#GenCantSoloCon 2015
Travis Hill
United States
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Listen to the recap and prize giveaway here.

What is #GenCantSoloCon?
It's the biggest four day solo-con you've never attended at GenCant.

What is GenCant?
It's the unconvention for those who can't GenCon.

What is GenCon?
Well, it's this other convention that a bunch of people are going to.

The 1 Player and Low Player Count Podcasts have enjoyed GenCant, but lamented the fact there wasn't a designated solo component. We thought it would be exceptionally thematic to bring one to GenCant, thus the GenCantSoloCon.

Thursday, July 30 - Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wherever it is you play solo games!


Participating in and completing these unique daily competitions will give participants the most points each day. Each day is a different theme, focusing on the various ways that people might choose to play solo games. These are the primary ways a participant can get points for prizes, but they are not the only way...


The purpose of mini challenges is to give participants other methods to obtain more points while keeping them “on their toes” throughout #gencantsolocon, rewarding those follow along. You'll see postings on our podcast feeds, our guilds, on twitter, and right here.

Follow us on Twitter and this Geeklist throughout the events to find mini challenge postings.


E Play an appropriate game on the designated day. Multiple games can be played multiple times.
E Fill out the short Google Form for each game you play.
E The Google Form is the only way to get points and win.
E Tweet a picture of the endgame. Bonus if you periscope it too!
(This is for fun and entirely unnecessary to win, but you will get bonus points if you do!)
E Attach the appropriate hashtag(s): #gencantsolocon.

Want to plan what you're going to play?
Want to talk about what you have been playing?

Check out this Geeklist!

Thanks to these incredible sponsors for providing games to be given away!

Board Game Publisher: GMT Games
Board Game Publisher: Van Ryder Games
Video Game Publisher: Portal Games
Board Game Publisher: Z-Man Games
Board Game Publisher: Tasty Minstrel Games
Board Game Publisher: Gamewright
Board Game Publisher: Thunderworks Games


Site: 1 Player | Low Player Count
Guilds: 1 Player | Low Player Count
Twitter: 1 Player | Low Player Count
Podcast: 1 Player | Low Player Count

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1. Board Game: Sylvion added by jayelbird on 2015-07-19 15:55:08
2. Board Game: Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island added by travisdhill on 2015-07-16 09:10:29
3. Board Game: Fields of Arle added by travisdhill on 2015-07-16 09:10:00
4. Board Game: Hostage Negotiator added by jayelbird on 2015-07-19 15:57:29
5. Board Game: Hostage Negotiator added by vanrydergames on 2015-07-21 21:37:11