The Real Pickomino Family by Reiner Knizia
Laszlo Molnar
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Most games by Reiner Knizia are strongly based on risk and probability estimation. Most of the time when you play a card or reroll a die you can't be sure your move is the best one; you can only guess, based on probabilities. This uncertainity provides the most important tension that makes (many) of his games great or good. Quite often the "tool" for this is press your luck.
Press your luck combined with interaction between the players is the base of Pickomino. Knizia has quite a few press your luck games but the most well-known of them (and one of his best-selling games) is Pickomino which also has some other distinct features.

I'm trying to present the most Pickomino-like games here: games that share many aspects of Pickomino and I'd call them close relatives of each other. Obviously Knizia has a lot more press your luck games (like Medici, Ra), even press your luck dice games (Code Cracker, Einfach Genial: Das Würfelspiel etc.) that I didn't feel would fit this list. It's a bit hard to name the criteria to fit this list; I hope these will be more or less clear after you've read it.

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