2017 Print 'n Play Secret Santa Wishlist
David Call
United States
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This list is for participants in the 2017 Print 'n Play Secret Santa gift exchange.

Please add an item to this list and provide the following details:

1. What games or game themes are you most interested in this year?

2. What games have you put off making for yourself and would love to play?

3. Are there any games or game themes that you prefer not to get?

4. Do you play solitaire games, small group games, large group games or all of the above?

5. Do you play games with children? If so, what ages?

6. Anything else you enjoy or think would help Santa find the right gift for you.

This list will be used by your PnP Santa to select games for you.
The more detail you add, the better for everyone. What you post might give us fellow PnP-ers some new ideas what to ask or what to craft for our own targets.

2017 PnP Secret Santa Gifts Received
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1. Board Game: Secret Santa added by clarinet00 on 2017-10-21 09:50:00
2. Board Game: Secret Santa: Krampus added by A Quiet Bump on 2017-10-21 13:31:40
3. Board Game: Secret Santa added by saranac on 2017-10-21 14:26:01
4. Board Game: 12 Days added by Indy418 on 2017-10-21 15:48:12
5. Board Game: A Charlie Brown Christmas added by soniaandree on 2017-10-22 04:46:03
6. GeekList: 2017 Print 'n Play Secret Santa Wishlist added by kzinti on 2017-10-22 21:07:34
7. Board Game: Spell Saga added by MarkP1981 on 2017-10-23 11:22:15
8. Board Game: Santa Claus is Comin' to Town added by garry_rice on 2017-10-26 20:35:45
9. Board Game: Wishful Thinking added by JohnKean on 2017-10-27 04:51:35
10. Board Game: Silent But Deadly Night added by The_Fezig on 2017-10-28 17:16:03
11. Board Game: Secret Santa added by jdub027 on 2017-10-28 23:11:40
12. Board Game: Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer added by oshiricohn on 2017-10-29 02:16:17
13. Family: Holidays: Christmas added by vialick on 2017-10-30 02:39:39
14. Board Game: into the woods added by YourLoveOnly on 2017-11-03 12:34:16
15. Board Game: The Christmas Game added by ZombieBoard on 2017-11-05 03:42:21
16. Board Game: Stocking Stuffers added by bgarthwaite on 2017-11-05 09:26:13
17. Board Game: Top Secret added by snowden27 on 2017-11-06 22:32:23
18. Board Game: Euro-game added by Bichatse on 2017-11-07 20:52:46
19. Board Game: Santa's Workshop added by belverker on 2017-11-08 15:25:57
20. Board Game: 12 Days of Christmas added by Dimmendarkgirl on 2017-11-09 00:00:23
21. Board Game: Seeking the Gift added by Miss_D on 2017-11-09 12:23:55
22. Board Game: Munchkin Christmas Ornament added by dcall on 2017-11-10 16:00:43
23. Board Game: A Christmas Story Board Game added by jeffrhind on 2017-11-10 19:01:15
24. Board Game: Surprise! added by bmaxwellsmith on 2017-11-10 21:08:59
25. Board Game: Peak Oil added by Peter Loop on 2017-11-11 09:57:04
26. Board Game: Red Aurora added by chansen2794 on 2017-11-13 15:40:16
27. Board Game: U-Build Sorry! added by hasa diga ebowai on 2017-11-13 22:18:14