The Iron Android 100 Geek Gold Challenge - Week 1: Levy University - Closed
Peter O
United States
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Welcome to Angel Arena! Where the top minds of both runners and corporations battle it out on the lunar surface to see who can become the next:

Iron Android

The Rules
The Challenge will run over 8 weeks and is open to everyone. Each week the contestants will be given an Android:Netrunner card to build a deck around. They will be graded by the community by giving thumbs, and will be judged on the following criteria:

1) Use of the Challenge Card. The challenge card should play a major role in the deck. Ideally, the deck should fail without it.

2) Originality.

3) Description of the Deck. You can post just your deck. But individuals who go the extra mile with the theory behind their card choices are clearly the superior Iron Android.

4) Effectiveness. Can the deck win? How do we know that? Play testing is not a requirement. It's just likely to improve your vote count.

To Enter:
Anyone can enter by posting their deck to the weekly geeklists as a Geek List Item below. Posts in the comments section are still valid, just likely to get lost. If anyone wishes help with posting a new item, let me know.

The winner will be determined by the number of thumbs received by the following Sunday at a mystical time known only as 'when Pete gets his but out of bed and logs on to check the results.' The results will be written in the comments section to record them for the final standings. The next weeks challenge will appear at roughly the same time.

Anyone can vote by thumbing any/all entries they deem worthy of being an Iron Android.

The weekly winner will receive 10 .

The discussion/announcement thread for the entire challenge is here.

Each week the theme will come from one of the factions or neutrals. This makes 1 week for each of the 7 factions and one neutral card.

After the 8 weeks, the votes for each contestant from ALL weeks will be tallied (but only those votes recorded at the end of the week, later votes will not count). Only one submission per week will be counted per person (so if you put two decks in, whichever gets the most votes will be counted to your total). The winner of the final will receive 20 and be forever known as the:

Iron Android

This Weeks Card:

Levy University

This week's competition was won by
David Sleaze
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To find out other results and the current challenge, check our our Discussion Thread.
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