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Last Will:: Last Will. Русские правила By: brave_t
lastwill_ru.pdf (4.58 MB)
Правила на русском языке от GaGa Games
Mar 2, 2017


Last Will:: Samenvattingskaart By: kristofbe
Last Will.pdf (848 KB)
Als het een lange tijd geleden is, kan deze samenvattingskaart je helpen bij het spelen van Last Will. Zo moet je niet hele tijd grijpen naar de spelregels!
Feb 12, 2017


Last Will:: Samenvatting spelregels By: Lode
Last Will.pdf (875 KB)
Voor wie snel nog eens de belangrijkste regels wil nalezen
Oct 22, 2016


Last Will:: Last Will Player Help Sheet By: rikthechief
Last_Will_Player_Help_Sheet.doc (17 KB)
Last Will player Player Help Sheet - provides round summary, together with main rules for playing cards.
Updated with clarifications.
Feb 27, 2015
Last Will Player Help Sheet.doc (15 KB)
Round Summary with descriptions, explanations of main rules and different card types.
Jul 16, 2014


Last Will:: Last Will: scheda aiuto in italiano (+Messenger +Getting Sacked) By: GabrielGeek
Last_Will ITA.pdf (684 KB)
Scheda aiuto giocatore in italiano con la spiegazione di tutte le icone di Last Will + la carta promo Messenger + l'espansione Last Will Getting Sacked.
A colori, stampabile fronte/retro
Nov 9, 2014


Last Will:: Last Will - Ayuda en las funciones de las cartas By: lolcese
Last Will Getting Sacked - Ayuda.pdf (453 KB)
Incluye la expansión Getting Sacked
Oct 30, 2014
Last Will - Ayuda.pdf (417 KB)
Descripción de los íconos de las cartas y sus funciones.
Oct 21, 2013


Last Will:: Chinese Rulebook By: j87b0003
叔叔的遺產.pdf (5.19 MB)
ver 2.
fix text description.
(Complete traditional Chinese translation of official english rulebook)
有堪誤或文意不清,可內信給我…by 邱老虎
Sep 27, 2014
叔叔的遺產.pdf (5.52 MB)
ver 1.
(Complete traditional Chinese translation of official english rulebook)
有堪誤或文意不清,可內信給我…by 邱老虎
Sep 27, 2012


Last Will:: Icon Summary with Expansion (Quality, 1 Page) by Daxon By: Daxon
Last_Will_v1.pdf (765 KB)
Daxon LAST WILL & GETTING SACKED Icon Summary v1 (JAN14). Single-sided icon summary.
Jan 15, 2014


Last Will:: Last Will - Side load tuckboxes for sleeved cards By: oghmagod (619 KB)
Used to create these for standard sleeved cards. Left a little room and would hope it would work for premium sleeves as well.
Sep 22, 2013


Last Will:: Last Will - spelreglement - NL/Dutch By: merel
Last Will_NL.pdf (4.05 MB)
Vertaling spelreglement 'Last Will'
May 12, 2013


Last Will:: Last Will - tuckboxes for all cards without sleeves PL and EN By: madeusz
Ostatnia Wola.pdf (435 KB)
Należy wydrukować bez skalowania, zalaminować i cieszyć się poręcznymi pudłami.
Mar 16, 2013
Last will.pdf (419 KB)
Print without scaling and keep Your cards safe and styly.
Feb 5, 2013


Last Will:: Last Will Companion Token Stickers By: ReqMan
Stickers.jpg (452 KB)
Print and cut out these Companion Token stickers to make it easier to use the companion tokens, and pimp up your copy of Last Will! :)
Jan 16, 2013


Last Will:: Last Will Solo Variant By: ricky2002
Last Will Solo.pdf (14 KB)
Last Will Solo Variant - presented by Box of Delights.

English PDF document.
Dec 19, 2012


Last Will:: Правила на русском языке By: yushin
Lastwillrus.pdf (6.69 MB)
Оригинальный буклет
Перевод - Михаил "Magnitt" Кружков
Вёрстка - Алексей "Yushin" Юшин
Aug 8, 2012


Last Will:: Last Will Symbols/Iconograpgy By: dtroy_de_rapcore
LastWillsymbols.pdf (1.62 MB)
A scanned page from the rulebook listing all the symbols for the expenses, helpers and events, then cropped and edited.

This file contains a single page showing two of the scanned page.

Print with "none" page scaling setting, trim and laminate.

- Damien
Aug 4, 2012


Last Will:: Quick reference in russian - Подготовка к игре, использование карт, игровой процесс. By: diterkemerovo
Last Will Quick Reference - rus.doc (60 KB)
Quick reference in russian - Подготовка к игре, использование карт, игровой процесс.
Jun 15, 2012


Last Will:: Last Will Player Guide By: vardamir
Last Will - Player Guide.pdf (1001 KB)
Made it myself to make teaching and playing easier.
Jun 14, 2012


Last Will:: Last Will Quick Reference By: Ajax
last will quick v11.doc (55 KB)
1-page, 2-sided quick reference in English, a la Liumas. Version 1.1. Added 2-player Planning correction, thanks to nickster1970.
Apr 1, 2012
last will quick v10.doc (54 KB)
1-page, 2-sided quick reference in English, a la Liumas. Version 1.0.
Jan 14, 2012


Last Will:: Last Will overzicht symbolen NL By: vfeight
Last Will overzicht.jpg (2.16 MB)
Overzicht symbolen in het nederlands op A4
Jan 23, 2012


Last Will:: Magyar szabálykönyv By: Acetate
LastWill_rules_HU.pdf (3.76 MB)
Hungarian rulebook (v1.0)
Jan 15, 2012


Last Will:: Last will - reglas en español By: Bicho
Last Will_es.pdf (4.62 MB)
Traducción al español de las reglas originales en inglés
Spanish translation of the original English rules
Nov 29, 2011


Last Will:: French rules By: Lactic
LastWillRulesFR_WEB.pdf (7.73 MB)
French translation of the official rules.
Règles françaises
Nov 28, 2011


Last Will:: Japanese rulebook By: nagamine
Last Will_J.1.1.pdf (4.77 MB)
A PDF file of the rules in japanese language for Last Will.

For Japanese:


12ページ 助力者カードの1つ目の解説
Nov 22, 2011


Last Will:: Last Will Japanese Rule By: soncho_dairi
LastWill_Japanese rule.pdf (1.37 MB)
Last Will Japanese Rule
Nov 21, 2011


Last Will:: last will aide de jeu By: dvys
last will aide de jeu.pdf (668 KB)
une petite aide de jeu pour last will (traduction de la derniere page des regles)
Nov 6, 2011

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