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Apples to Apples:: Rules Summary (v.1) By: Benjamin Maggi
Apples to Apples (Rules Summary).docx (17 KB)
This is a rules summary for the party edition of the game (which I think comes with more cards than the regular game.) I don't think the rules are any different.
Feb 26, 2014


Apples to Apples:: Apples to Apples Rules Variants Revised By: took2long
Apples_to_Apples_Rules_Variants_Revised.pdf (61 KB)
This is a combination of the rule variants introduced in the expansions #1-#4 of Apples to Apples. It is also a modified version of a file already submitted by(theotherring) to add some rules that were missing and make it look nicer. Enjoy.
Dec 10, 2012


Apples to Apples:: Apples to Apples Variations By: skuppage
A2A Variants.pdf (27 KB)
Official and unofficial Apples to Apples rules variants.
Jan 17, 2011


Apples to Apples:: Quick Start - Apples to Apples By: cowhollow
Quick Start - ApplestoApples.pdf (25 KB)
Summary of the rules to refresh your memory and get you and your game group up and playing faster
Mar 21, 2010


Apples to Apples:: Template for making custom cards By: The Warp
apples_template.psd (1.34 MB)
This is a Photoshop PSD for making custom Apples to Apples cards (or translated cards). All text is editable. Font required is Myriad (or substitute with your favorite font). This template makes both Red and Green cards.
Nov 12, 2009


Apples to Apples:: US6328308 By: LankyEngineer
Apples to Apples - US6328308.pdf (243 KB)
US patent number US6328308
Jun 8, 2008


Apples to Apples:: Yellow Apple Cards By: The Warp
Yellow_Apples.pdf (230 KB)
Yellows Apples are dealt into the Green Deck. When they come up, they create a Global parameter that all players must follow (then flip over a Green card normally). Yellow cards can be played for one turn only, or until a new Yellow card comes up.
Dec 14, 2007


Apples to Apples:: New Green Cards (including 3 new types) By: The Warp
New_Green_Cards.pdf (814 KB)
This file contains 7 pages of Green cards, ready to print and cut out. Included are 3 new types of Green Cards (Green Apple Turnovers, Most or Leasts, and Draw a new Hand Green cards).
Dec 14, 2007


Apples to Apples:: Apples to Apples Rules Variants.doc By: theotherring
Apples to Apples Rules Variants.doc (29 KB)
All of the rules variants from the Expansions in one easy-to-print sheet. Can be used with the basic game.
Apr 28, 2007

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