Games I Brought to The Kingdom of Saud
Andy Cowen
United States
Union Springs
New York
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So I got a job teaching in Saudi Arabia and during the orientation in Houston I learned about all the stuff that is forbidden in The Kingdom. I was already aware of some of the banned items...alcohol, porn, pork, various dvds, but the one that struck home for me was "No Games of Chance"; now before you Eurogamers start applying for of chance include Chess?!, backgammon, cards, dice, I was a bit distraught since my collection had grown to close to 200. Most of the games I donated(if you live in the NOVA area, you might want to swing by the local thrift stores) and the high value oop games, like The Longest Day) I stored at my sisters. So, I get to my school and the activity director says "Hi Andy, I saw on your bio that you play games, would you like to run the Chess club?" ..."Wait what?". Turns out there is a Kingdom wide chess tournament.
Anyway, I couldn't divest myself of all my games so I did pack some into my luggage. I also wanted to take the Advanced Squad Leader rulebook, but couldn't cram it in. I also downloaded a slew of games to my ipad and iMac. Security and passport control were far less onerous than I thought, all they did was fingerprint me and x ray my luggage, no one went thru my stuff. Actually, restarting might be good in the long run, somewhere along the line I transitioned from playing games to collecting them. The games I took were a bit random. I'm already thinking of a games that I might want to bring in when I go home for Xmas...suggestions welcome
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