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Cartagena:: Instrukcja do polskiej wersji gry - Nasza księgarnia By: windziarz
WIELKA UCIECZKA_instrukcja_2017_www.pdf (7.52 MB)
Instrukcja do polskiej wersji gry wydanej przez Nasza Księgarnia
Apr 19, 2017


Cartagena:: concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet20-Cartagena.pdf (107 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (>250), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog,
Apr 1, 2015


Cartagena:: Paper card box By: Pard
Cartagena.pdf (5.23 MB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7,3 x 10,5 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Feb 13, 2015


Cartagena:: Cartagena quick rules in English By: collapsing wave
Cartagena English quick rules.doc (13 KB)
No fluff, low ink rules for those with a different language version of the game.
Sep 6, 2013


Cartagena:: Reglas de CARTAGENA en español, no oficiales. By: entei
Cartagena_SPA.pdf (1.36 MB)
Traducción de las reglas al español, tomando como base el formato a color editado en alemán por Winning Moves.
Feb 6, 2012


Cartagena:: Cartagena - Regras em Português (atualizadas) By: morvesdorves (151 KB)
Regras em Português do jogo Cartagena.

Incluída a clarificação de poder retroceder pirata do barco, para evitar o impasse de não ter para onde retroceder.

Contém o arquivo fonte do OpenOffice e uma versão PDF, ambos com 2 páginas.
Jan 18, 2011


Cartagena:: Unofficial Russian Rules By: snowbody
Cartagena-Rules_RU_web_v1.pdf (664 KB)
Rulebook. Russian language translation. Неофициальная русская версия правил настольной игры "Картахена". Перевод, верстка и компиляция специально для магазина настольных игр
Jan 15, 2011


Cartagena:: Cartagena - Ayuda By: lolcese
Cartagena - Ayuda.pdf (87 KB)
Resumen de las reglas de Cartagena
Sep 1, 2010


Cartagena:: Cartagena rules in Finnish By: kreikkaturkulainen
Cartagena_rules_fin_bgg.pdf (43 KB)
PDF. The rules in Finnish, 2 pages, kid-friendly.
Dec 21, 2009


Cartagena:: Official Rio Grande Games rulebook By: spyrous
Cartagena.pdf (238 KB)
Official Rio Grande Games rulebook
Mar 27, 2009


Cartagena:: Tuckbox with Graphics By: Verkisto
Cartagena Tuckbox v2.pdf (170 KB)
This is the same design as the one listed below, just with more color and a few extra graphics (the box shows less dirt and wear with more color).
Jan 21, 2009
Cartagena Tuckbox.pdf (679 KB)
This is a tuckbox with minimal graphics to hold all the cards for the game. I used the generator at to create the template.
Sep 7, 2008


Cartagena:: My homemade cards! By: marcosriego (3.70 MB)
My homemade cards!
Jun 10, 2008


Cartagena:: Cartagena rules By: stumpf
Cartagena.pdf (42 KB)
In Brazilian Portuguese
Nov 29, 2007


Cartagena:: CartagenaTuckbox.pdf By: MacMoyer
CartagenaTuckbox.pdf (3 KB)
Tuckbox for Cartagena cards
Feb 5, 2007


Cartagena:: Cartagena Dutch.doc By: LordT
Cartagena Dutch.doc (35 KB)
Rules in Dutch
May 12, 2006


Cartagena:: Cartagena_Teaching_Script_v1.pdf By: Nekura
Cartagena_Teaching_Script_v1.pdf (47 KB)
Teaching Script - a script to help you teach Cartegena gameplay
Mar 29, 2006


Cartagena:: Rules CZ.doc By: robot
Rules CZ.doc (30 KB)
Czech rules translation
Nov 20, 2005


Cartagena:: Cartagena Board.pdf By: einstein9073
Cartagena Board.pdf (140 KB)
Printable Board for "cheapass" version of Cartagena
Jul 29, 2005


Cartagena:: Cartagena.pdf By: terKo
Cartagena.pdf (115 KB)
Spanish rules
Apr 1, 2005


Cartagena:: cartagena.pdf By: chris1234
cartagena.pdf (118 KB)
Norwegian rules
Jan 22, 2005


Cartagena:: Cartagena.doc By: JESSONSO
Cartagena.doc (31 KB)
Spanish rules (Reglas traducidas)
Sep 30, 2003


Cartagena:: CARTAGENA.pdf By: busgat
CARTAGENA.pdf (121 KB)
Traduzione in italiano del regolamento - Italian translation
May 13, 2003

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