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Hanabi:: Hanabi deduction card sheet By: gedankenexperimenter
hanabi-deduction-cards.pdf (9.80 MB)
This is a sheet of cards I designed for keeping track of clues given in Hanabi.
Jun 17, 2017


Hanabi:: Hanabi color and number markers for 25 point games By: Jurij
Hanabi.pdf (198 KB)
I made these markers because I play this game on and these kind of markers in the online game are just incredible.

Made in nanDECK.
Jun 5, 2017


Hanabi:: Hanabi Tuck Box (For Sleeved Cards+Tokens+Rules) By: ScaperDeage
HanabiTuckBox_byScaperDeage.pdf (3.26 MB)
This tuck box fits all cards, tokens and the rules pamphlet for the standard r&r edition of the game. It was sized for and has been tested with the cards in Fantasy Flight sleeves, so it should fit other premium sleeve brands. It features a little inner sleeve box for the tokens. File it set up on 11x17 Tabloid paper.
Aug 10, 2016


Hanabi:: Hanabi Clues Markers (A4) By: AnJo888
Hanabi_Clues_Marker_A4.jpg (1.65 MB)
Playing Hanabi in Board Game Arena makes clear that some visualization turns the game more enjoyable, although not easier.
Hence, this file.
Print in A4 and the cards will be Chimera size.
Use spare 8mm wood cubes.
Have fun.
May 29, 2016


Hanabi:: Hanabi - Alternative Design by LaTigre - CardToken - A4 - Front By: LaTigre
Hanabi-LaTigre-Print&Play-A4-V2.pdf (10.45 MB)
Updated version of my full set of Hanabi Card with a bigger Character Font to help the reading of the number during play (as suggested by some user).
Feb 11, 2016
Hanabi-LaTigre-Alternative-Print&Play-A4.pdf (15.97 MB)
Here is my full set of "Hanabi" Card (60 card in Magic size format, for easily sleeves). This set cannot be sold, no one can charge you for this, print & play only. Original Game by Antoine Bauza (and many publisher).
Print it on A4 paper, 99% scale will let you fit the Sleeves better.

This is the Version 1 with small characterNumbers, if you have sight difficoulty please try the V2 here witch have bigger font size

If you like it please take a picture!

Feb 2, 2016
Hanabi-LaTigre-CardToken.pdf (15.62 MB)
Here are the "Hanabi" Token in Card Size with Alternative Design made by me (LaTigre), i also made the entire "Hanabi" card to fit this set (coming soon). File is designed on A4 paper, Front only (put the printed card on some sleeve with some Magic card behind it)
Feb 1, 2016


Hanabi:: Hanbi clue-tracking tabs By: AEFGIRT
Hanabi Clue Tabs.pdf (22 KB)
Print one copy of this per player on 5x7 borderless photo paper/ Cut on the solid lines, fold on the dashed lines, and hang a tab over your card for each clue it receives. Then everyone knows that everyone knows ...
Jan 21, 2016


Hanabi:: Hanabi Turkce Kural Kitapcigi By: cemdemir
Hanabi_Turkce.pdf (196 KB)
Hanabi Kural Kitapcigi Turkce cevirisi.
Dec 22, 2015


Hanabi:: Hanabi Deluxe Tile Mat By: TomServo_MST3k
hanabi placemat - 4_5 player.pdf (93 KB)
4&5 player mat. 2&3 player mat is below.
8.5x14 mat for the Deluxe Edition using an individual matrix for each tile
Tiles can be placed in portrait or landscape
Features new to old or old to new tile placement
This file was collaboration with Chris B (SybotCB)
Jun 12, 2015
hanabi tile mat.pdf (114 KB)
2&3 player mat
8.5x14 mat for the Deluxe Edition using an individual matrix for each tile
Tiles can be placed in portrait or landscape
Features new to old or old to new tile placement
This file was collaboration with Chris B (SybotCB)
Jun 12, 2015


Hanabi:: Hanabi card-tracking cards By: fede689
Hanabi tracking cards.pdf (97 KB)
This are standard-sized cards to keep track of clues in Hanabi. Just laminate them for easy erasing, and keep one for each of your cards in hand to keep direct and indirect clues without having to memorize them. This works a lot better if you're using card stands.
May 27, 2015


Hanabi:: Paper card box By: Pard
Hanabi.pdf (538 KB)
No glue telescoping paper box 7 x 10 x 2 cm for 40-60 cards, pdf file, v. 1.0.
All for your lovely games GeekList ❤✩♛ with similar boxes for hundreds of games.
Thread with how-to and new games requests.

Feb 15, 2015


Hanabi:: Hanabi Deluxe playmat By: creynolds6
Hanabi Deluxe playmat v1 BGG.pdf (37 KB)
This playmat is designed to work with Hanabi Deluxe--the version with stand-up tiles. You can place the tiles in the relevant boxes to remember what they are. The dots in the bottom right corner are the number of each of the particular tile.

This is v1, because I have not yet received the game and tried it out. Once I receive my order, I'll provide an updated version.

Feb 2, 2015


Hanabi:: hanabi vietnamese By: oewillrocku
Hanabi.docx (998 KB) Dec 25, 2014


Hanabi:: Horizontal Tuckboxes for Sleeved Cards By: flash42
Hanabi Tuckbox v1.0.pdf (3.03 MB)
These tuckboxes are for sleeved cards, specifically designed to accommodate FFG sleeves. This box holds the 60 Fireworks cards and has room at the top to hold the 12 Clock tokens and 3 Fuse tokens.

This box can be used as a replacement for the main box.

For a full list of my tuckboxes, check out My Tuckbox Geeklist!
Dec 17, 2014


Hanabi:: Tuckbox for sleeved cards By: stenmur
hanabi_tuckbox.pdf (15.95 MB)
Tuckboxes for sleeved cards.
Sep 1, 2014


Hanabi:: Hanabi Rulebook (hrvatska pravila) By: Shich
Hanabi_prijevod.pdf (369 KB)
Unofficial fan content/neslužbeni prijevod pravila
Jul 29, 2014


Hanabi:: Compact Rules Summary for Tinned Hanabi By: holgerd
Hanabi_Rules_in_a_Tin_1.1.pdf (675 KB)
Compact rules summary for Hanabi (intended for sticking to inside lid of tinned version).

This revision: Small grammatical correction as well as an important clarification of a vital rule.
Jun 14, 2014


Hanabi:: Hanabi Game Log By: rwodonnell
Hanabi_game_log.pdf (138 KB)
After hearing about the idea of "box topping" (, I decided to make game logs for some of my games. This is my effort for Hanabi. Cut along the solid blue line and fold along the dim gray lines, and it will make a little book that fits inside the box (at least the R&R version - 3.5"x4.5").
Mar 14, 2014


Hanabi:: Hanabi - Reglamento en castellano v 1.01 By: amarillo114
Reglamento Hanabi.pdf (77 KB)
Reglamento en castellano de Hanabi, traducido a partir de la versión en inglés de Wade Nelson.
Mar 11, 2014


Hanabi:: Hanabi Nederlandse spelregels By: bridgetvh
Hanabi_NL spelregels.pdf (326 KB)
Unofficial Dutch Rules for Hanabi
Jan 14, 2014


Hanabi:: Finnish Rules Translation By: Archonium
Hanabi_FI.pdf (312 KB)
A Finnish translation of the rules for the German Abacusspiele version.
Dec 16, 2013


Hanabi:: Hanabi clue tracking spreadsheet By: metobillc
Hanabi_notes.xls (36 KB)
Keep track of positive and negative inferences for each of your cards.
Nov 21, 2013


Hanabi:: Hanabi Mat DIN A2 By: ABACUSSPIELE
Hanabi_Mat_DIN_A2.pdf (3.94 MB)
Hanabi mat used when demonstrating the game at fairs.
Nov 5, 2013


Hanabi:: Hanabi rules summary for ABACUSSPIELE box By: arzman
Hanabi Rules Summary Abacusspiele box.pdf (102 KB)
Hanabi rules summary that fits in the German box version from ABACUSSPIELE. Based on Chris Olson's (colson3) player aid.
Nov 2, 2013


Hanabi:: Hanabi retheme - Studio C: Live! By: talusproteus
Studio C tiles.pdf (2.00 MB)
A retheme of the award winning SdJ game using characters and scenes from the hit comedy show, Studio C.
PDF 1: tile images; PDF 2: bag, playmat, and rules summary
Sep 9, 2013
Studio C bag playmat rules.pdf (949 KB)
A retheme of the award winning SdJ game using characters and scenes from the hit comedy show, Studio C. Includes bag, playmat, and rules summary (tiles will be uploaded as a separate file).
Sep 6, 2013


Hanabi:: More / Color Custom Hanabi Clue Recording and Deduction Cards By: El_Tonio
Custom Hanabi Clue Recording and Deduction Cards V2.doc (203 KB)
Cards on p. 1 are the same as in the original file... so you can keep track of clues you get about your own hand.

Cards on p. 2 have been added to the file so you can keep track of the cards as they are played.

You can either laminate them back to front (which is what I did since I mostly use the first card), or laminate each card separately for easier viewing if you want to have easy access to both.
Aug 4, 2013
Custom Hanabi Clue Recording and Deduction Cards.doc (79 KB)
Just print, laminate, and get some dry erase markers and you'll be ready to go.

Special thanks to Highland Cow for the great idea of playing Hanabi as a deduction rather than a memory game (this is a variation on his original idea/file). You can see his original idea, file, and discussion here:

I made these because I thought it would be easier to have them in color (and I think they look nicer in color). They still fit nicely in the box when laminated.

I did not include the card checklist since the rules state you can look at the cards in the discard pile at any time (and, of course, you can see the ones that have already been added to fireworks, as well as those already in other peoples hands).

I'm including this as a Word file rather than a PDF in case you would like to edit it further.

Aug 2, 2013

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