FREE new games for you! Games worth $100 and free promos! Also free Avatars, Geekbadges and OverText! Why? Because I have been together with my girlfriend for 7 years!
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Today it’s exactly 7 years since we found out that we were meant to be… Half a year ago we decided that we want to get married, though we are still not quite sure when it is going to happen – we’re both still young and are studying at university so we just take it easy, time is not a problem.

“Are you seriously giving away free games?”
Yes, I am! To celebrate this special day and the fact that I have such a lovely girlfriend (or fiancée I guess it’s called now!) I have decided to give away new games for free to one lucky person! The winner will get brand new free games worth $100 with free shipping WORLDWIDE!

I am not giving away my own, used games – I am going to actually buy games worth $100 from a FOGS! This means that when I draw the winner, I will write to him or her and he/she must write at least 7 games (7 years, remember) which he/she would like so I have something to choose from – that way the person won’t know for sure what he or she will get until the package arrives at his or her doorstep! Oh, the excitement…

As I am buying the games and paying shipping costs too, the winner must give me a link to a site where I can buy the games, which obviously must be in stock. I know lots of FOGS in USA, UK, DK and Germany but if the winner is from a different country, I will need to get a link from a FOLGS in that specific country so I can order.
I will buy games worth a total of $100 so it would be wise not only writing games worth $40 as I am then probably only going to buy 2. Just write a bunch of small and cheap games too!

“How do I win?”
To enter in the competition and have a chance of winning, all you need to do is thumb the item you want below! When you have thumbed, you are part of the lottery and are given 1 chance to win. However, for each 1.00 GG that you tip for the item you want, you will receive 1 more chance to win – so if you thumb and tip 5 GG, you are 6 times as likely to win as a person who only thumbs, but please note that it is not mandatory to tip! After all you only need 1 chance to win…

“Are you giving anything else away for free?”
Yes, in addition to the main prize I have some extra small promos and a small expansion for a few games and I’m also going to give away those for free. I have decided not to give away any of my “real” board games as the price for shipping them from Denmark is higher than what the board games actually cost themselves… These promos aren’t awesome gifts (though some of them are rare) but I didn’t want only one person to win, so now there are some consolation prizes!

The entry rules for winning these are almost the same as for winning the $100 worth of games: you simply must thumb the item you want to win. For each additional 1.00 GG, you get one more chance of winning.
There are additional rules for these items, though: the winning thumber must own the base game of the corresponding promo/expansion and have given the base game a rating of at least 7 – that way I know that the winner is a person who actually really enjoys the game and who is going to use the promos/expansion and not just sell them on for money!

Oh, and if I get more GG than I can use myself I am also going to give away free avatars (… but oh there are so many cool microbadges, and look at them, they are all shiny… )! I will update this geeklist if it happens.

“When does the competition end?”
The winners will be both randomly drawn and announced on the 5th of March.

I want to clarify that I am donating these games partly because it's a great day and I'm as much in love today as I was 7 years ago (or maybe even more?!), but also because I think BGG is such an awesome community and I want to give something back to the users who are contributing so much to this site by posting comments or uploading reviews/pictures/videos/FAQs/etc!

I bought 100 microbadges today but still have much GG left... So now I'm able to tip guys in the future if I see something I like

Also, the amount of GG means that I will now offer free avatars for 50 lucky geeks!

I do this because an avatar is a great thing to have as it's easier to remember persons this way when they have a unique avatar. I didn't have any Avatar myself a week ago because I spent all of the GG I got from supporting BGG (via patron badges) on microbadges... However, I got an avatar due to a few kind members in a FTL-thread - and now I want to match this generosity by donating 30 GG to 50 different members so they can get an avatar Read the rules below for furhter information about how to win (users with an avatar may also participate).

I have far received more GG than I can use myself, so I have decided to add new prizes again. Now you can win even more BGG stuff in order to pimp your profile: 10 GeekBadges worth 500 GG and 10 OverText badges worth 1000 GG have been added to the lottery, just thumb one or both to have a chance of winning!

The contest has now been closed! I'm going to draw the winner randomly today and post the results in a new geeklist which I will link to in this geeklist

The results are in! Go to this geeklist to check if you won...
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