the Forces section.

Reckless Zeal only applies to Germans and yes reduces effectiveness of his Concealment cards. Hence the term Reckless.

Changed Victory Conditions. to read - Victory Conditions: The German player wins automatically if at any time he has four unpinned Personality cards in a non-infiltrated groups at Range chit 5 occupying any terrain which will reduce the Fire Strength of a attack against them.

Winter Rules - Fire strength in only reduced for Artillery attacks.
Nov 2, 2016


Up Front:: The Guards Counterattack By: gre81
The Guards Counterattack.pdf (293 KB)
A converted SL scenario
Oct 31, 2016


Up Front:: The Attempt to Exploit By: gre81
The Attempt To Exploit.pdf (103 KB)
A converted SL scenario. American vs German 1944.
Oct 25, 2016


Up Front:: To Lose A Battle By: gre81
To Lose A Battle.pdf (814 KB)
A converted SL scenario French vs German 1940
Oct 24, 2016


Up Front:: Winter War By: gre81
Winter War.pdf (254 KB)
A converted SL scenario.
Oct 23, 2016


Up Front:: Into the Fray By: gre81
Into the Fray.pdf (270 KB)
A converted SL scenario. Germans vs Polish 1939
Oct 22, 2016


Up Front:: Hold Until Relieved By: gre81
Hold Until Relieved.pdf (337 KB)
Pegasus Bridge. A converted FOW scenario.
Oct 21, 2016


Up Front:: Devil's Hill By: gre81
Devil's Hill.pdf (294 KB)
A converted SL scenario.
Oct 21, 2016


Up Front:: Counterattack By: gre81
Counterattack.pdf (91 KB)
A converted SL scenario. US vs German 1944
Oct 21, 2016


Up Front:: Bridge At Arnhem By: gre81
Bridge At Arnhem.pdf (643 KB)
British Airborne vs German SS
Oct 20, 2016


Up Front:: To The Bat Cave By: gre81
To The Bat Cave.pdf (189 KB)
USMC vs Japanese 1944
Oct 19, 2016


Up Front:: Go Fetch By: gre81
Go Fetch.pdf (156 KB)
Ger vs Russia Scenario
Oct 19, 2016


Up Front:: Crippled Tiger By: gre81
Crippled Tiger.pdf (134 KB)
Germans vs Russians
Oct 18, 2016


Up Front:: Omaha Beach By: gre81
Omaha Beach.pdf (168 KB)
Americans vs Germans 6 June 1944
Oct 18, 2016


Up Front:: On To Sidi Barrani By: gre81
On To Sidi Barrani.pdf (141 KB)
A Converted SL Scenario
Oct 17, 2016


Up Front:: Monty's Gamble By: gre81
Monty's Gamble.pdf (152 KB)
Corrected some typos and added Hardening Resolve Chart.
Oct 17, 2016
Monty's Gamble.pdf (150 KB)
A converted ASLSK scenario.
Oct 16, 2016


Up Front:: Defiant Confrontation By: gre81
Defiant Confrontation.pdf (100 KB)
Finland vs Soviets
Oct 12, 2016


Up Front:: Flash and Thunder By: gre81
Flash and Thunder.pdf (219 KB)
A scenario covering Paradrop on 6 June 1944
Oct 11, 2016


Up Front:: Up Front Split Action Card Manifest By: rri1
UF Split Action R1.pdf (26 KB)
Found a couple of typos==they are now corrected
May 2, 2016
UF Split Action.pdf (26 KB)
This is a listing of every split action card in the Up Front deck and card count for each nationality.
Apr 30, 2016


Up Front:: Up Front On Line Scenarios By: rri1
UF On Line Scenarios 1-0 A.pdf (180 KB)
A collection of UF scenarios I found from various sources (but mostly on line).

Why I picked these scenarios?
- I prefer “generic” scenarios. Too many of the scenarios I looked at were a standard scenario with minor modifications or seemed clearly not balanced.
- I was looking for situations not portrayed in the original game.
- I looked for ones that could be used by most if all of the 7 nationalities and if they didn't exist I added squads for the missing nationalities. Those squads are marked with a red border.

Apr 5, 2016


Up Front:: Up Front Polish ver 1 By: boardgamer2
Up Front Polish Low Moral.doc (1.64 MB)
Polish cards and rules for Up Front (Ver 1)
Mar 11, 2016

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