WBC 2014
Sam B.
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Pre-Con Saturday

We began our annual trip to Lancaster the same way we always do- with brunch at Miller’s. I was still in disbelief that WBC was about to start until we got to the Host!

Eight-Minute Empire We had a little time before our first tournament so we played Eight Minute Empire. It was a three-way tie, but Chris Yaure won on the tiebreak.

War of the Ring: Second Edition Chris, Joe, and I all won the mulligan round of War of the Ring, so we had free time to open game that night!

Hanabi I learned that this game is much harder with just two people, and that it’s really funny when you’re playing with someone (Teddy) who keeps shuffling his cards by accident.

Dixit I won this game! If you haven’t checked it out, it’s great for getting non-gamers to game. Meghan's copy also had some cards I hadn't seen before, which was fun.

Win, Place & Show Joe and I learned this game from Bruce Reiff. He crushed us but I want to play in the tournament next year, especially after seeing the huge final table! Also, it was pretty cool just to open game with him, which he doesn't do often.

The Resistance I was on the side of the Resistance and we won! It was great because Anna, Meghan, and I played really well to secure the win (okay, fine, we trusted each other because we didn’t trust the men). We played another round, but I can't remember what happened.

Camel Up I was so happy to learn this game. The pyramid that rolls the dice in the game still impresses me (I’m pretty sure it’s magic). Dante crushed us and I realized in order to win this game, you have to bet early!

Takenoko So far, I’m undefeated in this adorable game. I played Joe and the Sheas late at night, which was a great ending to the first day of WBC.

Pre-Con Sunday

War of the Ring: Second Edition I lost my second game of WOTR. However, Joe and Chris kept winning games…and ended up playing each other in the final. Father beat son, but both were happy to take home plaques!

Battle Line I played two games with Michael Shea and lost both of them. Maybe I could get it together for the tournament?

Camel Up My first two plays of the game: guessing orange would win and white would be in last. Both were right! What a great way to win. meeple

Igloo Pop I enjoyed this more than I thought I would. It is a game that requires you to focus and listen, which is really cool for younger kids. I came in second.

Web of Power This is one of those games that reminded me of so many other games that I enjoy. It was a good mix of trying to help yourself and trying not to help other players too much. I came in third and want to try this again with Joe.

San Juan Our friend Heather arrived and we wanted to make sure she understood this game before her first tournament on Monday! I ended up winning.

Power Grid This is a game I thought I didn’t like, but it turns out, it just has to be with the right people. Joe won and I came in second. We wanted to prepare Heather for as many tournaments as possible, but as the week went on, she spent almost all her time in open gaming anyway.

Formula Motor Racing I love this game because it is quick and portable. I came in second to Kurt. Somehow I've never made it to the tournament, but I want to next year.

Bananagrams We played this word game three times, with Meghan, Ryan, and me all winning one!

Dixit Surprisingly, Joe won! meeple


San Juan The day started out with Seccanti kids beating both Joe/me in San Juan. Typical. I also lost another game and Joe went 1-2 in the tournament. Not our best tournament, but we had fun.

Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 3 – The Heart of Africa This was the most competitive TTR game I’ve ever played. I ended up winning, but there was so much blocking! Once Holly realized she couldn't win, it was her mission to stop her brother from doing so, which was pretty funny.

Innovation I lost the mulligan round and Joe won, but couldn’t make the second round anyway. I really like the game because it’s so different from everything else, and the expansion we have (Echoes of the Past) greatly improves it.

Russian Railroads I taught this to Heather and ended up winning. We had such different strategies so there wasn't much blocking.

Stone Age This game was sort of frustrating. There were a few rule disagreements and no one believed me when I was correct (it involved other players), which is kind of the story of my life. I went to the GM after, because it really wasn’t worth arguing during the game. Joe also had two bad Stone Age experiences this year, which is so sad, since it’s such a fun game.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue We played two games of this and lost both times due to the building collapsing. We're not very good firefighters, I guess.

The Castles of Burgundy I lost to Dante and Joe also lost his game. I enjoyed it, but our game took up the whole 3 hour time slot, which it should NOT do. Tournament games are usually longer, but at home, a four player game takes us about 45 minutes to an hour!

Nuclear War I won my first game, so I was a target for the second game, which Joe ended up winning. It is a tradition to play it at WBC and I’m really happy I did. Lots of laughs.


We bought a few games from the auction store- basically anything to do with horses for me, and a game we played last year in open gaming and enjoyed. Our friend Heather found a lot of games that interested her. The Yaures also bought Star Wars: The Queen’s Gambit, which fills me with happiness!

Race for the Galaxy We taught this game to Heather and our friend from the comic book store near our school, Brian. Heather ended up winning with lots of 6 cards. Brian bought us an expansion, which was super sweet of him! I'm excited to try it.

Bruges Again, Heather won! We played with our friend Nick from near our school as well. I really love this game.

Saint Petersburg I taught this to Heather and beat her due to my aristocrats. It was a fun, quick game.

Lost Cities I beat Heather again. I think she got a lot out of the game though, like learning how dangerous it is to play down handshakes/cards that I can pick up! She also had a different strategy than I was used to, so I benefited from it too.

March Madness I lost my first game of this as 2009 Louisville (against 2005 Louisville). I wonder if my luck will turn around!

Ingenious I came in second. I really enjoyed this game because I was the oldest person there. It makes me happy seeing younger gamers, plus, one girl loved Star Wars as much as I do!

Hanabi Two terrible, but fun, games, with 3 then 4 players.

The Resistance The spies won! Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of them.


March Madness I woke up early to play in another heat of March Madness. I beat Sarah, then Jeff, then Mark, then Marvin, then Owen! Later, I beat Bruce M. I MADE IT TO THE FINALS IN ONE OF MY FAVORITE GAMES. I didn’t yet know who my opponent would be, but I was excited to take Louisville 1980 to the top. (Guess where the GM went to college?)

Pirate's Cove I won my first game! I got 8 points the first round (winning scores are usually between 35 and 45 and there are 12 rounds) so I was an early target, but my ship was strong enough. Joe lost but had a great time, since Heather was also at his table.

Piñata I didn’t get a chance to play in this tournament but I liked playing this game (it’s very similar to Balloon Cup). However, the cards are so ugly. You never really notice how nice it is to have good graphics until they are so bright it’s distracting! (Yes, I know piñatas are usually bright, but still.)

Paydirt I barely made it to the draft, so I didn’t get to look at any of the teams. I decided I would just go for the worst team and I would not pay a premium price for any. I ended up with the Houston Texans. It was a close game against the Patriots and I blame the loss on penalties!

Monster Factory Somehow I won this game, even though my monster was only two points (that’s really bad). It was the first game Joe and I played with Ian.

Can't Stop The best part was when Ian asked GM Rebecca to clarify rules (just to be annoying ). Phil ended up winning, but it was pretty close. Well, it was close between everyone except Joe.

The Resistance Our Drunk Friends won. Basically they didn’t trust me/Joe/Ryan from the start and it happened to be that we were the spies.

Freedom: The Underground Railroad Joe and I lost, but the game got a lot easier once we figured out we messed up a few rules. I used to hate, hate, hate cooperative games, but now I love many of them. I need the cooperative aspect to be built into the mechanics of the game, like in this game and Hanabi. I bought this game even though it was expensive because it is so fun and challenging!


Paydirt This was the lowest turnout ever (14 people maybe?) because it was moved to a 9 o’clock time slot. Sadly, Joe lost his first game and I went 1-1 with the terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers. My first game was kind of miserable (some men cannot handle losing to me, especially when I know more about the game and real football than they do…) and the second game was just boring. My opponent was friendly and played well, but didn’t take any chances the whole game.

Pirate's Cove Unlike my other game, no one viewed me as a threat, so everyone was surprised when I had 8 points in tavern cards (I think there’s 12 total?). I ended up in second to Faith. This was a pretty fun game, but I only got to sink one ship!

Hanabi Joe and I played to pass some time and did relatively well. cool

Ticket to Ride I have yet to win a shiny gold train- or a yellow flashlight one- and that didn’t change this year. My game was fun and everyone loved my purple trains, so that’s something. Joe also lost in the first heat.

Piece o' Cake This is another WBC tradition. I won twice! Joe usually just eats all of his “cake,” but I try to win some of the competitions.

Ingenious Chris ended up winning and I came in second. That sounds good, but in reality, this game was another miserable experience. I won’t name names, but just a general announcement: don’t talk about me like I’m not there and make fun of my moves (especially when I beat your score). In other news, Joe lost to Meghan…foreshadow alert.

Freedom: The Underground Railroad Joe, Heather, and I tried this game again, and since we played correctly, we had a better chance a winning. We still lost.

Pictionary Drunk friends crushed us. They're so good.


Ra: The Dice Game I came in third but this game was very fun! One player tried for disasters every turn, which is a strategy I haven’t ever seen (and wasn’t effective).

Ticket to Ride I was the oldest person at my table, which is always fun. Joe won and I came in second. He had 8 routes completed and I had 7. Probably the least conflict in TTR ever, though I tried to block Joe, it just didn’t work. purpletrain

Loonacy We played three games (around 5 minutes each) and Heather, Joe, and I all won one game! A great filler game that would be crazy with more players.

Vampire Werewolf Fairies Joe won this cute, short game. It’s similar to Munchkin/Fluxx.

Battle Line I came in second last year, but this year, I went 1-2 in my pool. Joe went 0-3, so it wasn’t a good showing for us!

Perudo I love this event! I came in second and Deb won. My favorite part was that Joe went out in one guess. He’s obviously a liar. 6

Ingenious Joe won his game, and I came in 3rd at my table. One woman at my table is a fellow horse lover, so it was great talking to her about that!


Ra: The Dice Game I came in last. I just couldn’t roll enough pyramids. Joe’s game went on forever (okay, it didn’t start until mine was almost over) and he ended up winning.

Ticket to Ride I didn’t catch the name of the person who won at my table; I just know it wasn’t me! Maybe next year I’ll win a keychain. It’s all I want.

Arena: Roma II Joe and I were lucky to share a table with friends in the crowded open gaming room! I won this game by a lot, so of course I liked it! It was a dice rolling game where dice tell you what you can do that turn.

March Madness The final! I played Andy Lewis and lost by 7. It was a lot of fun because Bruce M. and Harry had a beer bet over who would win and who would get the 3rd place plaque. Harry even made signs rooting against me. I played as well as I could given the circumstances, so I was completely happy with my first plaque: second place!!!!!

Facts in Five I love, love, love this tournament. My dad even participated and it was funny seeing what random guesses were correct and what obvious ones we couldn’t remember. My best categories: candy bars, D&D monsters, and all the ones dealing with countries.

Slapshot Joe won our table, but it was close! Laurie really didn’t want to stay up, and it looked like she was going to win for a while. Sadly, Adam did not even make it on the board! Bonus- I didn’t need to use my approved whine because Andy Lewis didn’t beat me.

Splendor I wanted to play this all week and I finally did! I didn’t win but had so much fun playing with Carmen, Scott, and Lou. I kept joking that I would GM this game if it made it to WBC and I stand by the offer. It’s easy to learn and play and I think it would go over well as a tournament. Plus, prizes could be gems/ pretty rocks of some sort!

Ingenious Somehow I made the semis without winning a single heat, but I chose to go to Pirate’s Cove. Joe won his first game and came home with 3rd place wood, losing to Meghan (payback from a few years ago when his play stopped her from getting a plaque).

Pirate's Cove I lost, which I didn’t really care about. However, it bothered me that one person let her friend win, even though she would have won if she didn’t help her! I guess she was trying to be a good friend, but she wasn’t trying to be a competitive or ethical gamer. Kind of a bummer as my last tournament game.

Battle Line I beat Joe twice while we were waiting for his dad’s GMing duties to end. Finally won this game, but a little too late. Maybe next year.

Overall, this was my best WBC. I played SO MANY games and even took home my first plaque! (Previous 2nd, 3rd, and 6th places weren't good enough.) See you all next year!
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