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Circus Train (First Edition):: Circus Train railroad cards for talent By: Jimcampanella
Talent - CT.pdf (711 KB)
After I posted a picture of my homemade cards, I was asked to upload the file so here it is. These cards can be placed it front of the player to show their talent and special characters as a train.
May 14, 2013


Circus Train (First Edition):: Circus Train Solo PC By: Dave
CircusTrainSetup.msi (1.93 MB)
Circus Train Solo PC game. Requires .NET 3.5. Game rules @ publisher's site.
Feb 8, 2012


Circus Train (First Edition):: Circus Train Korean rules By: Morign
Circus Train_Korean_v1.0.pdf (3.83 MB)
Rules in Korean. If there is something wrong, please send a geekmail to me, not email. As I play this game, it may be updated.
Nov 3, 2010


Circus Train (First Edition):: Basic game Turn Track replacement By: sos1
circustrainTurnTrack.pdf (14 KB)
Update: slightly improved graphics.

This is a replacement Turn Track suitable only for the Basic Game. Each row has seven boxes, one for each Action Card. Thus when your Action Cards are all available, it's easy to see that you're on track. This layout is also useful for planning two-week performances. (This is not suitable for the Advanced game, as that has eight Action cards and the possibility to reuse them.)
Apr 13, 2010


Circus Train (First Edition):: Circus Train player aid: strategic choices By: sos1
CircusTrain.pdf (54 KB)
This small aid (two on one page, cut in two) was developed to help us figure out which Talents were the best to choose in our first game. There are a lot of factors going into this decision, and I had to spell them out like this to help us make informed choices.
Mar 7, 2010

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