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Hey, That's My Fish!:: 3D Printable Game Board _ Version 1 By: chrisdoody
3D_Printable_Game_Board_v1.stl (105 KB)
This is a .stl file to 3D print a game board to hold the game pieces from "Hey That's My Fish."

You need two copies of the board to hold all the pieces.

The two printed boards fit inside the Fantasy Flight Large Box edition of the game (with the insert removed).

Link to Thingverse page for this item, where I've included photos of the item, can be found here: http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2057396

* I've designed this board, and it is published under a Creative Commons - Attribution - Share Alike license.*
Jan 23, 2017


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! That's my Fish minirules By: aaj94
Hey That's My Fish minirules.pdf (1.11 MB)
A mini card-sized rules booklet for Hey! That's my Fish. 16 pages. Print double-sided, cut out each two page spread. Fold, assemble, and staple. Rules text is copyright original owners, just repackaged in a smaller format.
Jan 11, 2017


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey, That's My Fish Vietnamese By: oewillrocku
Hey That's My Fish.pdf (162 KB)
Hey, That's My Fish Vietnamese http://www.facebook.com/EnjoyBoardgame
Jan 17, 2015


Hey, That's My Fish!:: "watery" map for startup or to make board By: mrranch
Hey Fish Starting Setup.pdf (19.48 MB)
This is a PDF of the starting picture I used to make my board for this game as seen in the gallery. Try to print it ALL the way to the edges (borderless) if possible on a letter size paper (8.5 x 11) to make the hexes fit right
Jun 19, 2014


Hey, That's My Fish!:: hey that's my fish Hebrew instructions By: Perrytom
hey that's my fish Hebrew instructions.pdf (155 KB)
hey that's my fish Hebrew instructions
Mar 24, 2014


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey, That's My Fish! Component Icons By: Demon Jim
Hey Thats my Fish.zip (230 KB)
Here are images/icons of each component within the game Hey, That's My Fish!. I use these as an add on to my labels for my baggies, but you could also use these in Plano boxes or where ever else you see fit. Use them as you please.

Geeklist to other games I have completed:
Feb 19, 2014


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Setup Board with Movement Lines By: patox
hey that's my fish-beginner setup board.pdf (261 KB)
We got Hey, That's My Fish for the holidays. It was hard to follow the straight lines and every time we picked up a hex piece the whole board shifted around. With this printout, even a preschooler could play the game. It also makes set up time less than 30 seconds.

This was designed for the Fantasy Flight hexes.
Dec 27, 2013


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! That's my Fish! Pen and Paper version 2 By: DanielAjoy
HeyFish_PenAndPaper_v2.PDF (177 KB)
Based on Rob Fletcher's idea.

Use different color pencils.

Place the penguins by painting the Xs in the small hexagons. When you "move" a penguin, paint that small hexagon completely and paint another X.

You can count points at the end, or using the score aids.
Nov 22, 2013


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Boards and variant rules for FFG's small edition By: squash
HTMFBoards&Variants3.pdf (312 KB)
MOST RECENT VERSION OF FILE UPLOADED OCTOBER 17, 2013: Corrects the number of hexes on the "red letter" side of the board. No other changes... Inspired by BGGer pdclose's boards for the original game and BGGer Mr Mjeh's compilation of variants, I've spent over 12 hours creating a package for owners of FFG's small edition. This is a 15-page PDF file. The first page is instructions for various setups. Pages 2-13 are a 9-piece double-sided game board sized so that each piece fits comfortably in the small box. (Don't cut out the hex portions that extend beyond the sides of the board segments - I just didn't know how to make them stop at the edges!) Those pages can be printed alternately front to back on heavy cardstock if you don't re-size the document. (So page 3 is printed on the back of page 2, page 5 is printed on the back of page 4, and so on.) Pages 14 and 15 contain variant rules. They can be printed back to back so that you end up with a total of 2 double-sided reference cards. Page 15 also has some images for extra tiles, and it can be printed a second time on label paper to create some stickers. Enjoy!!
Oct 17, 2013


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hej, to moja ryba! - intrukcja. By: szafa
HEJ_RYBA_instrukcja_00176_3.pdf (1.19 MB)
Rules in Polish.
Feb 26, 2013


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Reglas Pingüinos maquetación Edge By: Oskarete
Pinguinos_reglas.pdf (1.05 MB)
Maquetación original de las reglas de la versión Pingüinos de Edge en PDF
Oct 27, 2011


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! That's My Fish! (review the rules on the example of one game) By: incitarius
Эй, это моя рыба.doc (869 KB)
Эй! Это моя рыба! Разбор правил на примере одной партии
Apr 18, 2010


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! That's My Fish! rules in Lithuanian By: Kibiras
Zuvis.pdf (730 KB)
Hey! That's My Fish! rules in Lithuanian
Oct 13, 2009


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! That's My Fish! Thai Rule By: roid
HTMF Thai Rule.doc (210 KB)
Hey! That's My Fish! Thai Rule (http://www.thaiboardgame.net)
Jul 24, 2009


Hey, That's My Fish!:: GameXplainer Notes By: jouslare
GX Hey my fish.doc (70 KB)
One in a series of GameXplainer Notes. Rules summary / teaching aid for Hey! That's My Fish!
Jul 21, 2009


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! That's my Gift! Stickers By: Flashhawk
Hey that's my Gift.pdf (2.44 MB)
This file is formated for 24mm stickers. Don't be confused, the circles have a greater diameter, this overprint is need to eliminate white spaces on the stickers. 2nd page is the 5+6 player add-on. Happy Christmas everyone. Btw i used meeples from a low-cost Xmas Pachisi but any small christmastree deko will work. I made the 5 and 6 Player Meeples from small wooden Angles and stuff..:)
Nov 25, 2008


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Variants for Hey! That's My Fish! By: Mr Mjeh
Variants for Hey That's My Fish!.doc (348 KB)
This word document contains one official variant, six unofficial variants and a number of different setups as found in the topics on BGG.
Nov 20, 2008


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! Those Are My Nuts! By: spearjr
HeyThoseAreMyNuts.pdf (1.14 MB)
Rethemed to Squirrels & Acorns on Ice Flows. Pdf includes rethemed rules, tiles and player tokens.

Aug 11, 2008


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Hey! That's my Fish! - Cyberboard Version By: zombiegod
Hey! That's my Fish!.zip (14 KB)
With Scenario file (all pieces set up). Penguins in trays.

You will Need the Cyberboard program to run the files.

See my Geeklist Here for all my other Cyberboard Conversions.

Don't forget to Thumb!
Jun 29, 2008


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Famous Penguin Tokens By: kwanchai
Penguin Tokens.pdf (155 KB)
7 sets of tokens featuring famous penguins. Print out and mount onto 1.5" wooden discs (or sturdy matte board).
Feb 28, 2008


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Homemade - kit By: marcosriego
homemade kit.jpg (655 KB)
My Homemade - kit
Feb 28, 2008


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Ei, Esse Peixe é Meu! - PT-BR.doc By: Troxxxa
Ei, Esse Peixe é Meu! - PT-BR.doc (32 KB)
Rules for Hey, That's My Fish in Brazilian Portuguese
Jun 15, 2007


Hey, That's My Fish!:: heythatsmyfish_newtiles.pdf By: Midori
heythatsmyfish_newtiles.pdf (177 KB)
New tiles and rules (add-on), self (gaming-club) made, version 1.2 in English
Feb 9, 2007


Hey, That's My Fish!:: Pingouins_nouvelles_tuiles.pdf By: Midori
Pingouins_nouvelles_tuiles.pdf (178 KB)
New tiles and rules (add-on), self (gaming-club) made, version 1.2 in French.
Feb 9, 2007


Hey, That's My Fish!:: HeyFish_PenAndPaper_v1.pdf By: Fletch
HeyFish_PenAndPaper_v1.pdf (372 KB)
Hey! That's my Fish! Pen and Paper version for long trips without a table. v1
Jan 10, 2007

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