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Christopher DeFrisco
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I am not color blind. I don't purport to understand the frustration and handicap that this presents in life. However, I have seen the frustration first hand as I play with and have friends and family who are color blind. All of the people I know have trouble, in general, distinguishing between red and green (appearing to them as brown).

I discovered a web site called Vischeck (via a geek list) -, which lets you upload images to see how they might appear if you were color blind. It also includes a plug-in for Photoshop! Some of the images below I've created myself, but others I've 'borrowed'. My thanks (and apologies) to the individuals who created the images I've used for this purpose.

There have been quite a number of threads on the BGG concerning this, all with very good information and links to resources. But for those of us who are not color blind I thought it would be enlightening to quickly see what 7-10% of all males and 4% (or less) of females see by manipulating existing images here on the geek. There are different forms of this; an insensitivity to red, green, or both. This list only concentrates on one of those, Deuteranope, an insensitivity to green.

Some great, previous geek lists about this topic:
"ROYGBIV? More like ROY(R/G?)B(dB)(drB)*.": How I Modified My Games So I Could Actually Play Them:
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Games for color blind people to avoid:
Games by color-blind buddy Kevin can play:
Games that use color as the only way to communicate something - not colorblind friendly:
Colorblind unfriendly games:
You don't even have to be colour blind:

The games below I selected based on reading through the geek lists above and from my own experience playing with color blind friends/family. It would be wonderful if games had a color blind rating (if only here on BGG).

NOTE: My grades below are based entirely on what I'm seeing when I convert them, not what I've been told by individuals. Please comment and/or update my initial grades accordingly.

For all of the image pairs below, the image on the left (or top) is the 'normal' view, and the image on the right (or bottom) is the best approximation that technology can provide for what an average person sees who suffers from green insensitivity.

Even though the Vischeck site provides you with ample resources to produce the types of images below, I would be happy to convert anyone's images. One of the items in this list is a screen shot of the Photoshop plug-in. If you know specifics about your (or a loved one's) specific color-blind condition, I would be glad to convert any images for you.
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