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Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight - Solo Campaign Collection By: befuddled9
Mage Knight - Solo Campaign Collection (v2) - Low Ink.pdf (4.00 MB)
Low ink (sans background) version of document, by request.
May 16, 2017
Mage Knight - Solo Campaign Collection (v2).pdf (4.97 MB)
V2 of the Solo Campaign Collection. Corrected items mentioned by @Jorge
May 16, 2017
Mage Knight - Solo Campaign Collection.pdf (4.97 MB)
This is a reposting of the file from here:

I was bored one day and decided to pretty it up a bit. I changed the layout, added a few more solo campaigns from here:

And added a aged-paper background to match the original board game manual.

All real credit goes to Kin & his work.

May 12, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Sketchup Project Mage Knight insert By: ghost355
MK insert.skp (212 KB)
This is a Sketchup project based on this insert https://boardgamegeek.com/filepage/143875/mage-knight-custom...
May 16, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Solo Game referense (upgraded) By: ghost355
Mage_Knight_Solo_Game_Reference_v2.pdf (22 KB)
This is an upgrade this PDF:
I made an PDF book with active links from page to page (just click color links).
You can use this PDF with your smartphone or ebook reader as interactive solo play user guide.
May 14, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Underground Manuel Fr By: tedrak
Mage Knight Underground Manuel Fr.docx (19 KB)
Traduction du manuel pour l'extension "Mage Knight Underground" de Oliver Karlik, disponible sur ce site
May 4, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight: Underground - Dungeon and Tombs Expansion By: Koal999
UNDERGROUND - Dungeons and Tombs.zip (5.56 MB)
here's an expansion for Mage Knight that I want to share with you. It is called UNDERGROUND - Dungeons and Tombs, and is a kind of a mini-game to make those adventure sites a little bit more interesting. I developed this for solo-gaming, but I think it can be played with more players too, because it can be played in a few minutes. This is a tile-laying game, where you can explore dungeons and tombs and a lot of things can happen. the expansion is made of 108 tiles, 2 reference cards and the manual. The tile and card files should be ready for double-sided printing. The size of the tiles in this layout are 60x60mm, I put them in cropped card sleeves. I can recommend Fantasy Flight Supply 59x92 sleeves, they are thick, durable and good to shuffle.
I will like to thank Norman MacKenzie for making these fantastic looking dungeon tiles which can be found on "www.dundjinni.com", I just added new elements on some of it.
Norman MacKenzie uses textures from "www.CGTextures.com" and "www.greytale.com", which has to be mentioned.
I'm looking forward to your feedback, if you like this, I'm working on a cave expansion for the monster dens and spawning grounds too.
May 2, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Enemy & Ruin Tokens MK + LL By: Bozo
MK_LL_enemy_and_ruin_tokens.tif (6.02 MB)
Know Your Enemy... by name.

I found myself and my buddies refer to monsters with names like: the guy with poison attack, etc.
Doing like this you miss a lot of theme and flavor, and having the monster description on the back of the rulebook doesn't help, since someone else is likely to need it for rules checking.
Well, now you have them all on one page (MK+LL). I doesn't change anything, it only helps to get more involved in the theme.
Mar 28, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mat for Main Components - Mage Knight By: aureliusnoble
Mage Knight - Game Mat - v1.0.jpg (14.79 MB)
Game Mat to hold all the main components of the game in the smallest space possible, whilst still retaining ease of use.

The purpose of the mat is to make setup easier (you can see where everything goes and know exactly how much space the setup will take), use the minimum possible space, and make it easier to move/put the game aside without disturbing the components. The mat can easily be moved as a whole without disturbing the pieces.

The mat can be printed on any A1 paper, which you can do at many printshops/online. The size of the mat is 63x51cm, or 25x20 inches.

This mat required some slight reorganisation from the Rulebook layout, but this is fairly minor. A few thing have also been moved slightly into what seemed more logical places to me, Spells are now kept by the Mage Tower tokens, Artifacts by the Ruin tokens, City descriptions next to the cities. They are all clearly demarcated on the Mat.

Any feedback/advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

The mat includes spaces for:
The Deed decks, the Enemy and Ruin piles, the Unit decks, the Day/Night Tactics, the Site Description and Scoring Cards, the City Description Cards, the Cities, the Unit offer, the Spell offer, the Monastery offer, the Wound deck, the Tile deck, the Common Skill offer, the Fame and Reputation board, the Day/Night board and Round Order tokens.
Mar 22, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight day-night-counter By: ateml
MKday_night_counter.pdf (2.07 MB)
A custom made day-night-shift-counter for Mage Knight. Now you cannot forget anymore which night or day it is when playing long scenarios. Print on heavy paper, cut out the 2 parts and pin them over another!
Feb 28, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight custom foamcore insert blueprints with measurements (all expansions and quick setup) By: Eyedore
MK custom insert blueprints v 1.1.docx (19.98 MB)
A docx version in case you can't open pdf's

There is a small error: at the character boxes I say "Don’t forget that you have to cut the lid down to 92 x 67 mostly, except for the 3 notches.". this should be 97 x 67.
Feb 23, 2017
MK custom insert blueprints v1.1.pdf (1.15 MB)
Updated file. I added some text and pictures to hopefully make a bit more clear what to do!

There is a small error: at the character boxes I say "Don’t forget that you have to cut the lid down to 92 x 67 mostly, except for the 3 notches.". this should be 97 x 67.
Feb 23, 2017
MK custom insert blueprints.pdf (777 KB)
See this forum for more info: https://boardgamegeek.com/article/25153006

Feb 22, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Fiche A4 récapitulative Sites/Capacités/Ennemis By: suipotryot
Fiche_recap.pdf (11.31 MB)
Cette fiche résume et traduit la liste de tous les sites (Jeu de base + Lost Legion + Shades of Tezla), la liste des capacités et la liste de tous les ennemis. Le tout sur une feuille A4 recto-verso.
Feb 16, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Map Sites & Sequences of Play By: Smash62bill
Mage Knight Player Aids - Sites and Combat - text only - v3.zip (1.80 MB)
Map Sites: Table of Effects.
SoP for Combat, by Phase.
SoP for Player Turn.
Jan 27, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Scenario: Hunting for the Rogue Knight By: javascrybe
Hunt for the Rogue Knight v1.1.pdf (845 KB)
Update to clarify a few rules points, and to include feedback and answers.
Jan 9, 2017
Hunt for the Rogue Knight v1.pdf (296 KB)
A solo scenario ending on a brutal battle against another Knight.
Jun 17, 2012


Mage Knight Board Game:: Unit / Token Refence Chart By: TragicTheBlathering
units.jpg (2.99 MB)
Version 2

Same as before but I added into the spare space the "Ambush and Pursuit" rules.
Jan 5, 2017
units.jpg (2.92 MB)
Made this for my own needs.. as all the player aids I could find seam to not have Tesla on them... so here is my own!

Have fun and ROLL HIGH

(Roll GOLD!)
Jan 1, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: Blank Rule Book Page - For PnP Project Creators By: TragicTheBlathering
MK-Blank-PAGE.jpg (2.19 MB)
Hi there

I'm working on some hobby stuff for Mage Knight and as part of that is some new rules I am adding in. To do this I made a "page" that matches close-ish to the original MK Rule Book. My mate said it looks pretty neat and that maybe other variant makers might like it for their projects.

So yeah... here you go!

Have fun and ROLL HIGH!
(Well, roll Gold maybe : P)
Jan 1, 2017


Mage Knight Board Game:: PlayerMat Universal 14"x 24" By: klema
MK_PlayerMat-universal_inkedplaymats_24x14.jpg (5.01 MB)
Universal Player Mat. 14"x 24" (Custom Playmat)
Slegyras, thanks for the inspiration. Background photo: Schaulustiger.
Dec 26, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Card and Token Playmat By: kiloforce
Mage Knight Player Playmat v1.pdf (925 KB)
Mage Knight - Player Playmat
Nov 26, 2016
Mage Knight Other Cards Playmat v2.pdf (963 KB)
Playmat with Wounds, Tactics, Trash and Reference Cards
Nov 26, 2016
Mage Knight Card and Token Playmat v4.pdf (1.16 MB)
Mage Knight Card and Token Playmat (8.5 x 11) to help game play organization. Simply print on a color printer and laminate.
Nov 26, 2016
Mage Knight Discard Playmat v1.pdf (15.33 MB)
The associated playmat with discards, tactics, wounds and artifacts.
Nov 16, 2016
Mage Knight Card and Token Mat v3.pdf (16.42 MB)
Card and Token Playmat (8.5 x 11) to help organization. Simply print on a color printer and laminate.

Based on Mage Knight token and decks mat
Nov 15, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight - Ymirgh PnP By: p_dobromir
Only Ymirgh cards_ save ink file (not recommended).pdf (1.12 MB)
Only Ymirgh cards_ save ink file but bot recommended.
You probably get a different colour tone on back these cards and they will be easy to recognize.
Oct 11, 2016
! Ymirgh_Mighty_ALL_ANG_low_ A4.pdf (9.03 MB)
PnP pdfF file with fan created new dwarf hero - Ymirgh.
Have fun :)
Oct 6, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight - Ymirgh PnP By: p_dobromir
! Ymirgh_Potezny_ALL_PL_low_ A4.pdf (9.18 MB)
Plik, który przygotowałem jest pełny i nie oszczędza tuszu w drukarce :P
Format druku na A4.
Miłego grania.
Oct 6, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight - Aide de jeu nouveau joueur By: kakawette
MK_Aide_de_jeu_nouveau_joueur_v1.1.pdf (137 KB)
Format de papier corrigé en A4.
Corrections mineures.
Sep 23, 2016
MK_Aide_de_jeu_nouveau_joueur_v1.0.pdf (127 KB)
Aide de jeu pour nouveaux joueurs.
Le déroulé d'un tour récapitulé en 1 seule page A4 avec les principes fondamentaux et des logos pour rendre l'aide plus visuelle.

Il s'agit de la traduction VF de l'aide de jeu de magic_erwt présente en anglais sur le site. Cette traduction a été faite avec l'accord de l'auteur original.
Sep 23, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight token and decks mat By: dylanmc
MageKnightCardAndTokenMat.pdf (4.20 MB)
Each pile is labeled so you know what's where. Cut on dotted lines, tape together so that the mat surrounds the main score-track.
Aug 27, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight Introduction Aid By: magic_erwt
MK_New_Player_Introduction_Aid_v1.2.pdf (397 KB)
This one sided overview provide a new player with the basic rules. Thanks to this overview you don't have to grab back to the rulebook for the basic stuff.
Also particularly helpful when explaining the game to new players. Before start you go through this leaflet explaining the players turn options. In essence this file provide everything a new player need to know to play a decent turn. All other rules can be explained on the way and gameplay itself can be moderated by a more experienced player.

With small corrections
Aug 9, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: MK_Custom_Symbols By: magic_erwt
MK_Custom_symbols.zip (51 KB)
This zip file contains some custom symbols.
I produced them all myself using Acad and GIMP when making a New_player_introduction_aid. And I'm not interested in any copy rights :)

Aug 8, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: Volkare's Allies - Solo Scenario w/expansions By: Gamer DC
MKCombinedSoloScenariov1.pdf (57 KB)
A solo scenario that combines the base game, Lost Legion, and Shades of Tezla. Play tested with all MK's in 15+ games. Please leave feedback here or geek mail me with suggestions.
Jul 8, 2016


Mage Knight Board Game:: MK solo campaign episodes By: philmcd
Update.rtf (1 KB)
Major (but small) campaign update
Jul 8, 2016
MK solo campaign Episode 4. Rogue Hunt.txt (5 KB)
Episode 4
Jul 10, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 3. Twice a Knight is enough.txt (5 KB)
Episode 3
Check comments below for extra notes relating to some episodes
Jul 8, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 2. The longest day.txt (8 KB)
MK solo campaign. Episode 2
Jul 5, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 1 Why Don't He Write.txt (5 KB)
version 1.2
Clarifies map tile selection and initial placement
Jul 4, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 1 Why Don't He Write.txt (5 KB)
version 1.1
Jul 3, 2015
MK solo campaign Episode 1 Why Don't He Write.txt (5 KB)
I have long wanted to play MK as a solo story-driven campaign game. I messaged the designer on BGG with my ideas for such a campaign as being a possible expansion, to include 10 linked scenarios with a bespoke map tile for each scenario and sealed packets of advanced action cards to gradually evolve the base decks of cards for each character. Sadly I received no response, so I am creating a campaign for my own satisfaction. At least for the first few scenarios, only the base game will be required, though later on, expansions may make an appearance. To me the story is a major factor in enjoying games, and the scenarios will have objectives, not point totals to aim for, though of course fame points will be required to gain sufficient strength to complete objectives. However, it is only the successful completion of objectives (quests) themselves that will write your name in the annals of hazily semi-remembered what's-his-names.

Sadly I can provide no bespoke map tiles or advanced character cards to pimp the game, but I think we'll be fine.

The idea is that you have to successfully complete each episode objective before moving on to the next one. There will be a small level up bonus for the completion of each scenario so that character decks would gradually evolve over the course of the campaign. Apart from level up rewards earned, character decks will be reset at the start of each scenario so that the game didn't get too easy. The size of the starting deck will not be increased. It will just require that rewards earned and base cards removed are recorded so that normal games of MK could still be played in between. Each episode will have a different flavour.

All base characters will be involved, though not all at the same time, and Krang & Wolfhawk may appear later in the campaign.

It is my aim to release the episodes one at a time as I finalise them, in the files section.

Here we go and good luck !!

Phil McDonald 2015
Jul 3, 2015


Mage Knight Board Game:: Mage Knight - Solo Scenario Book By: Kin Hassar
Docx version of the solo scenario booklet as requested by some users.
Jun 30, 2016
Version 2 of the solo scenario booklet.
Added some of the available custom scenarios.
Jun 30, 2016
MK-SOLO SCENARIO BOOK_low ink.pdf (317 KB)
Scenario Book dedicated to the solo MK players.
For the moment it includes Solo adaptations for the scenarios of the base game rulebook.

In the future it will include fan made solo scenarios as well as adaptation of official scenarios for expansions.
Aug 4, 2015

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