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Struggle of Empires:: SOE Variante historique By: chrisgledhill
SOE Variante historique FR- Copie.pdf (138 KB)
Mise en place quasi-historque - A quasi-historical set up
Feb 14, 2017


Struggle of Empires:: Probabilities to win battles in Struggle of Empires By: pastej
Probabilities to win in Struggle of Empires.pdf (32 KB)
A friend of mine has calculated the probabilities to win in a battle of Struggle of Empires.

Military bonus = (Your army + modifiers) - (Other army + modifiers)

Apr 7, 2015


Struggle of Empires:: SOE_Kurzspielregel By: generationX
SOE_Spielhilfe.pdf (115 KB)
Eine Kurzspielregel im handlichen Format mit allen nötigen Spielinfos. Kann beidseitig gedruckt und dann ausgeschnitten werden.
Mar 16, 2015


Struggle of Empires:: Ausführliche Regelzusammenfassung By: generationX
SOE_Regelübersicht.pdf (121 KB)
Eine Regelzusammenfassung zur besseren Übersicht, da die Originalregeln etwas verwirrend sind. Zusätzlich eine Übersicht über Spielaufbau und den Einsatz der Vorteils,-Firmen- und Bündiniskärtchen im eigenen Spielzug.
Mar 16, 2015


Struggle of Empires:: Правила игры By: Shinner
13. Борьба империй (перевод Shinner).docx (71 KB)
Перевод Shinner
Oct 24, 2014


Struggle of Empires:: SoE Player Mats By: pnorell
SoE_Player Mats (2).pdf (2.63 MB)
My apologies. I thought I had posted these ages ago but discover that I hadn't. Keeps all tokens and counters in a tidy area. Enjoy.
Oct 18, 2014


Struggle of Empires:: SoE - Hebrew rules By: ymdv
Struggle of Empires.docx (37 KB)
חוקים בעברית
Nov 27, 2013


Struggle of Empires:: Game management and rules summary By: bigloo33
Struggle of Empires II.docx (19 KB)
Version II. Much more well orgainized.
Nov 4, 2013
Struggle of Empires.doc (30 KB)
Rules summary for quick refreshment of key rules. Not made to replace the rulebook, but as a reference to manage the game and remember key rules.
Jun 6, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: Struggle of Empires rules summary and player aid By: Grimnir
Struggle of Empires Notes v1.pdf (58 KB)
Struggle of Empires rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory. Incorporates any clarifications from the BGG Rules Forum and innovan's FAQ. Pages 5-7 are player handouts.
Aug 10, 2013
Struggle of Empires Notes v1.doc (109 KB)
Struggle of Empires rules summary that I use to teach the game and to refresh my memory. Incorporates any clarifications from the BGG Rules Forum and innovan's FAQ. Pages 5-7 are player handouts.
Jun 15, 2007


Struggle of Empires:: Ayuda del jugador en Español, resumen turno y setup rápido By: fitioviedo
Ayuda rápida setup Struggle of Empires.pdf (11 KB)
Ayuda del jugador en Español, resumen turno y setup rápido.
Jun 6, 2012


Struggle of Empires:: National Bonus Points Table By: paulnorell
SoE~National Bonuses Variant.pdf (199 KB)
This file is a tabulated version of Kinley Engvalson's excellent suggestions for variant victory points based on National interests.

The file is posted with grateful acknowledgment to Kinley
May 7, 2012


Struggle of Empires:: Struggle of Empires ~ Tile Track By: paulnorell
SoE~Tile Track.pdf (116 KB)
This is designed to be used so that all players can see at a glance which tile(s) other players have. Simply use control markers to keep track
Dec 15, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: Dutch rules By: Henrie
Struggle of Empires.pdf (2.95 MB)
Struggle of Empires rules in Dutch, Version 1.0
Nov 16, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: Seven-Player Campaign By: paulnorell
SoE_7P_Campaign #1.pdf (2.21 MB)
Spain emerges triumphant! Austria falls from glorious heights to the verge of revolution!
Nov 7, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: Babylon 5: Coming of Shadows Retheme By: mwaschak
Soe_B5_CoS.zip (4.79 MB)
Babylon 5: Coming of Shadows retheme for Struggle of Empires; version 1.0.
Oct 31, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: Struggle of Empires battle odds calculator for Android devices By: nachof
Struggle of Empires battle odds calculator.apk (25 KB)
The title is mostly a lie, since it doesn't calculate much. It just has the odds precalculated. It's ugly, but it has the information.

I just started learning Android development, and this was the simplest thing I could make. Since it's already done, maybe somebody else finds a use for it. I know I'll be using it to be very annoying while playing from now on.

The app asks for permissions for reading/writing on the SD card and for getting the phone status. I don't know why, since that's not specified in the Manifest.xml. It doesn't use those permissions for anything, either. I haven't figured the issue out, but I didn't (and won't) devote much time to it. I'll just keep reading the book, and fix it for the next app I make.
Jun 6, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: Various Personal Variants for SoE By: Mantuanwar
Personal Optional Rules.docx (20 KB)
Various variants that I have used.I have tiles for the Alliances and Special powers for each Major power. If this gets some thumbs I will post them.
May 30, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: SoE FAQ By: Roland Mauve
Struggle of Empires FAQ.pdf (256 KB)
Useful FAQ that was previously available at another (now-defunct) website. Not 100% complete -- one embedded image is missing -- but very informative / helpful nonetheless.

Author of FAQ is innovan@bgg.cc -- content was all generated / compiled by him, and he kindly gave me permission to re-post the FAQ. I claim no right or interest, and take credit only for converting the FAQ to PDF and uploading it here. (Thanks are also due, however, to user hugh_g_rection, who sent me the electronic copy of the FAQ that I used to generate the PDF.)
Mar 10, 2011


Struggle of Empires:: Concise reference sheet by hecose By: hecose
ConciseRefSheet12 - Struggle of Empires.pdf (96 KB)
one correction regarding when units can be voluntarily destroyed.
Feb 19, 2011
ConciseRefSheet07 - Struggle of Empires.ppt (54 KB)
Reference sheet useful for quick referencing and provides a structured summary for teaching the game.
Aug 27, 2009


Struggle of Empires:: Re-imagined Struggle of Empires Map By: AngusBull
soe1.pdf (2.28 MB)
Map is expanded to include spaces for Economic and Ally tiles. Elevated boxes denote required sea move roll in place of the "rope". Home countries not shown but dots denote starting adjacencies.
May 16, 2010


Struggle of Empires:: SoE, Polish short rules + tiles explanation By: Dr Doom
Struggle_of_Empires_Podreczna_Pomoc_PL_v1.1.pdf (504 KB)
Podręczna pomoc i tłumaczenie najważniejszych zasad gry. Opis wszystkich specjalnych żetonów.
Handy short translation of essential rules. All tiles explanation with graphics. Based on previous english files.
Jan 22, 2010


Struggle of Empires:: Tablero de ayuda en Español By: krivalis
SoE_display_individual español.rar (5.42 MB)
La versión en Español de la ayuda creada por newrev donde
aparecen todas las losetas y resumen de las acciones en un tablero individual muy útil para identificar cada loseta de un vistazo y colocar las adquiridas encima y controlar más
fácilmente quien tiene tal loseta.
Jan 21, 2010


Struggle of Empires:: Plateau individuel pour SoE By: ubiq1er
SoE_plateau_ind_VF.jpg (914 KB)
Plateau individuel en FR pour SoE, basé sur le plateau proposé par newrev (avec son aimable autorisation).
Nov 10, 2009


Struggle of Empires:: Struggle of Empires scoresheet By: hxbx
SoE_Scoresheet_v2.pdf (35 KB)
Version 2 of the SoE scoresheet - updated with scoring for the VP bonus from the Ottoman country counters (1VP each - 2 available) & the Industry tiles (3VP each - 3 available).
Nov 8, 2009
SoE_Scoresheet_v1.pdf (32 KB)
A pdf file for scoring Struggle of Empires with up to 7 players. Inspired by the scoresheets for Age of Empires III that Ryanmobile created. Version 1.
Nov 5, 2009


Struggle of Empires:: Player Aide By: MWChapel
SoE.pdf (1.49 MB)
This is a player aide I created a few years ago that people have been asking to get. So here it is!
Oct 9, 2009

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