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Thunder Road:: Gotham Thunder By: gloriousbattle
Gotham Thunder.pdf (4.13 MB)
Thunder Road rules for a car chase involving the Dark Knight of Gotham and the Clown Prince of Crime.
Jan 29, 2017


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road Campaign Rules By: gloriousbattle
ThunderRoadCampaign.pdf (4.40 MB)
Revised Thunder Road Campaign Rules
Jan 13, 2017


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road "Advanced" vehicle modifications By: space monkey mafia (4.58 MB)
Here are the Road Rules cards for my Thunder Road Advanced. It includes summary cards you can print. You will need to create your own terrain for the different board options and proxy the various alternate AI run vehicles like the War Rig, Battle Bus, Bikers, etc.
Aug 1, 2016
mod rules v2.0.pdf (551 KB)
Uploaded v2.0 of the mod rules to clarify/finalize the Fire Tokens rules.
Jul 24, 2016
custom (4.16 MB)
This is a zip of png file for printing out custom cards for Thunder Road. These cards include 8 cards per vehicle (Gyrocopter, Eliminator, Avenger, and Doom Buggy). Each of the "car" vehicles has 4 "front" and 4 "back" cards to make combinations possible. Included in the zip is rules pdf for reference.

Thanks to Soldier for the use of his custom vehicle images. The files are individual PNGs that can be uploaded to your favorite print service. There is one card back for all cards (with the Thunder Road UK box art).
Feb 2, 2016


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road - säännöt Suomeksi By: jrosnell
ThunderRoad rules in (2.78 MB)
Thunder Road -pelin säännöt suomeksi.
Jan 9, 2016


Thunder Road:: Règle de tir officielle absente de la VF By: LexTalionis07
Règle absente dans la VF.png (41 KB)
Une règle importante du jeu d'origine qui n'apparaît pas dans le livret en VF (oubli)
Jul 10, 2015


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road Advanced Rules By: David O Miller
thunder_road_advanced_rules_1.0.pdf (2.39 MB)
In honor of the release of the movie "Mad Max - Fury Road" I present my collection of various Advanced rules for Thunder Road! We've played many games with these rules at various conventions and at our local game club so they should be pretty well tested. They do add an additional element to the game. Suddenly, counting out squares becomes a lot more challenging! It does make for a little slower paced game, but in a great way! If you really just want a dice fest then play using the original rules. Or just take the elements you like from these rules and introduce them slowly to your group. Most of these rules can stand independently on their own. Hope you enjoy them! Feedback welcome.
May 8, 2015


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road Boards Original and New By: jetcougar
ThunderRoad (11.44 MB)
Here are 8 boards for Thunder Road. These are from my homemade version of Thunder Road. They are in jpg format and are tiled to print on standard 8.5x11 paper or sticker sheets.

The boards are:
1. Original starting board with starting positions for original and new vehicles.
2. Original ending/title board.
3. the Bridge (inspired by BGG user David O Miller)
4. Roadblock (inspired by BGG user David O Miller)
Boards 3 & 4 are designed to tie-in with the original boards.

5-8. the Serpent - a 4 board sequenced set.
Board 5 has all the original and new vehicle starting positions and is a transition board from the originals.
Board 8 in made to tie back into the original boards.

All the boards have the standard 4 wrecks.

These boards are also slimmer since I designed them to use on old Monopoly boards. I also included a PowerPoint of the designs for digital gaming and giggles. The PPT does includes an additional 4 board set that I have not completed yet. Let me know what you think.

Feb 24, 2015


Thunder Road:: Vehicles By: jetcougar
Vehicle (1.77 MB)
This file contains the chopper and top-down views of all the standard vehicles: the Avenger, Eliminator, and Doom Buggy. Plus my version of the tanker and motorcycle (the Express & the Outlaw) and my monster truck - the Crusher. I put a few extras in there like: oil slick, spike strip, fuel drum, rocket, and land mine tokens. Teams are color coded Red-Blue-Yellow-Green (to make it easier to match dice to cars for solo play). There is a Brown solo-play team that includes a Mad Max Interceptor II.

All kinds of goodies for DIY/PNP projects.

Feb 24, 2015


Thunder Road:: Random Movement Chart for Solo Play By: jetcougar
Random Thunder.jpg (491 KB)
Here is a revised version of my random movement chart mainly for solo play or scenario play using "bot" cars. It includes motorcycles and monster trucks (I plan to post my monster truck idea soon) and gyros. I have the cars color-coded according to my homemade Thunder Road game to accommodate future variants.

Roll 2D6 per car and match to the path on the chart. This is the path the car follows. If less than 3, the car moves as far as possible. If more than 3, the car continues straight in the direction of the arrow. I use the chart in the upper left to determine movement order - left to right, top to bottom. If the movement path would take the car off the board the car travels straight along the edge for the remainder of its movement. If in position to shoot the "bot" car must always shoot.

The gyro chart is to randomly select a target based on a single die. If the target is not available roll again. The "bot" chopper follows the same rules as players - it can only attack forward, not backwards. If the target is on the second board the "bot" gyro must attack the second board.

As always I look forward to any feedback.

Feb 24, 2015


Thunder Road:: Rules in Spanish - Version 1.0 By: garea37
Thunder_Road_Spanish_Rules_Version_1.0.pdf (276 KB)
Unofficial Spanish rules translated from official English rules - Version 1.0

Mis otras traducciones y ayudas de juego.
Feb 24, 2015


Thunder Road:: 10 New Boards plus Original 2 w/ Notes By: jetcougar
Thunder Road Boards.pdf (269 KB)
A collection of Thunder Road boards done in PowerPoint.
2 Original boards for reference
3 Borrowed designs I liked
7 Boards I designed

I included notes for the color coding.

Feb 4, 2015


Thunder Road:: ThunderRoad: 30th Anniversary Warrior Edition By: Fireball Island
ThunderRoad - 30th Anniversary Warrior Edition.doc (5.30 MB)
My life fades. The vision dims. All that remains are memories. I remember a time of chaos. Ruined dreams. This wasted land. But most of all, I remember the Road Warrior. -The Chief of the Great Northern Tribe

Thunder only happens when it's raining. Players only love you when they're playing. -Stevie Nicks


Like what I have done before with Fireball Island and Crash Canyon, get ready for the penultimate ThunderRoad experience.

Finally, play this game with a 48 card deck and watch it really come to life! The cards:
Avengeance, Backfire, Bug Out, Buzzard Bombed, Car Wreck, Doomed Buggy, Eliminated!, Grand Handling, Gyromite, Mad Maximum, Nitrous Booster, Rolling Thunder, Thunderstruck, and White Line Nightmare.

Prepare to be run over with excitement!!!
Jan 3, 2015


Thunder Road:: Aarontu's Special Powers Variant Cards with Custom Card Backs By: SabastianBludd
Aarontu TR Cards with Backs.pdf (2.21 MB)
With his permission, these are Aarontu's Special Power Cards along with custom card backs I created. The cards are 2.5" x 3.5" and have been formatted to facilitate back to back printing. Cut them out on the card backs side as I've included a bleed edge on the card fronts to account for slight misalignment during printing.
Apr 29, 2014


Thunder Road:: ThunderRace By: powellhall
ThunderRace.pdf (2.48 MB)
I reworked my previous rules to make them easier to use and expanded the scope of the game to include two modes of play, the traditional road battle and racing on an enclosed, modular track.
There are also two classes of cars, the Low tech cars that we all know and love and new High Tech customizable vehicles that use a wide variety of optional weapons and accessories. In addition to these rules, there are 5 other PDFs for tokens, markers, cards, control sheets and, of course, track sections.
Just PM me and I'll e-mail them to you, or go the link below.
Apr 21, 2012


Thunder Road:: Universal Head THUNDER ROAD Rules Summary By: UniversalHead
ThunderRoad_v1.pdf (338 KB)
The Universal Head THUNDER ROAD Rules Summary v1 (Jun11). Single-sided rules summary.
Jun 26, 2011


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road - Cyberboard Version By: zombiegod
Thunder Road (788 KB)
Cyberboard version with 4 player Scenario.

You will Need the Cyberboard program to run the files.

See my Geeklist Here for all my other Cyberboard Conversions.

Don't forget to Thumb!
Apr 5, 2011


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road Cards (Special Powers variant) By: Aarontu
Thunder Road cards.pdf (2.74 MB)
Cards for cars in Thunder Road!

Each player gets (either randomly or by drafting) a card for each class of car, which will indicate their respective cars' special powers.

The cards can also be turned 180 degrees to indicate damage (for using the house rule that cars can take a hit before wrecking).

Cards for extra large cars are included (tractor trailer, limo, bus, road tanker). Extra large cars take up 2 spaces and enter the board on the road on their owners' first turn. Players roll 4 movement dice instead of 3 when using them (because they will each have 4 cars).
Sep 10, 2010


Thunder Road:: More crashing! More shooting! More thunder! (Car Team Tracker) By: thomas d
thunder road cars.pdf (271 KB)
The visual hit point sheet I used with the More Thunder! variant. Using Jada's Battle Machines, the twelve vehicles in wave 1 were used in the game. This is a handy turn order/HP sheet you can use with that variant. The first car to move is the one closer to the top, then the middle truck, then the bottom vehicle. In the first tracker, that would be the green car, followed by the red truck, followed by the blue car.
Nov 3, 2009


Thunder Road:: More crashing! More shooting! More thunder! (Variant Rules) By: thomas d
thunder road.pdf (63 KB)
These are the heavily massaged variant rules we used when running Thunder Road at RinCon '09. Vehicles have hit points, you can smash through cars and knock 'em outta your way, you can shoot other cars, and there's a whole lotta blow 'em up goodness inside.
Oct 23, 2009


Thunder Road:: ThunderRoad Variants: Not So Nice Additions Version 1 By: owenmp
ThunderRoad Not So Nice V1.rtf (49 KB)
A simple list of ThunderRoad variant rules sent to the SWAT gaming group via e-mail in December 1996.

This file is Version 1.0, containing the same content as the original two e-mail messages. The only change is the text has been formatted for Microsoft Word.

The e-mail address of the author, Thax Black, became non-functional several years ago.
Oct 3, 2009


Thunder Road:: Thunder Road rules in Pocketmod format By: mahon
Thunder_Road_pocketmod.pdf (726 KB)
I edited the rules to make them fit into a PocketMod.

I had to remove the section about assembling the models, but once you assembled you no longer need this description for playing.
And nice small rulebook will always be handy :)
May 15, 2009


Thunder Road:: ThunderRoad_ITA_A4.pdf By: Caesar
ThunderRoad_ITA_A4.pdf (204 KB)
Italian Rules - Regolamento Italiano (translated by Caesar)
Apr 2, 2007


Thunder Road:: Plancia_v2.pdf By: Caesar
Plancia_v2.pdf (968 KB)
Homemade Board (by Caesar)
Apr 2, 2007


Thunder Road:: Pedine.pdf By: Caesar
Pedine.pdf (111 KB)
Homemade Chits (by Caesar)
Apr 2, 2007


Thunder Road:: ThunderRoad.pdf By: garea37
ThunderRoad.pdf (1.75 MB)
English rules
Apr 1, 2005

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