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Deadwood:: Deadwood Building Reference (text) By: Jape77
deadwood building printout.pdf (1.92 MB)
A new building reference sheet for Deadwood, text only, done in period appropriate typeface on old timey paper.
Dec 19, 2016


Deadwood:: Danish Player Aid By: TerrifiedTuna
Deadwood_Buildings_Player_Aid_DK.docx (18 KB)
Player Aid for danish gamers.
Mar 10, 2016


Deadwood:: Hoja resumen de edificios By: kiur
Deadwood hoja resumen edificios.docx (1.76 MB)
Aquí os dejo una útil hoja resumen con los edificios y sus respectivas funciones. Es cierto que hay dibujinos informativos en cada loseta pero esta hoja puede ser de gran utilidad en las primeras partidas. Espero que os sea de ayuda. Un besino juegones ;)
Jun 2, 2015


Deadwood:: Cards By: inalian
cards.rar (7.98 MB)
You get 1 card at the beginning of the game
- Every time you attack another cowboy you draw one card.
- You draw a card before duel.
Event cards: you can play it only in your turn, you can only move one cowboy to your ranch
Action cards: you can play it only in your turn, it doesn't ends turn
Duel cards: you can play it only in duels
May 11, 2014


Deadwood:: deadwood player board By: christianlafferla
deadwood player board.png (2.91 MB)
player board, so you can arrage all your bits (reserve cowboys, ranch cowboys, ponies, bullets, wanted posters, dollars)
print A5
Dec 2, 2013


Deadwood:: Deadwood Rules Summary By: Derkanus
Deadwood Quick Rules.pdf (82 KB)
A 2 page rules summary for Deadwood.

Fixed: Annexing the Gunsmith gives you +2 cartridges, not +1.
Feb 15, 2012
Deadwood Quick Rules.pdf (82 KB)
A 2 page rules summary for Deadwood.
Feb 14, 2012


Deadwood:: Building Player Aid By: rogerramjet3361
Deadwood_Player_Aid.pdf (39 KB)
PDF file
Nov 30, 2011


Deadwood:: Deadwood Building Reference By: Shawn_Solo
deadwood.pdf (6.76 MB)
Version 2 of my Building Reference. Fixes scaling issues and puts in tabs for the buildings that show what stacks they are in.
Nov 3, 2011


Deadwood:: Deadwood Buildinig Summary By: ah3Dog
Deadwood Buildings_v2.docx (1.58 MB)
V2: Added Railroad and Train Station Effects
Oct 16, 2011
Deadwood Buildings.docx (1.48 MB)
Copied and pasted the building description into table format.

V2 is coming, including Railroad and Train Station effects
Oct 15, 2011

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