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Saint Petersburg:: Custom Banknotes By: shinkyo
Saint Petersburg - Custom Banknotes.z03 (10.00 MB)
Part 4/4
Dec 9, 2016
Saint Petersburg - Custom Banknotes.z02 (10.00 MB)
Part 3/4
Dec 9, 2016
Saint Petersburg - Custom Banknotes.z01 (10.00 MB)
Part 2/4
Dec 9, 2016
Saint Petersburg - Custom (5.80 MB)
For printing on thick paper or sticking on cardboard afterwards from both sides.
In general I don't like the standard paper money.
You must download all 4 files to unpack the pdf.
Dec 9, 2016


Saint Petersburg:: concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet21 - Saint Petersburg.pdf (205 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.

If you are interested in ref sheets for other games that I’ve made (>250), a complete set is available at my boardgame blog,
Aug 20, 2016


Saint Petersburg:: Summary in Chinese By: klin1982
saint petersburg summary.xls (28 KB)
圣彼得堡 简体中文玩家帮助
May 11, 2015


Saint Petersburg:: Folha de ajuda para as cartas especiais By: helioa
St_Pete_Player_Aid_PT.pdf (264 KB)
Folha de ajuda com todas as regras relativas às cartas especiais (incluindo das 2 expansões).

Imprimir à escala de 100% e caberá dentro da caixa do jogo.
Sep 16, 2013


Saint Petersburg:: Rules summary (including 2 expansions) By: helioa
SaintPetersburgRulesSummary.pdf (28 KB)
2-page rules summary, that includes the extra rules and modifications introduced by the expansions (5-player rules are written in ORANGE color).

Print in landscape orientation, scale to fit, double-side and it will fit in the box.

This is based on the already great summary from Arthur Rutyna (Neo_1), which I revised and improved even further.
Sep 16, 2013


Saint Petersburg:: Saint Petersburg Game Record v1.3 By: Ryanmobile
SP Score Sheets v1.3.rar (850 KB)
Version 1.3. Identical score sheets are now double sided so it's easier to print double sided if you like. Excel score sheets allow you can record your SP game results on your computer. Basic addition/subtraction formula adds up players final score. Contains some graphics from the game. Worksheet is protected without password. If you want to change something to suit you tastes, just unprotect it. PDF scoresheets also included for those not interested in Excel version.

Let me know if you have any comments or suggestions.
Jan 12, 2013


Saint Petersburg:: DIY Player Screens and Rubles holder By: EgorjLileli
money.pdf (90 KB)
PDF version of file as requested by user.
Sep 24, 2012
money.ppt (199 KB)
I made these combination money holders and player screens because we got tired of having to hold the money in our hands during the game. I posted a thread in the DIY forum explaining how I created this!!

Here is a picture of the finished product!!
Mar 17, 2010


Saint Petersburg:: Saint Petersburg Rules Summary By: Neo_1
SaintPetersburgRulesSummary.doc (36 KB)
To refresh your memory of the game play, explain quickly, and start playing the game quickly.
Aug 12, 2012


Saint Petersburg:: Funciones de las cartas especiales - Juego base y expansiones By: lolcese
Cartas.pdf (814 KB)
Resumen de las funciones de las cartas especiales, tanto para el juego base como para las expansiones.
Jul 2, 2012


Saint Petersburg:: Resumen de las cartas especiales - Juego base By: lolcese
Cartas.pdf (814 KB)
Resumen de las funciones de las cartas especiales en el juego base
Jul 2, 2012


Saint Petersburg:: Saint Petersburg Croatian rules - pravila na hrvatskom By: mado78
Saint_Petersburg_pravila.pdf (1.10 MB)
Pravila igranja na hrvatskom jeziku.
Feb 28, 2012


Saint Petersburg:: All cards in Saint Petersburg and expansion By: lolcese
cartas_n.pdf (7.53 MB)
A picture and number of every card in Saint Petersburg and expansion, separated by type
Dec 14, 2011


Saint Petersburg:: Saint Petersburg rules By: Remigijus
Taisykles.pdf (72 KB)
Lithuanian translation
Oct 31, 2011


Saint Petersburg:: Tradução das Regras em Português By: Romir
St Petersburg.pdf (4.18 MB)
Rules translation to portuguese (based on the german version) - Tradução das regras em português (baseado na versão em alemão) - Version 1.0
May 7, 2011


Saint Petersburg:: San Petersburgo ESP By: malarrama
SanPetersburgoESP.pdf (364 KB)
Reglas de juego traducidas por El Viejo Tercio (España)
Mar 2, 2010


Saint Petersburg:: Scoring Sheets By: endou_kenji
Scoring Sheet.pdf (754 KB)
Scoring Sheets for up to 5 players (expansion included).
17 sheets per A4, to save up on paper (and be ecologically correct :P).
Dec 12, 2009


Saint Petersburg:: Краткие правила "Saint_Petersburg" By: Rossmix
Краткие правила СП.doc (24 KB)
Short rules "Saint_Petersburg" (russian)
Dec 1, 2009


Saint Petersburg:: Teaching aid for Saint Petersburg - in Hebrew By: koby_shachar
HowToTeach_SaintPetersburg.doc (38 KB)
המערך אינו הסבר ממצה של חוקי המשחק אלא אמצעי עזר לשחקן המסביר את חוקי המשחק לשחקנים חדשים
May 5, 2009


Saint Petersburg:: 5 Player St Petersburg Money Track By: mrorwell
St Petersburg moneygrid.xls (61 KB)
This cash tracking grid was inspired by the Money Grid submitted by Neville Ridley-Smith in January.

It's designed to be printed on three sheets, then cut for each person to track their own. It now covers the expansion and goes as high as 60 without need of resorting to actual 20 Rubel notes.
Apr 1, 2009


Saint Petersburg:: Updated St Petersburg Rules By: mrorwell
StP2009 Rules.pdf (1004 KB)
Includes clarification on upgrading the Warehouse.
Mar 30, 2009


Saint Petersburg:: Money grid By: nevster
moneygrid.xls (14 KB)
Shuffling the money in Saint Petersburg is too much of a chore. Place your second coloured token on this grid to keep track of your money.

Speeds up the game making it more enjoyable!

You can still use the 20 ruble notes on the rare occasions you need more than the 40 on the grid.

Change it if you like - I'd like to see a nicer version if someone's willing to put some time in!
Jan 7, 2009


Saint Petersburg:: St. Petersburg Money Tuckbox By: aPilgrim
St. Petersburg Money Tuckbox.pdf (71 KB)
This is a tuckbox for the money so that it doesn't move around when the box is stored on its side. Developed from the template found here...

Dec 7, 2008


Saint Petersburg:: Lingua italiano per versione software By: luca
Lang.ini (11 KB)
Italian language for software version to copy in tha main folder - linga italiano per la versione software da copiare nella cartella del programma
Jul 6, 2008


Saint Petersburg:: St. Pete rules By: stumpf
In Brazilian Portuguese
Nov 29, 2007


Saint Petersburg:: Saint_Petersburg_Rules_PL By: meehoow
sp_pol.pdf (637 KB)
Saint Petersburg Polish rules; ilustrowane tlumaczenie regul St. Petersburg
Oct 2, 2007

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