Public commitment: Not buying new games in 2018
Buddha Meeple
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“It is a civilizational wake-up call. A powerful message—spoken in the language of fires, floods, droughts, and extinctions—telling us that we need an entirely new economic model and a new way of sharing this planet.” ― Naomi Klein
“Climate change has never received the crisis treatment from our leaders, despite the fact that it carries the risk of destroying lives on a vastly greater scale than collapsed banks or collapsed buildings.” ― Naomi Klein
Microbadge: 'When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning' - Dr. Reiner KniziaMicrobadge:  Microbadge: impliesMicrobadge: Microbadge: Existential Nihilist
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New edition is here: 2019 Mindful Spending Challenge !!!

3 years ago I caught myself that I was spending more time planning my game purchases, reading reviews, browsing for a new great game to buy than actually playing them. With two small kids, my playtime is limited, but my appetite was not. This was true for both board games and computer games. I was thinking "that's what I need, that will make my collection complete!". I was buying compulsively and trading away after 1-2 plays, as an unfulfilled promise

That's how the idea for public commitment was born. If you commit to something publicly there is a much better chance you will not weasel out of it. And so I committed to not buying games in 2015 with 50 others. Then in 2016. In 2017 there were 103 of us.

I keep committing because I see it is good for me. I regained tons of time I spent browsing through online stores, review sites (yup, also bgg) and youtube reviews looking for diamonds. I try to make good use of that time - be a better father, read more, exercise. I lost over 25kg and ran a marathon (3:48, yay!). But mostly I learned to pause and think if I really need that next game (or anything else), silencing that voice in my head whispering "buybuybuy". I'm thinking more about the planet I'm leaving to my children.

Of course, I stumble and fall, but that's where public part of commitment jumps in - I try to log my adventures with not buying - and it works. When I impulse-bought a game and was writing an excuse, I realized I can still give it back - and I did.

These are my motivations - but everyone has his own - when you look at last years commitment geeklist you will see there are people who want to save money to renovate their house, enjoy their already big collections or just travel more lightly through life.

I have made a few rules I plan to stick to - they are pretty simple:

* I will not buy or back and board, computer, mobile or roleplaying game.
* I can, but only if they wish so, give games to my wife and daughters.
* I can trade games - I participate in math trade 2 or 3 times a year trading maybe 2 games each time.
* I can get game as presents for birthday and Christmas.

If you think not buying games for a year would be something good for you, make yourself some rules and stick to them (good idea is to post them in your own geeklist entry below). No restrictions there - for example, if you plan to set yourself a limit, that's completely fine (but stick to it !!! ).

I know that jumping in is leaving your comfort zone - it is for me - but just sit with this for one minute, thinking if it would be good for you.

And we have a microbadge: Microbadge: I'm not buying new games for me in 2018 !!!
And we can give it out thanks to generosity of our fellow geeks:

Darren Bezzant
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"Everyone wants to be unique, but no one wants to be different."
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Adam Gordon
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no realy this is blank
LIFE CHOICES: Life is a party. Don't be the pinata.
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1. Board Game: The Game of Shopping at the Supermarket [Average Rating:2.00 Unranked]
Board Game: The Game of Shopping at the Supermarket
Buddha Meeple
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“It is a civilizational wake-up call. A powerful message—spoken in the language of fires, floods, droughts, and extinctions—telling us that we need an entirely new economic model and a new way of sharing this planet.” ― Naomi Klein
“Climate change has never received the crisis treatment from our leaders, despite the fact that it carries the risk of destroying lives on a vastly greater scale than collapsed banks or collapsed buildings.” ― Naomi Klein
Microbadge: 'When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning' - Dr. Reiner KniziaMicrobadge:  Microbadge: impliesMicrobadge: Microbadge: Existential Nihilist
This post is to keep my rules and updates throughout the year

Here are my rules:

* I will not buy or back and board, computer, mobile or roleplaying game.
* I can, but only if they wish so, give games to my wife and daughters.
* I can trade games - I participate in math trade 2 or 3 times a year trading maybe 2 games each time.
* I can get game as presents for birthday and Christmas.


- Found my long lost copy of Cyclades! I lent it to my friend who then moved to another city.
- I participated in Math Trade trading away Colosseum, Robot Turtles, Homesteaders, Takenoko, Pytaki, and Small World Realms and getting Concordia, Battle Line, Bohnanza, Pickomino, Dream Home Sunny St 156 expansion, and Cyclades monuments expansion
- Gave away two children's games that my kids got too old to play

- With 2nd edition of Eclipse coming I bought my wife for our anniversary Rise of the Ancients expansion (and Rftg promo). We are completely fine with 1st edition, but expansions won't see a reprint now.
- Traded away Loopin Louie, mathtraded Notre Dame for Notre Dame 10th Anniversary ;-)

- After a few years of playing, I was game master for the first time in my life (playing The Warren).
- Also, our geeklist was covered in Polish boardgame e-zine Rebel Times (#126, pages 18-19):

- I have been game master again, this time for my wife and her nephews (aged 10 and 14) playing rpg for the first time ever. We played D&D 5, using basic rules. It was a blast! They said they want to play again when they come to sleepover.
- I got so excited about this whole being a gm thing, I have bought Coriolis and Mutant Year Zero...
- I have run my second marathon - not as fast as I wanted but still faster than the previous one (3:43) - but no rewards for me...

- My daughter got Ice Cool for her birthday
- I started to track my game plays again - but I'm not sure about that - sometimes I think it's a great idea (for example it allows me to see what games I haven't played in a long time) but sometimes I feel that it becomes some kind of meta-hobby, excessive and unnecessary

- I'm surfing on RPG wave, game-mastering Coriolis.
- Bit as a part of that I have preordered Vampire: the Masquerade.
- I have also signed up for my first ultra-marathon - Lemkowyna Ultra-trail 70 - it takes place on my birthday, I had to choose that one ;-)

- Progressing through Pandemic Legacy Season 2 campaign

- On Math Trade I traded away Game of Thrones and got Battle for Rokugan. Recently I have played GoT with my friends and it didn't go well. It took many hours, some players were really frustrated as they were not able to recover after the initial beating. I hope BfR will give me similar tension in faster, easier to explain package.

- Almost no energy put toward boardgames. Rpgs are on the rise. I have bought myself Delta Green as a birthday gift and GM-in it.
- I have bought my daughters (who were sick and staying home with me for two weeks) Cardline Animals and Sleeping Beauties on damaged games sale (games with slightly dented boxes for 30% of the price).
- I have run my first ultramarathon (and first mountain run) - Lemkowyna Ultra Trail 70 - and it was amazing! I have already signed up for few other runs and plan to run this one again with my wife next year

- Got Terraforming Mars and Numenera rpg for Christmas.

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2. Board Game: Terraforming Mars: Venus Next [Average Rating:7.64 Unranked] [Average Rating:7.64 Unranked]
Board Game: Terraforming Mars: Venus Next
I'm in!!!
The 2017 list helped me immensely! Although I didn't manage to stick to my rules completely, I did a lot better than I could have imagined at the beginning of the year.

This is an initial idea, so I may change my rules completely before the challenge starts.

My rules for 2018:

1) I may buy up to one tabletop game (tabletop or video) a month from a charity shop (thrift store) if it costs no more than £10 and is worth more than that. This allowance does not carry over from one month to the next.

2a) On top of any charity shop purchases (of which there were 0 in 2017 because the charity shops near me only have rubbish games) I may buy a maximum total of 12 tabletop games (video or table top) or games expansions this year. Promo expansions are not part of this rule and remain unrestricted for now. Arrivals of previously Kickstarted/preordered games do not count towards the 12 limit.

2b) As well as the 12 tabletop games I may also buy a maximum total of 5 video games this year. Video games bought cheap in charity shops count towards this limit. Both physical copies and download video game purchases count towards the 5 limit.

3) No crowdfunding this year, unless it's for charity. If it is for charity, I may not receive any benefit from it, no loopholes.

3a) I may crowdfund the following if I'm willing to sacrifice one of my 12 purchases for something that may not turn up this year: expansions for games I already own, but only as long as I've played the game at least 30 times already WHEN I BACK IT.

3b) I may crowdfund the following if I'm willing to sacrifice one of my 12 purchases for it: seasons of game videos such as Watch it Played. Each such pledge will use one of this year's 12 purchases. I may receive promo cards for this. I may NOT back series I don't watch just because I want the promo cards (this currently limits me to Watch it Played and The Rules Girl).

4) I may trade games without counting them towards the 12 limit. But games bought via maths trade (I give money for someone's offered game) DO count towards the 12 limit.

5) I may only join a maximum of 2 BGG/games related secret santa exchanges for Christmas 2018. Games bought for exchange targets and games received from secret santa exchanges don't count towards the 12 limit.

6) UK 1PG meetup Secret Santa in January is exempt from these rules, doesn't count towards the 12 limit

7) Presents received don't count towards the 12 limit.

8) My tabletop games collection may never exceed 75 base games.

9) I will aim to play, trade or sell the majority of unplayed games in my collection.

10) As the "Stricter rules next year, must buy games now" feeling is kicking in and I'm already over budget for 2017, any games/expansions I order between now (19/12/2017) and January DO count towards the 2018 limit of 12 purchases! (Exception: if I find a game that fits in my charity shop rules which apply for 2017 & 2018. Hasn't happened all year, so I don't think it's likely.) -- Update: this rule stopped me from buying any games in the final weeks of 2017. Phew!

I've got 5 kickstarted games due at some point, although a few of them I kind of wish I hadn't backed at this point. As usual.

I currently own 66 tabletop base games, of which 8 are unplayed according to my specialist definition

Games I'm almost certainly going to buy in 2018:
- Charterstone (bought in March)
- Assassin's Creed: Origins (bought in May as a birthday present to myself)
- Scythe: The Rise of Fenris (received as leaving present from colleagues in October)

Games I'm thinking about:
- Terraforming Mars: Venus Next (tried and didn't love, so not going to bother)
- Gaia Project (tried and didn't love, and my copy of Terra Mystica has barely been played, so don't need the reskin to sit unplayed on my shelf too
- Aeon's End (received as birthday present from my parents)
- Edge of Darkness (EoD is being released via KS, so I almost certainly won't be buying it this year)
- Terraforming Mars: Prelude (bought with money from leaving present from colleagues in October)

1. Galaxy Trucker (FEB)
2. Firefly expansion bundle (FEB)
3. Charterstone (MAR)
4. Xenon Profiteer (APR)
5. Dinosaur Island (APR)
6. Aeon's End: Legacy (Preordered MAY)
7. Trickerion Collector's Edition (Kickstarted JUN)
8. Clank! Expeditions: Gold and Silk (NOV)
9. Luxor (NOV)
10. Azul: Stained Glass of Sintra (DEC)
11. That's Pretty Clever (DEC)
12. Gùgōng (DEC)

1. Rise of the Tomb Raider
2. Assassin's Creed: Origins

1. (FEB) Aeon's End Legacy $290 KS pledge for everything. Backed then cancelled, phew!
2. (FEB) Firefly "bundle" should have been 6 or 7 individual items on the list.
3. (MAR) Bought Rise of the Tomb Raider because it was so discounted on the PS sale. Changed rules to have separate quota for video games, increasing the total number of games I'm allowing myself to buy.
4. (MAR) Kickstarted Daedalus Clank insert. Not technically a game and inserts are allowed, but the KS rule (rule 3) doesn't say no kickstarting games, it says no kickstarting...
5. (APR) Didn't mean to buy Dinosaur Island, but someone was selling the deluxe version. Pink dinosaur meeples! How could I resist?! Fail. Hope I end up liking the game...
6. (MAY) Aeon's End Legacy late pledge via backerkit. Got the base game and REALLY wanted the accessory pack, so now I'm getting the legacy version specifically because there doesn't seem to be another way to get the accessory pack. May need to start making rules about accessories... Fail all round...
7. (JUN) Kickstarted Trickerion Collector's Edition. Broke the Kickstarter rule. Silver lining: it's not a random unproven game, it's a known quality game. And I've played it and enjoyed it. (Although I cracked and backed it as the rules were being explained because it was only an hour from the end of the campaign and as usual I failed to resist the shiny...)
8. (AUG) Brettspiel Adventskalender 2018 Ordered this even though I only want 3 of the promos. BIG OOPS!!! But I'm still allowing myself to consider it "promos, not full game/expansion." Currently don't have the energy to organise selling off the others, but I'll get around to it eventually. (It's not really the planning to sell them that's putting me off, it's the thought of having to post almost 30 promos in November. I'm not great at getting things posted)
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3. Board Game: Android: Netrunner – The Universe of Tomorrow [Average Rating:8.32 Unranked] [Average Rating:8.32 Unranked]
Board Game: Android: Netrunner – The Universe of Tomorrow
United Kingdom
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Microbadge: ZERTZ fan
Woohoo. I'm definitely back 2018the board game cabinet now running out of extra space, so I will need to think about that. Also, there are some major life changes ahead which will certainly have a large impact on gaming per se and thus also on the collection.
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4. Board Game: Everdell [Average Rating:8.05 Overall Rank:46]
Board Game: Everdell
United States
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Microbadge: Lords of Waterdeep fan - HarpersMicrobadge: Aeon's End fanMicrobadge: I'm part of the 2020 Mindful Spending ChallengeMicrobadge: LotR LCG fan - I go ALL IN Questing!Microbadge: Elder Sign fan - Terror
Last year was my first year to try to reduce my game spending. It didn't go as well as I would have liked. For 2017 I tried to allow myself a limited number of games and it didn't work that well. I did make some improvements in understanding what kind of games that we like and trying to be more mindful of my purchases. Here are my goals for the next year:

1. I can only get one new game - Everdell . I will continue to allow expansions for games that we already own (this was my main budget buster last year but I think I now own all of the expansions for the games we have). I do need to be more selective about which expansions I get, many of those that I have bought have either changed the games in a way that we do not like or have gone unplayed. Made it to the end of March before I cracked. shake

2. Come to terms with my Lord of the Rings LCG collection. I have spent a ridiculous amount of money on this game and own the entire card pool. However, I almost never play it. So my challenge for the year is that I will not buy any new content (after the last two adventure packs of the current Haradrim cycle) until I have played through all of the adventure packs and sagas that I already own.

3. Get all of my miniatures painted. I still have unpainted Runebound, Tail Feathers, Mice and Mystics and various other miniatures that need to be finished. I can get whatever supplies I need to finish these, but nothing else with miniatures until these are done.

4. No Kickstarter. Sad that I just got Superbacker, but I really feel that the constant drama of campaigns, the update spam, angst over late shipments and higher prices than retail have turned me off. To help avoid getting sucked back into Kickstarter I have uninstalled the app from my phone and will not be checking in on projects unless I am required to provide information to a creator for shipping.

5. Work on getting my L-Index to 1. This was a measure of game collection utilization I started tracking last year. From last year's post:

Basically the goal is to get 5 plays of each of my games in, which I think gives a very good idea of how I feel about it and how the rules and strategies work. L-Index is the total number of games divided by the number of games with X or more plays, with X being your target play number. Goal L-Index number is 1, which would mean that all of my games have been played at least 5 times.
Current L-Index: 1.666

6. Any game left with five plays or less by the end of 2018 is going to get donated.

I have quite a few Kickstarter games from 2017 that will be delivering next year, so it isn't like I won't have any new games coming in at all. I will not keep a list of games that I want, because that will just remind me of things I probably will have forgotten about already.
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5. Board Game: Advanced Squad Leader [Average Rating:7.98 Overall Rank:276] [Average Rating:7.98 Unranked]
Board Game: Advanced Squad Leader
Jim Fardette
United States
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Microbadge: Commands & Colors: Napoleonics fanMicrobadge: ASL fanMicrobadge: Important announcement about BGG communication!Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level II - If I have seen further, it's only by standing on the apex of other's dice.Microbadge: Avalon Hill fan

Similar rules to last year:

All new games and postage for trades comes out of rolled change.
ASL is the exception; no limits there.
Video Games follow the two out, one in rule.

Starting out the year at +$28 due to a pretty disciplined 2017. The video game portion of this challenge just got a lot harder. Bought a new TV, but needed something pretty to watch on it, so a new XBOX One S. Now I need games... I did watch Avatar and that just jumps off the screen.

Edit: It's been a surprise to me how adding the video game rule has motivated me to get those dusty games out and finally finish them. Maybe next year I will do something similar for boardgames. There is still a lot of shrink wrap on the shelves, even after a couple of years here on this list. But no new games in shrink since I started here, which means I'm being more thoughtful of my purchases, which is what I really wanted to achieve.

Video/Computer games completed
1. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 (yes, I'm a little behind)
2. Plants vs Zombies HD (still behind)
3. Halo 3 (another 10 yr old game)
4. Metal Gear Acid (ditto)
5. Metal Gear Acid 2 (...)
6. X-Com 2 (a new game, how about that!)

Jan 1 - $28
Jan 31 - $53, no non-ASL purchases. One month down, 11 to go!
Feb 28 - $36, rolled $15 but Comancheria was too good to pass up at half price just because the box had been opened. It was on my list so I don't feel too bad. Still on track after 2 months. Need to make some progress on the wall of shame, though.
March 31 - ($14) Picked up Mage Knight from a fellow 1PG member on the trading post. It's been on my list for a while and it's always nice to help our own, but this is still a failure no matter how I justify it. Hopefully the game will be so good I forget my guilt.
April 30 - ($7) Made progress, but a last minute price drop on X-Com 2 got me at the end of the month to push me back into the red. And I just signed up for Origins so it's not getting better this summer.
May 31 - ($69) Total fail. Bought two new used games, Conquest of Paradise and War Time, plus a video game Railway Empire. CoP was on my radar for a while so that might work out, but War Time is much harder to justify. It is such an intense game, and I participated in some early playtesting of it. Very unlikely it will ever hit the table and completely un-soloable. Oh well. It gets worse, Origins is in 12 days.
Origins - ($194) Bought Too Many Bones for too many bones. I got to play 3 games of War Time so at least it has hit the table. Budget wrecked...
June 30 - ($179) I've got such a long way to go, to make it to the border with Mexico.
July 31 - ($175) Not much progress this month, but the only purchase was some more missions for Tower Madness, a little tower defense game that is my go-to time killer on the iPad, so money well spent.
August 31 - ($150) The few who responded to my poll were unanimous in my not spending the bonus on new games so progress was made this month in reducing the deficit.
September 30 - ($130) more steady progress. Got Sagrada with a gift card but saved the receipt. Might re-gift or exchange, or keep. Can't decide. If I hadn't bought Too Many Bones at Origins, I'd be right on track now.
October 31 - ($117) Can't really call it progress when I got a game plus two expansions, but it was mostly gift money. It seems the poll was premature since the bonus came in the form of gift cards. Hopefully I can get my deficit below $100 for the new year, and carry the burden forward until I work it off.
November 30 - ($107) Not much saving, and plenty of spending. Went to the NY ASL Tourney in Albany this month. Bought Blood and Jungle, Into the Rubble modules.
December 24 - ($82) No purchases this month, and so busy the rest of the year that I feel comfortable closing it out. I can't claim anything other than a fail, since I finished the year $110 below my goal. It all came down to a single weak day at Origins, when I got drawn into Too Many Bones, which I've only played a few times and can't really say I love, it's just OK. Maybe next year I will do better! See you all in 2019.

Wall of Shame (shrink/unpunched)
Knights of the Air
Schatze des Dunklen Turmes
Galaxy Trucker Missions
Dungeon Lords - Festival Season
[-]Bitter Woods

Stalingrad Pocket
Castle Panic - Wizard's Tower sold
Field Commander Rommel
Axis & Allies Europe
Leaving Earth -Outer Planets
Star Wars Queen's Gambit
Forgotten War - sold
Prussia's Glory II
Victory in Europe
Mage Knight

One other problem with this list. As my game collection slowly shrinks, the average quality of the games that remain rises. There are still only so many hours in a day, and I don't seem to get the majority of them to the table even once a year. The decisions on what to sell keep getting tougher... and so do the decisions on what to play.

Dang, and things had been going so well... spent a couple hours at the mall while getting work done on my car. Made it out unscathed, but having visited the game store I decided to check prices online while in possession of an Amazon gift card. Bad move. Scythe and two expansions are now on the way. Only $12 towards my budget since I don't count gifts, but geez I thought I was doing OK when I walked out of the mall empty-handed.
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6. Board Game: Resistor_ [Average Rating:6.56 Overall Rank:5022]
Board Game: Resistor_
Lola S
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Microbadge: Owner of Too Many GamesMicrobadge: I'm part of the 2020 Mindful Spending ChallengeMicrobadge: Gravity Falls fanMicrobadge: Battlestar Galactica fanMicrobadge: Coffee drinker
I am in for 2018!

* In 2018 I will buy no more than 4 base games.
* I can buy 4-6 expansions for games that get played often.
* I can buy up to 3 RPG books and up to 3 video games
* I can buy up to 1 cycle for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.
(In the latter half of the year.)
* I will end the year with no more than 150 base games in the collection.
(I started at 155. If 5 come in then 10 go out)
* Birthday and Christmas presents don't count.
(I typically receive a game on each occasion.)
* I can do local no-ship trades.
* My total annual budget for gaming is $550.00.

1. One Night Ultimate Werewolf
2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Board Game
3. Neanderthal
4. Mansions of Madness: Second Edition

In 2017 I bought 7 base games. The plan worked well and it wasn't that hard to stick to. I can do better. I need to make it a little harder. My initial rules version had 5 base games. Then I received a crazy bounty of games for Christmas so I've cut it down to 4 to keep the underplayed games in check a little. I have also added a limit to the number of expansions I can buy. Theoretically the "expansions for games that get played often" rule should be enough there but I purchased a few questionable ones last year.

I bought no RPG's last year as that was my rule. I really wanted to buy one or two. Particularly I wanted to buy a print and play kids game to play with the nieces and nephews. This year I can buy up to 3 including that PnP.

Video games:
Video games are not a problem for me. I hardly ever play them.I bought 3 last year and hardly played any of them. It's just an area of culture I feel I miss out on. Even though it's unnecessary it's also quite harmless. The total outlay last year was $24.00. For the same 3 games limit this year the cost might be higher because the "Call of Cthulhu" game might finally come out.

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Board Game: Two out of Three
Steve Blackwell
United Kingdom
East Sussex
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Microbadge: Flamme Rouge fanMicrobadge: Azul fanMicrobadge: Lamp Light Games "Nautilus Industries" Contest participantMicrobadge: Queen Games Kingdom Builder Giveaway Contest participantMicrobadge: The Crew: The Quest For Planet 9 fan
It’s funny how we all commit to not buying games by having provisos for buying games.

I gave up buying games last Christmas but managed to buy some, mostly around Essen and a couple KSs paid for before that Christmas.

This year I am planning on being harsher. These are my only exceptions:

1 Already pre-ordered North American Railways reprint by Surprised Stare Games

2 Already committed to QE (Quantative Easing) KS in 2018, but could drop out if I don’t like the graphic design of it - fun auction game

CC2 Reserve right to buy CO2 2nd ed. - I have the 1st

Any future expansions for Flamme Rouge don’t count!

Am I worthy of the Microbadge...?


EDIT: I will get games only as presents as a way to meet the requirement of the geeklist and microbadge!

Now I’ve got to break it to my partner... cry
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8. Board Game: Ready or Not [Average Rating:0.00 Unranked]
Board Game: Ready or Not
James Cartwright
United Kingdom
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Back again for another year. So didn't do to bad in 2017 better than 2016 I think although I did slip some what towards the end of the year. Don't have any rules right now will come up with some in the new year.


1) No buying or backing any new games this year with a few exceptions -

(The Unbroken game looks very interesting and something I would certainly play so I might back the KS if not to expensive)
(Any KS that adds an expansion to games my family and I own and play frequently may be backed)
(Buying Imperial Settlers: We Didn't Start The Fire as enjoy playing this game solo and with family)

2) Trades are okay but I have cut my wishlist right back and dropped a lot of games that I had on there for reasons such as 'looks cool', 'Don't have a game by that Designer' etc.

Update: Traded Jaipur for Elder Sign: Unseen Forces.

Update: Birthday yesterday, got Ticket to Ride Map Collection: Volume 5 – United Kingdom & Pennsylvania, Clank!: Sunken Treasures and Caverna: Cave vs Cave.

Update: Oh dear, it's only February and I have already broken my no backing rule. Have backed Donning the Purple and The Big Score, both have solo rules and the second one is by Van Ryder Games and A J Porfirio and I really enjoy Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave. I have also just heard they are kick-starting Crisis again, which is one I missed backing a couple of years ago.

Update: Oh, didn't realize I hadn't done an update since February blush, well here's what has been happening since then, I've traded FUSE for Cacao, sold HeroQuest: Wizards of Morcar and bought Clank!: The Mummy's Curse with some of the money, sold some Conan Collectible Card Game and bought Raiders of the North Sea with the money. Raiders was so good I have decided to pre-order the solo expansion for it. I have also backed Unbroken, Crypt and Villagers. I mentioned in my rules I would probably back Unbroken and the other two where cheap (around £20 each Inc shipping) and can be played solo. I have decided not to buy Imperial Settlers: We Didn't Start The Fire as it just didn't seem as good as previous expansions.

Update: Been a while since I've done an update but that's because I got a new job and so for the last 3 - 4 months although I've had more money I just haven't had the time to play games let alone buy new ones
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9. Board Game: Unbroken [Average Rating:5.66 Overall Rank:5084]
Board Game: Unbroken
Anne Skelding
United States
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I think this is finalized now. I reserve the right to make edits through the end of 2017, but I think I have to say that any edits I make during 2018 may not increase what I'm allowed to buy. Decreasing only.

This is my public commitment to not buy BOARD GAMES, VIDEO GAMES, RPGs, or BOOKS in 2018, with some allowed exceptions, and the rules thereof.

First and foremost, I am automatically allowed to:
- back the Unbroken Kickstarter (estimated March 2018)
- buy Urbion IF AND ONLY IF it gets the beautiful 2nd edition reprint it deserves
- back Aeon's End: Legacy (estimated Feb-March 2018) because HELL YEAH
- buy books needed for school and/or book club
- buy Roll Player and Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game, if and only if I see it in my FLGS

With the above exceptions, I will not buy any games at all before April 1, 2018.

After that time, once per month I may do ONE thing from this list. I may not spend more than $100 because wtf, that's ridiculous. If at any point a game comes out that is so amazing I simply have to have it, I must do so at the expense of game(s) from this list equal to the cost of the game I want to buy. If I do not have the money on this list to do that, I cannot buy it.
- any game from my wishlist, if and only if I see it at my FLGS
- participate in a Geek Exchange
- buy an expansion/DLC for a game I already own

Lastly, I will not buy any new books this year with the following exceptions:
- books in a series I have already started
- books by the following authors, ONLY if they are standalones. No buying the start of a new series, even if it's by these favored five: Martha Wells, N.K. Jemisin, Neil Gaiman, Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant, Tamora Pierce

For me, this is about saving money, not limiting my collection. I am not limited in the games/books I receive as gifts. I can trade, Math Trade, participate in giveaways, etc. as much as I like.
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10. Board Game: Gaffes & Promises [Average Rating:6.67 Unranked]
Board Game: Gaffes & Promises
Caleb Bunch
United States
New York
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I commit not to purchase any games in 2018. My shelf of shame has grown significantly, and I am anticipating that it will get larger when Christmas arrives.

Here are my personal rules.

1. There will be no purchasing of any games (new or used) in 2018.
2. I will not ask for games as gifts, but will accept them if people want to give them.
3. I will not create any "Want" Geeklists or other lists that would result in my acquisition disorder to kick in.
4. I will participate in, at most, three math trades.

After reading some of the other entries, I have decided it would be a good idea for me to give myself some other attainable goals that would allow me to purchase a game. However, if I do reach any of these goals, I will still have to follow the 1 in = 1 out rule.

1. If I get down to 170 lbs and stay there for at least 30 days - bonus 1 game.
2. If I finish the third book in my trilogy - bonus 1 game.
3. If I am able to read 52 full length books again this year - bonus 1 game.

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11. Board Game: For Sale [Average Rating:7.22 Overall Rank:294]
Board Game: For Sale
The Redheaded Pharmacist
United States
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Boardgame Collection Control Plan 2018!

My collection has grown too large. I buy too many games. Even though I play regularly I’m still at a point where my collection needs to stabilize.

This won’t be a strict no purchase goal. It’s not realistic for me and honestly if I meet some of these goals it will be fine if I add some games. These goals aren’t set in stone and could be edited or changed.

I hope it’s ok for me to add my personal challenge to this list even though it’s not a true self ban of all game purchases. My intentions were to write out my goals for next year and hold myself accountable for what I’m actually spending on this hobby.

Sell or donate. I need to get rid of some unplayed or under played games. This is my top priority for 2018 so I listed it first.

Limit Kickstarter purchases. I’m a Kickstarter junkie. I probably can’t go 2018 without backing anything. But I can limit those purchases and be more selective with which campaigns I choose to support.

Play what I own. I’ve actually done really well this year at playing my collection. This doesn’t mean I don’t have neglected games and certainly anything new needs to hit the table at least a few times.

Expansions. I’m bad about feeling the pressure to buy expansions for the games I own. If I love the game that’s fine but I don’t need expansions for games I haven’t fully explored the base game.

LOTR:LCG. I have a ton of content for this LCG. There’s no need to buy more. I need to play through what I have and enjoy that first.

Free Shipping Trap. I need to resist ordering up to free shipping if I only wanted one game anyway. I may utilize MM’s hold order feature to save a running order when I see deals until I reach free shipping.

To hold myself accountable I will list all new purchases and sales.

January 2018 Games Purchased/Acquired:

Board Game: Postcard Dungeons

January 2018 Games Sold/Donated:


January 2018 Games Delivered:

Board Game: Vast: The Crystal Caverns

Board Game: Mythic Battles: Pantheon

Board Game: Darkest Night (Second edition)

That’s it for now. It’s time for me to seriously work on my collection to get it manageable. Good luck to everyone else! meeple
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12. Board Game: Null & Nichtig [Average Rating:6.02 Overall Rank:6049]
Board Game: Null & Nichtig
Eric Francis
United States
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Okay, I really need to do this. So here goes. My rules:

1) I cannot buy a new game unless I play 25 of my unplayed games (which number around 80). Then I may buy one game.

2) If I take part in a trade, it must not involve receiving game I have not played.

3) Gifts are okay, but I will not actively ask for a game as gift. They must be spontaneous.

4) If I get a new job in 2018, I may buy myself one game.

5) If I lose 50 pounds in 2018, I may buy myself one game.

Thanks for your support, everyone, and I'm glad to provide mine!

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13. Board Game: Finished! [Average Rating:6.78 Overall Rank:2476]
Board Game: Finished!
Brandon Waite
United States
Johnson City
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Listen to the Solosaurus Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, and YouTube!
Microbadge: Solitaire GamerMicrobadge: I love solo gaming!Microbadge: Solosaurus podcast fanMicrobadge: 1 Player Guild - Together We Game AloneMicrobadge: I support 10x10 games challenge participants
Until this year, I've done a good job keeping my collection in check. Now, I find myself neglecting the good things I already have in order to plot my next purchases. I think this could help me detox and refocus my priorities.

So, here are my rules for 2018:

1. No new game purchases for myself.

2. I may request games for birthdays and Christmas.

3. I will participate in the BGG Secret Santa.

4. I may purchase up to 3 expansions, 1 for every 10 pounds I lose this year.
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14. Board Game: Spend Government Spend [Average Rating:8.00 Unranked]
Board Game: Spend Government Spend
United States
Da Burbz
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Oh, you can stand it alright.
Microbadge: Lexicon RPG fanMicrobadge: High Frontier fan - Your trip ends here!Microbadge: Labyrinth Lord RPG fan

Last year I became an Iron Cheapskate by buying new games only with money earned from selling old games. This was successful but did not actually shrink my collection much. This year I am going to continue with Iron Cheapskate but limit my total new purchases to 12 games for the whole year.

blushsurprise!!8 of these are already picked out!!blushsurprise

7 Rules for Highly Frugal Berbils

1> No new money for games

2> No more than 12 games purchased

3> PNP games will not count toward the 12, but will count towards the $

4> Gifts will not count toward either restriction

5> Games bought/budgeted for in 2017 arriving in 2018 likewise applied

6> Games that do not arrive but were bought/budgeted in 2018 shall count

7> Gift cards that are not game-store specific are not to be used as "gifts" for the purposes of this exercise.

Litany of Covetous Intent

1 > Pax Emancipation
2 > Wir Sind Das Volk & 2+2 Expansion
3 > 18NW
4 > 1883
5 > Leaving Earth: Stations
5'> Lords of the Middle Sea
6 > Pax Transhumanity
7 > BIOS: Origins

8 > Winsome 2018
8'> Airships at War
9 > Dune (AH)
10> Dragon Pass
11> Sea Evil Halloween Magazine #3
12> Tenkatoistu

13> Profiteers
14> Senators
15> One False Step

16> Nectar Collector (trade)
17> Save the Whales (board only)
19> Cthulhu 500 (gift)
20> X-Men Under Siege (gift)
21> 18USA (gift)
22> 1879 GIFT (gift)
23> Dungeon Degenerates + Expansions (gift)
24> Cataclysm (gift)
25> Heroquest: Glorantha (gift)
26> Glorantha Sourcebook (gift)
27> Rules Cyclopedia (gift)

Final Thoughts
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15. Board Game: Brass: Lancashire [Average Rating:8.15 Overall Rank:18]
Board Game: Brass: Lancashire
Gavin Kenny
United Kingdom
Nr Godalming
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I'm going to add myself to this list. I was already looking to do something similar since my collection is so large, so its probably a good idea for my to join the list.

The Rules

* I will not buy any new games during 2018 with the following exceptions.

a) Buying large expansions for Game of Thrones LCG (2nd ed) is allowed
b) Buying expansions for an existing game I have is allowed
c) I am going to Essen in 2018 and I am allowed to buy 4 games there.
d) Games I have purchased on KS in 2017 arriving in 2018 do not count
e) For every game I successfully sell / give to charity in 2018, I may buy a game of equal box size.


Games Bought

1. Everdell - bought on KS in Jan-18 (medium square box)
2. Edge of Darkness - bought on KS in Mar-18 (medium-large rectangle box)
3. Dice Throne Season 2 - bought on KS Mar-18 (4 small boxes)
4. Factory Funner - bought on KS Apr-18 (medium box)
5. Imperious - pre-ordered after KS Campaign May-18 (small / medium box)
6. Black Rose Wars - bought on KS May-18 (two large boxes)
7. 18Lilliput - bought on KS-Jun-18 (small-medium box)
8. Snowdonia Master Edition - bought on KS- Aug-18 (medium / large box)
9. Hellenicna - bought on KS - Sep-18 (large box)
10. Tiny Epic Mechs - bought on KS - Oct-18 (Small box)
11. Keyforge - bought a bunch on decks in Nov-18
12. Barrage - bought on KS - Nov-18 (Medium-Large box)

Games Sold

1. Vabanque - sold (medium small box)
2. Tutenkhamun - sold (medium thin box)
3. Dragon's Gold - sold (small box)
4. Outpost - sold (medium large box)
5. Manhatten - sold (medium box)
6. Colt Express - sold (large box)
7. Harbour - sold (small box)
8. What's he Building in here? (large box)

Games Gifted to Charity

1. Master Labyrinth - Feb-18 (medium thin box)
2. 221b Baker Street - Feb-18 (long thin box)
3. City - Feb-18 (long thin box)
4. 6 Billion - Feb-18 (Thick medium square box)
5. Sizzimizzi - Feb-18 (Medium rectangular box)
6. Carcassone - Oct-18 (Given to a friend)
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16. Board Game: Brasil [Average Rating:7.75 Unranked]
Board Game: Brasil
Peter De Carvalho
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Microbadge: Tea drinkerMicrobadge: I'm not buying new games for me in 2018 Microbadge: BGG Weight Loss Challenge participant - Winter 2017Microbadge: Out of the ooze and born to cruise!
I had been thinking of doing this for a while now. I’d even come up with a set of rules a few days ago!

1) a maximum of 2 game acquisitions or kickstarters backed in 2018.
2) expansions to games that I already have are exempt (within reason... I’m waiting on the reprint for Downwood Tales).
3) gifts for Christmas and birthday are exempt.
4) anything from Sierra Madre is exempt (I’m tired of having to hunt for Phil Elkund releases after the fact).
5) I participate in the BGG weight loss challenges. If I successfully complete a challenge (6% weight loss), I can add 1 game to my rule #1.

I want to focus on enjoying what I have, enjoying time with my family, and getting back my healthy lifestyle that I’ve lost over the past 5 years.

Thanks for making this list!
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17. Board Game: Crazy Eights [Average Rating:4.38 Overall Rank:18928]
Board Game: Crazy Eights
Rich Moore
United States
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Microbadge: Defeats Children Without MercyMicrobadge: I throw out useless expansion boxesMicrobadge: I'm the GM - I'm the decider!Microbadge: I drink while I play gamesMicrobadge: I Store Game Boxes On Their Side
I've participated in this list for 2 years now (2016 and 2017). Here's what I've found out:
1 Limiting game purchases means I avoid impulse buying;
2 Desire for a game CAN wear out (usually 4-6 months), but games that hold interest end up being better purchases;
3 Buying fewer games has increased my enjoyment of games I currently own;
4 Buying fewer games means fewer expansions which equals less spending overall.

If you desire any of these outcomes, I highly recommend participating. You don't have to go cold can just limit your purchases to a reasonable number.

Here are my rules:
d10-1 Buy only 8 NEW board games in 2018 (any source including kickstarter; this is 2 fewer than last year)
Purchased 8
d10-2 Sell/gift at least 10 games in my collection in 2018;
Sold 9
d10-3 No strict limit on expansions for games I currently own;
d10-4 Games received as gifts (including from gift money) don't count [but I will try to keep these less than 5].
2 gift games

It helps me to keep a running wish-list, as well as lists of games that fell off the list, just so I can see how many games I managed to avoid, and I'll use those lists here.

1) New Games in 2018 (Goal: 8 or fewer)
d10-1 Spirit Island (added 2/18; bought 3/18; a little hasty with this purchase, but interest had only grown over 2 months)
d10-2 Dinosaur Island (added 1/18; backed 4/18; will definitely stick with this, the KS with expansion looks great, theme is attractive, and I don't have many worker placement games)
d10-2 Hellboy (added 1/18; backed 5/18; Yeah, for a Hellboy fan, this will do...this will do...)
d10-4 Champions of Midgard (On originally 12/15 and removed 4/16; bought 6/18 at Origins after playing; I think it was a good buy, but I probably shouldn't have bought the "deluxe" edition, and technically I did wait 2 and 1/2 years!)
d10-5 Death may die [added 5/18; backed 7/18; looks like a nice dungeon crawler twist on the Cthulhu theme)
d10-6 Root(added 6/18; bought 8/18; yeah, kind of an impulse buy, but my interest was strong; I have not been disappointed...I really like this game!)
d10-7 Reavers of Midgard (added 10/18; backed 11/18; It is a bit of an impulse buy, unfortunately. Only worry is that it means I have two “Midgard” games so only one gets played. This just looks more of a “mature” design and might fill a gap in slightly heavier Euro games in my collection)
d10-1 Indian Summer (added 10/17; bought 12/18; over a year waiting and interest was still strong.)

2) Games received as gifts (count outside the 8)
d10-1 Pictomania (added 6/18, gift 12/18; played more and it's a nice family game, especially if you leave out the more cut-throat rules or use only clues appropriate to the age group)
d10-2 Terraforming Mars(added 1/18; off 3/18; gift 12/18; I let myself be okay with this, as long as it was a gift. My friend has a copy, but I'm finding the solo variant enjoyable)

3) Games sold/gifted in 2018 (Goal: 10)
d10-1 Castle Ravenloft (sold 2/18)
d10-2 Arkham Horror LCG (sold 3/18; I decided that I don't have the time or money to devote to this, especially since I have other games waiting in the wings like LoTR LCG)
d10-3 Shadows of Brimstone Colonel Scafford and Plague rats (sold 3/18; these were copies I got through the kickstarter that I accidentally bought retail versions of).
d10-4 Myrmes (sold 3/18; though I like the concept, it doesn't get played...perhaps too "euro" for my tastes.)
d10-5 Temple of Elemental Evil (sold 4/18; continuing to reduce my number of D&D adventure's a great way to get more space!)
d10-6 Wiz-War (sold with expansions 9/18; I hadn’t played it in years and had never played the neede a better home)
d10-7 Ghost Stories and all expansions (sold 10/18; a classic, but also a game I haven’t played in years; I’ve got so many coop games I’d rather play!; truly a lesson in letting go though)
d10-8 A House Divided(10/18; leaves a hole since I don't have a CW game, but I never really played this, so needed to go.)
d10-9 Thunderstone advance (11/18; My entire collection up on Ebay now...I just don't play it and it's taking up good shelf space!)

4) Games I'm considering purchasing in 2018
d10-1 Betrayal Legacy (added 5/18; I'm not that into legacy games, but this I feel has great potential. Definitely a wait and see, though)

5) Games fallen off the wishlist in 2018 (these are games I avoided impulse buying and fell off my wishlist with patience and time).
d10-1 Dead men tell no tales (added 1/18; off 2/18 Almost pulled into impulse buy with kickstarter, but have resisted, interest is minimal)
d10-2 Terraforming Mars(added 1/18; off 3/18; My friend has a copy and I think I can be happy playing with him and not having to own a copy for myself...though if someone wanted to give to me as a gift, I wouldn't refuse!)
d10-3 Zombicide Invader (added 3/18; off 4/18; Interest is gone...I've got plenty of miniatures heavy coop games; also, not particularly drawn by the space theme for this one)
d10-4 The Mind (added 6/18, off 6/18; the more mixed reviews I hear, the more I feel this isn't for me)
d10-5 Heroes of Terrinoth(added 6/18; off 7/18; I passed when it was Warhammer Quest, and feel I can pass on this; better to just play Runebound which has been collecting dust on my shelf.)
d10-6 Carnival Zombie 2nd edition (added 3/16, off 8/16, back on 1/18; Off 8/18; Okay, I think I'm done with this finally, regardless if the KS ever comes out; I've got more coop games than I need, and the desire to play some of those [like Spirit Island] is much greater than the desire to ever play this, let alone own it; Good riddance!) Update 4/19: Dammit, I backed it on KS!
d10-7 Lincoln (added 11/18, off 12/18; I know I won't play it much...interest gone.)
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18. Board Game: Cold Turkey [Average Rating:3.96 Unranked]
Board Game: Cold Turkey
I'll join in as well as a way to focus on a number of great games I have that I haven't played enough of.

I find it easier to do things like this cold turkey, so my rule is simply not to purchase, Kickstart, or trade any games whatever this year.
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19. Board Game: Advanced Squad Leader [Average Rating:7.98 Overall Rank:276] [Average Rating:7.98 Unranked]
Board Game: Advanced Squad Leader
Frederic Manson
Bouches du Rhone
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I am in.

I found that I purchased games only by compulsion. And how many were really played?? Only 2!! And very small ones!!

So, the rules for 2018:


#2 no new games, except for Bios:Origins, the 3rd edition of Greenland, and MAYBE Bios: Megafauna 2. Expansions for already possessed games are authorized (Baseball games only).

#3 if I am done/down with games (board games, war games and RPGs), then I give & sell them all. I don't want to lose my time, my life, again, on forums, for nothing.

#4 RPG in PbF are okay as long as I could be player/GM and that the interest is still there.

As a player, I have to play my games, not just search, look, chit-chat, and spend a ton of lost money on games I will never play. It's a total non-sense.

If I am frankly, really frankly done with BG/WG, then I go completely COLD TURKEY.

[big edit]
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20. Board Game: Don't Crack [Average Rating:9.85 Unranked]
Board Game: Don't Crack
Arhan Bakan
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Favourite Cartoon Character!
Microbadge: 'When playing a game, the goal is to win, but it is the goal that is important, not the winning' - Dr. Reiner KniziaMicrobadge: Cosmic Encounter fan - Colony for a Colony?Microbadge: Video Game Programmer
Here goes my rules:

I may only buy 1 game in 2018.

Selling a game does not mean I can buy a game to replace it.

I may buy up to 5 expansions to games I already own, along with any sleeves necessary. Expandalone games do not fall into this category.

I may participate in trades, but I won't trade out any game I haven't played yet.

I may participate in Secret Santa 2018, this won't count against the first rule.

In 2018, I will try to play every game I own and haven't played yet at least once.

I'll add rules if I come up with anything new. 2017 was a year of buying a lot and playing a lot, but I do realize that I need to slow down on my purchases and enjoy what I have.

Games Bought: 18/1 !!!!

Australian Rails - 13.02.2018

Dogs of War - 13.02.2018

Santiago - 05.03.2018

Han - 08.03.2018

Carcassonne: Gold Rush - 17.04.2018

Stick 'Em - 17.04.2018

China Rails - 17.04.2018

Oh My Goods! - 17.04.2018

Nippon Rails - 09.07.2018

Montage - 17.08.2018

The Mind - 17.08.2018

Circus Flohcati - 22.09.2018

Tempus - 24.10.2018

Colonial: Europe's Empires Overseas - 24.10.2018

Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends - 02.12.2018

Concordia - 07.12.2018

London (Second Edition) - 14.12.2018 (Secret Santa)

The Lost Expedition - 14.12.2018 (Secret Santa)

Expansions Bought: 4/5

Agricola: Artifex Deck - 12.01.2018

Power Grid: The New Power Plant Cards - 12.04.2018

VivaJava Geekspansion - 22.09.2018

Agricola: Bubulcus Deck - 26.10.2018

Games in my collection I've yet to play for the first time: 12
Hoity Toity, Bring Your Own Book, Tempus, The Bridges of Shangri-La, Combat Commander: Europe, Goths Save The Queen, China Rails, London (Second Edition), Montage, Colonial: Europe's Empires Overseas, Tash-Kalar: Arena of Legends and Tin Goose.

Games in my collection I've played that were not played before 2018: 19
Santiago, Chicago Express, Gremlins Inc, Han, Australian Rails, Dogs of War, Bear Valley, Saboteur, The Lords of Rock: Mosh Pit, Broom Service: The Card Game, Lowdown, Carcassonne: Gold Rush, Oh My Goods!, The Mind, Circus Flohcati, Stick 'Em, The Lost Expedition, Nippon Rails and VivaJava: The Coffee Game.

UPDATE (08.03.2018): Essentially, I failed to hold on to my promise. However, I'm fairly certain that this is the end of 2018 for me in terms of board game shopping. The main reason being a mandatory military service that'll take 6 months out of the year, where I'll have no access to my games. I'll be back by November, and I'm seriously considering dropping out of Secret Santa as a punishment for me shooting off the target so soon.

UPDATE (30.04.2018): Well, I purchased 4 more games but in my defense, Amazon Germany was removing its free shipping to Turkey so games will be much more expensive from now on. I just squeezed one last shipment through. This is my last purchase for sure.

UPDATE (22.09.2018): Apparently, I'm still able to buy more games even while I'm doing my military service. The good news is, I'm set to go home in a month to enjoy all these games that I've been buying this whole year instead of keeping my wallet in my pocket. The economic crisis that Turkey has been going through didn't help either.

UPDATE (24.10.2018): OK, maybe this challenge was not suitable for me.
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21. Board Game: The Hard War [Average Rating:6.44 Unranked]
Board Game: The Hard War
The Witcherlorian
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Want something fun to read - Check out My Top 100 the 2019 Edition!
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Okay so I am back for my 2nd successive year after a total and utter fail last year. I couldn't last 3 months and ended up spending just over $6,000 (about $4K US).

That's insane. It also means I didn't play some of my Shelf of Shame Games either because of the new shiny. With the big games coming in from Kickstarter in 2018, I just have to stop the blood flow here. One thing I did realise though is that going cold turkey gets the same result as a hard core just doesn't work.

So with that in mind...

My Rules

Microbadge: Dungeon Fighter fan I can buy no more than 10 games for the year.

Microbadge: Dungeon Fighter fan I can buy expansions for any games I currently own but I must play them in 2018. Miniature expansion packs\promos are an exception here as they don't always get used with every play.

Microbadge: Dungeon Fighter fan My total game spending budget cannot exceed $1,200 dollars. This is only for new base games and doesn't include things like miniatures painting services and auxillary items (dice towers etc). If I reach this total before the 10 games as listed in Goal #1 then I am cut off. So it is a case of whichever of Goals #1 and #3 I reach first.

Microbadge: Dungeon Fighter fan Buying games for my partner is an exception but not a cheat, as her sweet spot is quite different to mine.

Microbadge: Dungeon Fighter fan Kickstarter (the hard one). I am not allowed to back more than 3 Kickstarters for the year. This will hopefully make me very focused on what I really 'need' or is just too good a deal to pass up.

EDIT - I made a slight modification to this one in mid Jan. It is now 5 large kickstarters and 3 mini-games. But the total spend of $1,200 is still maintained.

Microbadge: Dungeon Fighter fan I can participate in Math Trades, Chains of Generosity and Auctions but I am not allowed to move on games that I haven't played or reviewed. Money spent in Math Trades or Auctions count towards the $1,200 budget.

I have not bought the 2017 MB because I didn't earn it. I'm hoping to be able to add the 2018 MB to my collection in 12 months time.

Okay let's make 2018 the year of willpower. You can do it Thomson!!!!
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22. Board Game: Mission Impossible [Average Rating:5.57 Unranked]
Board Game: Mission Impossible
Evan Scussel
United States
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I was it in 2017 and I didn't come close to my expectations. My goal was to play every game in my collection twice. Then, and only then, could I buy new games. This was both a success and a failure.

It was a failure because I still have nine games in my collection that have never been played twice: T.I.M.E Stories, Fury of Dracula (Third/Fourth Edition), ZhanGuo, Signorie, Arkwright, Russian Railroads, Asgard, 1846: The Race for the Midwest and The Voyages of Marco Polo. In addition, I purchased or acquired via Kickstarter 40!!! new games in 2017.

However, here's the good news. I think this geek list saved me from at least 20 more purchases. And of the 40 games I bought in 2017, those games were played a cumulative 164x!! That's 4.1 plays per game, so I'm doing something right. At least I'm not buying and things are sitting on the shelf in shrink.

My goal for 2018 is no more than 18 new games. I also plan to sell quite a few from my collection at Dice Tower Con to fund my acquisitions. I would like my collection to grow by no more than 10 games, net. Here are my rules...

1. I can only buy a new game if it is less than $40 or part of a daily/weekly sale at one of my favorite OLGS.

2. I am allowed to buy expansions for games currently owned (which I need to include to keep up with Arkham Horror: The Card Game).

3. I can use a gift card to buy a game of any price, assuming my cost after applying the gift card doesn't exceed $40.

4. I cannot spend more than $100 per month on games or gaming accessories.

We will see how this goes! I'll update this post as the year goes along.

EDIT: November 25, 2018

I tend to track this list by listing the number of games in my collection that I have not played twice (games I have only played once are denoted with an asterisk). 2018 acquisitions are in italics.

Games played 2x or less

T.I.M.E Stories
Fury of Dracula (Third/Fourth Edition) Sold
ZhanGuo Sold
Signorie (traded away)
Sleeping Queens
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Battle*
Rise to Nobility* (traded away)
1830: Railways & Robber Barons*
Agricola (Revised Edition)
Splendor: Cities of Splendor
Gaia Project
Pixie Queen Played 3x, then sold
Tybor the Builder
Broom Service
Trick of the Rails Sold
London (Second Edition)
The Fox in the Forest
John Company
Castell* Played once, then sold
Exit: The Game – The Abandoned Cabin
Agra Traded away after two plays
Heaven & Ale Played twice, then sold
Porta Nigra*
Dominant Species
Ladder 29 Played twice, then sold
The Bottle Imp*
Sluff Off!
Ponzi Scheme* Played once, then sold
Mare Nostrum: Empires
Dice Forge
Brass: Birmingham
Monster Crunch! The Breakfast Battle Game
Dice Throne: Season One
Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game
Archaeology: The New Expedition
Trekking the National Parks: Second Edition*
Reef Encounter
The Estates
Gold West*
Fuji Flush
Prowler's Passage
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23. Board Game: Fantastiqa: The Rucksack Edition [Average Rating:7.00 Overall Rank:1830]
Board Game: Fantastiqa: The Rucksack Edition
United States
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Men's Rights Activist
The American Patriarchy ~ Keeping the Lights On for 100 Years! Thanks Guys!
Microbadge: BGG.CON attendeeMicrobadge: I'm a BGG zealot!Microbadge: BGG@SeaMicrobadge: Ernie and I go way back. We were all sepia in those days...Microbadge: BGG.Con
I'm glad to be back!

I didn't do so well in 2017; I pledged to only buy 2, and I clocked in at 13. But, that was still a heck of a lot better than not trying at all!

So this year, I'm going to try and improve my stats.

I'm going to allow myself "LUCKY 7" game purchases.

Thanks for continuing the list!


Game #1 : $36.29 ~ 5/23/18 Not a game, but a super-luxury game accessory. I bought the new neoprene mat, to replace the board for Fantastiqa. It's an awesome idea, and will make picking up the cards slightly easier. Since it's my favorite game, it'll get a lot of use!

EDIT: 7/13/18 The new mat IS FABULOUS. Great purchase.

Game #2 : $19.99 ~ 6/9/18 Dragon's Breath. Eye candy dexterity game. Another HABA win!

Game #3 : YIKES! Two game buys in 24 hours! $17.00 ~ 6/10/18 Christmas Lights: A Card Game Kickstarter. I love light, good looking card games for casual Christmas gaming. So sue me.

Game #4 : $38.00 ~ 7/6/18 Azul. Played this one, and decided it is too good to pass up.

Game #5 : $7.50 ~ 7/6/18 Little Devils. Also played before purchasing. A very light, trick taking game. With my initials all over it! LD

Game #6 : $7.54 ~ 7/10/18 Monopoly: The Card Game. This one is because I also love Monopoly Deal. A Rummy style card game with Monopoly iconography is intriguing!

Game #7 : $16.29 ~ 7/17/18 Santorini . Darn you Amazon Prime Day! So I've burned my last pledge game. Lots of months to go in 2018 . . .

$142.61 for the seven. Not bad, if I can hold it there!

Dang. I had "unplugged" from the hype, for months, and was finding it easy to resist buying. But I think I've gotten drawn back in!

I just got my wake up call, breaking my pledge, and impulse buying, and WAY OVERPAYING in the frenzy. How embarrassing! blush

Game #8 : $101.00 ~ 7/20/18 Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game. It looks like a great game. And, perhaps, the shock will put me back on a righteous path. Here's hoping!

$243.61 new year total.

Game #9 : $14.58 ~ 8/1/18 Unlock!: A Noside Story . It seems that going to a game convention doesn't bolster one's resolve to not buy games. I played one in the series at BGG@SEA, and now I've bought another one.

$258.19 new year total.

Game #10 : $11.88 ~ 8/5/18 Monopoly: The Card Game . This is a later version, prettier card backs, and slightly different rules. Love those card games!

$270.07 new year total.
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24. Board Game: Finished! [Average Rating:6.78 Overall Rank:2476]
Board Game: Finished!
Finishing my first year with more insight than progress. I so need to apply what I learned in 2017 so that I spend less on games.

Broad Strokes:

1. Pre-Authorized Purchases: 4 / 6
- Antiquity (CX)
- Expansion to Isle of Skye (pending) Still holding off on this although expansion is in stock; consider this the result of successful deliberation. ... replaced with Viticulture card set, Visit from the Rhine in July.
- Several expansions acquired; most paid for through trade, but two purchased with cash.

2. Kickstarter: 1 allowed for new consideration, plus one-inbound
- on pre-order - Amber Mines (received)
- may NO LONGER consider - Gentes, deluxified
- added Architects of the West Kingdom
- resisting; it’s difficult but but I’ve skipped on several that really tempted me in the past three - four months (May-Aug).

3. Checking BGG updates: weekly at most
- post here monthly
As of Feb, posting weekly. Need to spend less time on BGG.
As of March, still spending too much time here.
September: This is a hard habit to break.
October: I give up. I’m just broken this way.

4. Secret Santa: 2
- W&G
- Local event
September Update: I’m debating skipping Secret Santa this year and using money for home or other long-term stuff.
October Update: Joined the main exchange, on fence about follow through. Limit is still valid. Preferably only one.

5. MeepleSource and BGG Store
- one order from each source, with dollar limit of $20
Feb 2, MeepleSource order submitted. Within limit.
June, ordered from BGG Store, within limit

a bit of honesty, ordered an authorized promo set, through a business not listed here. Still - unauthothized.

Any other games being considered, then I must answer questions and fulfill the following conditions before purchasing. This might be a small notebook exercise for me. I generally like writing and find it helpful in gaining perspective.
- what is my REAL GOAL FOR 2018?
- prior research
- play it first attempted?
- who do I know that already has a copy?
- Is it in a FLGS demo library?
This has helped me let go of uninformed impulses.

- rule out based on similar games (player count, mechanics, theme-based) by playing those games first
- delay/postpone based on unplayed games in collection
- check game storage areas and dust, re-stack, or shelve those games
- consider donating or trading games prior to purchase
- find in-house storage space prior to purchase
- why do I want this game?
- wait until the next month and review answers on these points.

That may all seem redundant, but I hope it will get me out of impulse shopping.
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25. Board Game: Control Nut! [Average Rating:6.26 Overall Rank:6856]
Board Game: Control Nut!
I'll go in again for a third year. I've turned my buying habits around in the past two years so I might as well keep going.

In 2018 I will (try to):

- Only buy expansions for games I currently own. This will mostly be Arkham Horror card game stuff. However, I won't binge buy more than I can reasonably play.

- I can receive board games as gifts (maybe 1 game a year on my birthday or xmas)

- I can buy 1 new game after running 100, 500, and 1000 miles in 2018 (for a total of 3 games). I want to get back into running after a lay off of about 2 years so this will be a good motivator.

That's it. I've got a good collection and don't need to add to it in a hurry.


I see that a lot of people have put various rules / guidelines in place about what they're going to do in 2018. After a couple of years of the challenge, in my view, the most important thing is not to put too many rules or limits in place but to try to change your behaviour. So, you might want to think about some of these questions. Not all of them will apply to everyone but thinking about these types of thing have helped me to put board games into the right place in my life.


- Why are you a board gamer? What is it about board games that you enjoy?

- How many games do you own / have access to right now?

- In your opinion, is that just right, too many or not enough?

- How many of your games have you played?

- How long does it generally take you between buying a new game and playing it?

- How many games are unplayed and what are the reasons?

- Are you willing to put unplayed or unfavoured games up for sale / trade?

- Which are your favourite types of games?

- How often do you play your favourites?

- How many games are on your wishlist or are you thinking about buying right now?

- What is it that appeals to you about those games that isn’t covered by the games you currently own?

- If you're interested in a game do you buy it right away or wait and do research?

- What does your partner/friends think about your collection? Does this cause problems?

- Do you have enough space to comfortably store your collection? If not, is expanding storage space an issue?


- Realistically, how much opportunity / free time do you have available for board gaming?

- Is it about right, too little or too much?

- If it's too little time or opportunity, what would you have to change about your life or stop doing to gain more time or opportunities to play?

- What other significant hobbies do you have and how they do they compare to board games in terms of priority, time and money spent on them?

- How important are board games to you in comparison to other hobbies? Is there anything that you’d like to achieve in 2018 that would be easier to do if you cut back of the time / money spent on board games?

- Is the timing of gaming sessions right for you? e.g. not too late at night, convenient location etc.

- When you do play, are you playing the types of games that you generally want to?

- Who do you game with most of the time? Are you happy with this arrangement?

- Are your gaming partners as enthusiastic about games as you are? If not, are they playing just to humour you?

- Do you have a pleasant / big enough space to play?

- Who usually suggests which game to play?

- Who usually learns and or teaches the rules?

- Do you have problems with first plays? Does this sour your gaming partners to the game?

- Do you take your partner's or friends’ tastes into consideration when buying games?

- Are you happy with the types of games, theme, and mechanics of the games that you normally play? If not, why not?

- Are you able to play games of interest before buying them?


- Are you comfortable with your board game spending habits? If not, why is that?

- Is your partner comfortable with your board game spending habits? If not, why is that?

- If you spent less time and money on games what would you do with the time / money instead?

- Do you buy games just to get free shipping? If yes, has this approach been worth it?

- How often have you decided not to buy a game and find out later that it is permanently out of stock / print? Essentially, has buying a game right away and potentially not playing it for a long time a good approach for you?

- Do you often buying expansions without having played the base game first?

- Do you Kickstart games? If so, are you generally happy with the quality of games that you’ve backed?

- Do you lie about purchases / omit to tell your partner about games you’ve bought or kickstarted? If so, how do you feel about it?

- Do you treat BGG more like a shop window than a board game community?

- Do you tend to buy games when feeling stressed or depressed? If so, what could you do instead to cope with those feelings?

- Would spending less time on BGG be helpful to you? If so, why?

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