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51st State:: 中文玩家幫助卡 By: zeon_power
51state 玩家幫助卡.pdf (5.29 MB)
player aid
May 20, 2015


51st State:: concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet21-51st State.pdf (73 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (>250), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog,

Note: Minor reorganisation regarding VP and resource tokens on location and leader cards about to be discarded.
Apr 17, 2015
ConciseRefSheet18-51st state.pdf (111 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (>200), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog,

Note: correction to redevelopment / leader change scoring.
Nov 23, 2013
ConciseRefSheet14 - 51st State.pdf (89 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (~200), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog,
Oct 28, 2011


51st State:: Teaching Script for 51st State By: bonster20
51stStateTeachingScript.rtf (29 KB)
This is the script I use to teach the game. I print it 2-up, double-sided and then fold it in half so it'll fit in the box. It's just an rtf file, but you can save it as another format and make it look pretty. I use it in conjunction with the "51st State Ref Card (revised)" player aid posted by ScottE.

I based the script on both the rule book that came with my edition and the FAQ here on BGG. If you notice any mistakes or omissions, just post here and I'll update the script.
Nov 21, 2014


51st State:: 51st State game mat By: locarno
player game mats.pdf (6.07 MB)
revised version of the player mats which had some odd printing errors in it.
Nov 19, 2014
common area game mat.pdf (4.39 MB)
my original PDF had some odd output errors on it. This one should be better.
Nov 19, 2014


51st State:: 51st State Variante Solo - Regras em Português. 51st State Solo rules in Portuguese language. By: norDicoBR
51st State_PTBR.pdf (75 KB)
Regras oficiais publicadas pelo Ignacy Trzewiczek e traduzidas por mim, para o português. Alguns exemplos foram adicionados para melhor entendimento.
Aug 7, 2014


51st State:: 51st State upgrade (more like New Era) By: anarkojean
Stickers.doc (6.09 MB)
Print the .doc file, stick the arrows on the cards : the 5 on action cards, the 4 on Feature cards, and the 3 on open and closed production cards.
You also got missing tokens, 10VP tokens and 7 alternate tokens per faction. Stick them on cardboard.
You will need New Era rules to use this upgrade.
Jul 16, 2014


51st State:: 51st State Rule Summary in Traditional Chinese By: SpookyChen
51st State 規則摘要.docx (188 KB)
51st State 規則摘要
Apr 30, 2014


51st State:: 51st State official variant in Hungarian By: ktina83
51 st state variant.pdf (721 KB)
Hivatalos Portal Games (mini)kiegészítő magyarul. - Official (mini) variant from Portal Games in Hungarian.
Mar 31, 2014


51st State:: 51st State solo variant in Hungarian By: ktina83
51solo.pdf (819 KB)
Hivatalos egyszemélyes variáns Ignacy Trzewiczektől magyarul. - The Hungarian translation of the official solo variant from Ignacy Trzewiczek.
Mar 31, 2014


51st State:: 51st State Cards' List By: manolovila
51st State Nombre de las Cartas.pdf (41 KB)
A list of the cards in German, English and Spanish by Manolo Vila.
Jul 30, 2013


51st State:: Russian rules By: Igiigi
51st_State_ToyVault_Instructions_rus[1].pdf (3.47 MB)
Сверстанные в pdf на основе оригинального буклета. Перевод и верстка: Jay
Dec 13, 2012


51st State:: Russian FAQ By: Igiigi
51st_State_FAQ_Rus[1].pdf (580 KB)
Неофициальный FAQ, сверстанный в формат оригинального буклета. Перевод и верстка: Jay
Dec 13, 2012


51st State:: Mix Deck (51 & NE) By: illokpasa
Mix Deck 51st State.pdf (12 KB)
A Deck mixing cards from 51st State and New Era, to play using only the rules of the basic game.
Dec 13, 2012


51st State:: 51st State Japanese Rule By: grandfather
51st_state_j_20120523.doc (1.76 MB)
終了条件に関するルールの誤訳を訂正。誤:いずれかのプレイヤーの得点が30点を超えていたら~ 正:いずれかのプレイヤーの得点が30点に達していたら~
May 22, 2012
51st_state_summary.doc (309 KB)
- 51st State Rule-book in Japanese(doc).
- 3 pages Play aid(Card, Icon, Action summary) in Japanese.
Nov 3, 2010
51st_state_j.doc (1.80 MB)
51st State Rule-book in Japanese(doc). minor typo fix.
Nov 3, 2010


51st State:: 18 cartes évènement pour 51 état By: leresteux
cartes.pdf (2.40 MB)

Une carte évènement est tirée après la phase de pioche.

Au tour suivant elle est défaussée (sauf Bivouak qui cohabite durant un tour ) et remplacé par une nouvelle.

Les cartes

Une carte avec jeton seul, rapporte un jeton du type à chaque joueur.

Une carte avec un jeton barré seul, annule la production de ce type de ressource

La carte Cessez le feu rend toute les usines privées en publiques

La carte Cheak point rend les usines publiques en privées


cartes évènement pour 51 état

bon jeu et commentez svp. Merci
Jan 19, 2012


51st State:: 51st State Resource Reference Card (Cube/Meeple Ver) By: ScottE
51stState_ResourceRef.pdf (783 KB)
This sheet of 4 reference cards shows each of the game resources and a corresponding colored wood cube/meeple. I replaced my resource counters with wood cubes/meeples and made these card refs to help players. I'm making this available for other players considering making this upgrade to their game.
Jan 11, 2012


51st State:: 51st State Game Record v2 By: Ryanmobile
51st State Game Record v2.pdf (1.21 MB)
This PDF file contains a variety of scoresheets to record the results of your games of 51st State with anywhere from 1-4 players.

Updated from v1 to correct formatting inconsistencies and to fit the sheets into the 51st State box. Just cut along rectangular outer border and game record sheet should fit inside box without folding.

Comments welcome.
Dec 13, 2011


51st State:: 51st State - official corrected German Rules ver. 1.3 By: zedd9
51st State - corrected German Rules ver. 1.3.pdf (5.75 MB)
Official fixed German rules to 51st State.
Thanks to Scayra for doing corrections :)
Jun 30, 2011


51st State:: 51st State Ref Card (revised) By: ScottE
51st_State_RefNew.pdf (1.96 MB)
This PDF is a revised version of the original ref card. It's larger and has the background removed for better readability. The icons are all updated to much higher resolution ones. All references to "agreement" have been replaced with "deal" to match revised edition. Various small formatting changes have been made. Special thanks to Ignacy!
Jun 2, 2011


51st State:: 51st State - Reglas en castellano By: KHARN
51st_State_-_Reglas_en_castellano_[by_KHARN].rar (6.28 MB)
Reglas traducidas al castellano, maquetadas igual que las originales. Formato para impresión en DIN-A4 y perfilado con respecto al tamaño del reglamento original, por si se desea recortar para meterlo en la caja sin doblar.
Apr 12, 2011


51st State:: 51st State - Hoja de Referencia Rápida en español By: KHARN
51st_State_-_Referencia_Rápida_en_Español_[by_KHARN].rar (2.08 MB)
Hoja de Referencia Rápida traducida al castellano, usando como base la original y retocando algunas de las imágenes que traía para darles mayor resolución y eliminar gran parte del pixelado. Se trata de un archivo .RAR con dos imágenes en JPG en su interior (una de la parte frontal y otra de la trasera de la Hoja de Referencia Rápida).
Apr 11, 2011


51st State:: 51st State - Custom scoreboard By: KHARN
Scoreboard Final B.jpg (3.21 MB)
Alternative scoreboard without the cables. Some players tell me that they prefer the scoreboard without them, so here it is. I hope you like it!.
Apr 3, 2011
Scoreboard Final.jpg (2.98 MB)
Custom scoreboard for those who don't like to use the back of the box. This is the version with the decorative cables.
Mar 22, 2011


51st State:: New promo Card from "Swiat gier planszowych" By: Roballo
new kart.jpg (86 KB)
Official new card :)

Mar 24, 2011


51st State:: Official Toy Vault Player Aid and Score Track By: Thedalek
51st_State_playeraid_300dpi.pdf (1.46 MB)
For those who would like a separate score track, here is a nice, high-resolution PDF track, which also provides players with a summary of play and description of the various turn options.
Mar 11, 2011


51st State:: Official English-Language rules for the Toy Vault edition By: Thedalek
51st_State_ToyVault_Instructions.pdf (1.80 MB)
PDF of the Toy Vault edition rules. Speaking as the editor of these rules, I hope they're a bit clearer than the first English-language European edition.
Mar 11, 2011

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