2018 - 18XX Toronto Plays
Gregor MacDougall
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There's some people in Toronto who play 18XX. These are their tales.
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1. Board Game: 18NY [Average Rating:7.67 Overall Rank:5419]
Gregor MacDougall
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18NY was our chosen title for Sunday. I (GM) was joined by MA, CB, and AS.

Private Auction went:

P1: AS $20
P2: CB $45
P3: AS $65
P4: MA $120
P5: AS $165
P6: MA $190

MA and I were in competition to setup the coal + D&H combo, and MA paid the price I was unwilling to.

Minor's went:

AS: M3 ($100), M5 ($100)
GM: M6 ($110), M8 ($130), M9 ($100), M11 ($110)
MA: M1 ($140)
CB: M2 ($120), M4 ($110), M10 ($170)

I grabbed the minors on the west side of the board after I was unwilling to pay for M1 and M2.

Early game went fairly predictably. M5 was the recipient of some unfavourable builds and had no run, which hurt AS.

AS chose not to start M7 in SR2, and grabbed a share of D&H instead.

SR3 saw AS start Erie @ 100 to take advantage of the track on the west portion of the board, and I grabbed M7 with the plan of shuffling the first 4H-train to one of my other companies and letting it get closed.

Payouts continued on the minors with in OR3.1 with no major surprises. I shuffled M7's 4-train on to M9 in order to run it for $210, whre most of the other minors were running $80-100.

SR4 saw CB start HR, MA start Harlem while AS and I grabbed more Erie.

OR 4.2 saw the Albany-Buffalo connection triggering NYC formation. I had been running 4 minors with the intention of becoming NYC director, as such NYC was looking to be quite strong, and everyone merged in with the rusting of 2H trains on the horizon.

SR5 saw AS start Rome @ $100, and I started NYNH @ $100. MA bought up shares in his own company, and CB bought up shares in almost everything.

OR5.1 is where the game was decided. I withheld but did not buy a train on NYC planning for a D over a 12H. MA was able to organize the funds between his two companies to buy the 2x 12H's and first 5DE. AS's Rome bought the second 5DE, and I found my NYNH not able to get its desired 5DE, and $35 short of a D. Was a great move by MA and set himself up for the win.

HR, NYC, and NYNH all had to loan out to buy a D. Rome half paid and did one full withhold to get a second train in order to run 5DE, D.

B&A remained unstarted the whole game. Unsurprisingly, Rome was the top runner at the end game running its two trains for $1720.

Final Scores:

MA $10,336
GM $9,680
CB $8,310
AS $8,073

AS had a rough start at the beginning, and had difficulty recovering from there. CB and I were both stuck on D trains which were great until the tokens put an end to our runs. It hurt CB's HR much more than my NYNH, but it all still hurt.

Operating order going in to the round where the 5DE's come out is key. I thought I had gotten it right, but it turns out I had gotten it horribly wrong! The 5DE's are clearly the best trains available as you can run them for almost as much as a Diesel without having to worry about bypassing all the tokens on the map.
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2. Board Game: 18FL [Average Rating:7.11 Overall Rank:4198]
Gregor MacDougall
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Good Friday saw three of us with the day off, so we got together for a quick three player game of 18FL in the afternoon.

The opening private priority round saw MW pay $5 for the right to select privates first, while MA and I (GM) bid $0.

MW took the Port Private
GM took the Tallahassee (1 Extra Yellow Tile Lay)
MA was left with the Terminal Company (1 Extra Station)

With priority I started Southern at $70, MA started L&N @ $75, and MW grabbed the Atlantic @ $80, each of us buying 60% of our own companies.

Atlantic built over towards Orlando, L&N connected New Orleans, and started heading East, while Southern started heading south towards Tampa.

Each company bought one train on its turn with Southern taking the first three train.

L&N was the first to convert to a 10-share company after Stock Round 3 (SR3), using the money it raised to buy a 3-train in OR3.1, and another in OR3.2. It used the extra token to parachute in to Tampa, and then token Orlando.

SR4 saw me start up the Seaboard @ $90 to kick off the first of the second companies, with MA buying up L&N, and MW diversifying his portfolio buy investing in other stuff.

Most of the track development at this stage of the game was around the Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville areas.

In OR4.1 Atlantic bought the last 3T and the first 4T. The newly stated Seaboard buy a 4T and Southern convert to buy a 4T. In OR4.2, Seaboard converted and bought the first 5T giving it two permanent trains and setting up big payouts.

MW had priority going in to SR5 and wanted to start a new company and protect his Atlantic, so he started the Plant @ $90, I bought up Seaboard, and MA sold down L&N to start FECR at $110. MA was very happy to be able to buy the last 5T and shuffle some cash over to L&N to give it exactly $600 for the first 3E train.

Since L&N was broke at this point, when Jacksonville got upgraded, Plant was able to sneak in and token it setting up its end game runs.

Down to 30% in Southern, I started withholding on it to ensure a second train. With the cheap ($600) 3E trains, all companies (except Plant) set themselves with two permanent trains in order to maximize their runs.

Final runs were:

L&N: $660
Atlantic: $670
Seaboard: $460
FECR: $590
Plant: $420
Southern: $630

Final Scores were:

GM $10,399
MW $ 9,901
MA $ 8,370

Post-game reflections

MW could have started his second company at $110, setting himself up for the last 5T and first 3E train, but didn't in order to get a share in Atlantic. He also didn't withhold early enough to get two trains on both of his companies, and then started withholding at an awkward time in order to get the second permanent on Plant (which was shuffled over to Atlantic).

MA went to a 10-share too early and was limited in his early payouts because of it. Southern and Atlantic were paying out big as 5-share companies lining MW and my pockets. He also didn't shuffle enough money to L&N to give it money to token Jacksonville, letting Plant cut him off from the Savannah off board.

I felt I played well and the only optimization I felt I could have made would have been to get a 3E sooner, as a single 3E can run for nearly as much as what Seaboard's 4T & 5T ran for.

Total playtime was about 2.5 hours after rules were complete. Sorry no pictures. Will remember next time!
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3. Board Game: 18MEX [Average Rating:7.71 Overall Rank:2863]
Gregor MacDougall
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We had our Saturday 18GTA meetup at our local game store. The title of the day was 18MEX. I (Gregor) was joined my Lucas, Asha, Michael, and Chris.

Opening Privates went:

P1: Chris $20
P2: Asha $40
P3: Chris $55
P4: Asha $55
P5: Lucas $55
P6: Michael $125
P7: Gregor $145

All players started a company in SR1:

Michael: Mexican Central @ $60
Chris: Tex Mex @ $75
Gregor: Mexican @ $60
Lucas: U de Y @ $75
Asha: Chihuahua @ $75

Board after OR1.1:

SR2 was quiet, with Asha picking up a 5th Chihuahua as the only action.

In OR2.1, all companies continued to buy trains with the first 4 3-trains getting sold.

Board after OR2.1:

Michael was able to do the big private loot setting him up to sell down on his now nearly broke Mexican Central and start SoPac @ $90.

OR3.1 continued to see the trains go fast with SoPac closing the minors by buying the fifth 3T, Tex Mex picking up the last 3T U de Y buying the first 4T, and Chihuahua buying the second 4T.

As we continued in to OR3.2 Tex Mex bought the last 4T, SoPac picked up the first 5T and Mexican Central the second 5T.

No one chose to take advantage of the N de M merger on the sale of the first 5T.

I believe the 4T purchases by Chihuahua and Tex Mex were mistakes. They needed the game to slow down while getting prepared for the permanent trains, and instead threw some gas on the fire. The 4's each only ran twice on each company, withholding both times.

Michael's companies were in a great position to be able buy the permanent trains, and he was well set up coming out of this round.

Board after OR 3.2:

Going in to SR4 the cash counts were:

Chris $132
Gregor $257
Lucas $248
Asha $207
Michael $95

The share round was a bit a bloodbath with shares being tanked in order to ensure that broke companies on two trains were able to operate those two trains before they went away.

Asha made a futile attempt to start FCP as a suitcase by only giving it $600, which wasn't enough for a 4D and by the time it came to FCP's turn, her other company (Chihuahua) had no non-obsolete trains to shuffle the cash over.

Everyone except Michael were forced to dig in to their pockets (to varying degrees) in order to get their permanent trains. My companies (N de M and Mexican) buying the two 6T's in OR 4.1, and 4D's going to U de Y, Chihuahua, and TexMex in OR 4.2.

Board state after OR4.3:

SR5 saw everyone buy up everything. With three companies in the yellow, there were plenty of shares to be bought. Even the lowly FCP which had been reduced down to $10.

N de M and Mexican were both sitting on ~$400, so they withheld once in order to buy a second train (4D) and from then on we paid out and broke the bank in OR5.3.

Final board state:

Final Scores

Michael: $3,823
Lucas: $3,367
Gregor: $3,247
Chris: $2,585
Asha: $2,550

We didn't have time to discuss where things went well and went awry after the game.

Michael managed the second company well with the private loot and put his two companies in a great position to be able to afford their needed trains without having to dig in to his pocket. A well deserved win.

Lucas dealt with his main company well by not spending money. Few costly track builds and only one token left him with a decent chunk of cash to only have to send in $100 for the 4D.

I was relying on the trains to go a bit slower, and got caught out when the 4T's got snapped up. And found myself needing to send $300 into Mexican for a 6T.

Asha & Chris both struggled after spending the $300 on non-permanent trains when they really needed permanent train money and a bit more time to acquire it. Asha in particular had an NdM eligible company to merge and could have dumped her shares in it in SR4 given the opportunity had the game gone slower.

Overall a fun game, and as always in 5 player 18Mex. If you get the timing right, you're golden. If it goes a little too fast or a little too slow for you, you get caught out.

Since the trains are cheap you're generally not hurt enough to go bankrupt, but certainly enough to eliminate you from contention.
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4. Board Game: 1870: Railroading across the Trans Mississippi from 1870 [Average Rating:7.43 Overall Rank:1174] [Average Rating:7.43 Unranked]
Gregor MacDougall
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With 7 players today, we split up in to two tables. A 3 player game of 1817, and a 4 player game of 1870. Here we'll discuss 1870.

I (Gregor) was joined by Rick, Boris and Bill.

Initial Stock Round

Opening private auction went quick at the following prices, as the waterfall started very quickly

P1 (Great River Shipping Company): Rick $20
P2 (Mississippi River Bridge Company): Rick $45
P3 (The Southern Cattle Company): Bill $55
P4 (The Gulf Shipping Company): Boris $80
P5 (St.Louis-San Francisco Railway): Boris $145
P6 (Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad): Gregor $165

At the time I was focused on Boris getting P4 for face value and wasn't paying attention to the fact that I got P6 for a steal. I think Boris & I came out very well out of this auction at the start.

Opening companies were:

Bill (KATY @ $90)
Rick (GM&O @ $72)

I grabbed a Frisco, a couple KATY in the initial stock round while Boris grabbed a 3rd Frisco and also picked up some KATY.

Stock Round 3

Things started going down in Stock Round 3.

I picked up a GM&O, selling down 2 GM&O, 2 KATY in order to take a run at Frisco. With the unusual capitalization structure in 1870 (Full Cap, IPO shares pay, but bank pool shares don't) it's advantageous to get shares out of the IPO in to the pool if players aren't able to price protect them.

Boris saw that I had the cash to take over Frisco and sold down his 2 KATY and GM&O shares in order to start buying Frisco. However, Boris had something up his sleeve and after buying his 5th Frisco, dumped it on me in order to start Santa Fe @ $82.

I was quite pleased with this, getting a company with trains, and a run and now was able to buy pool shares for much cheaper now that Frisco was down 5 places on the stock market.

The newly started Santa Fe bought the last 2 train (2T) and first 3T, and we had a big round of private looting while companies each bought up a 3T.

Stock Round 4

With my influx of cash, I started IC @ $72 in SR4 to be my withholding company to finance the Frisco.

KATY with its cattle private was the top payer at this point running for $200 in OR4.1 and OR4.2 giving bill the top cash count heading in to SR5.

Stock Round 5

SR5 saw three new companies start:

Boris: Burlington @ $82
Bill: Texas and Pacific @ $90
Gregor: Souther Pacific @ $90

Boris & Bill sold down secondary shares to fund their company purchases, while I sold down to 2 shares in the nearly broke Illinois Central. Rick took the opportunity to price protect GM&O to 80% and diversify his portfolio.

The trains started to move quickly with three new companies in the game. T&P bought the last 3T and shuffled some cash around, SoPac the first 4T (while also shuffling a bit of cash around). Companies not named IC paid out lots of money.

OR 5.2 saw the first 5T's sold, but no 6T yet.

Stock Round 6

With all the new companies starting in SR5, and some withholds for train money no one was sitting in a position to start another new company so we all loaded up on shares in companies with multiple trains ready to pay out lots of money.

The trains stalled out at this point with most companies being train tight needing additional companies to come in to the game to get the 3T's to rust and free up some space.

OR6.2 saw the first destination runs of the game with GM&O, Burlington and IC connecting their destinations.

Stock Round 7

SR7 saw the final two companies start, and the 3T's and 4T's finally rust. Illinois Central was the only company in the yellow zone, and I got up to 60% of that, despite not planning to pay out much yet.

Bill was afraid of getting a company dumped on him, and sat on some cash leaving 3 cert spaces free. I was able to hit my cert limit buying three of Bill's T&P knowing it would be impossible for him to dump it on me without a train due to its lower operating order.

OR7.1 saw the first 6T and first 8T come out with all the new money in the game as several other companies connected their destinations.

After OR 7.3 cash counts were as follows:

Bill: $1456
Boris: $1266
Rick: $459
Gregor: $2009

We called the game at this point, as I was clearly ahead at my cert limit (+5 yellow shares). We were in a position where we might have seen the 12's come out and rust the 5's, but I was in control of the money which could make that happen or not. Rick was going to buy one 10T on GM&O, and Bill another on KATY.

My IC was sitting on a large amount of money from withholding while I had only 2 shares, and Frisco had 3 shares available to reissue at $200 and another $300. I was not planning on pushing for the 12T due to it being very difficult to run a 12T in this game. It's hard enough counting 6-8 cities.

Post-game reflections. Bill felt he was disadvantaged from being last in priority often, due to me doing a lot of share dealing and purchasing. He missed out on a third company due to this.

We agreed that Boris should not have dumped Frisco and instead let me tank its share price and start up my own company. Being gifted a company with $720, track, and 2x2T set me up very well. Rick was a bit behind due to low early payouts and didn't get caught up.

I was happy with my position the whole game and the only mistake is that I probably should have started Missouri Pacific over Southern Pacific.

Sorry for the poor picture quality. I tidied it up a bit with some post processing but will try and do better next time!
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5. Board Game: 1817 [Average Rating:8.67 Overall Rank:2032]
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Asha's Bad Session Report

So this session report is going to be nowhere near as detailed - or coherent - as Gregors', but I'll give it a go. While Gregor's group played 1870, we headed into short territory with a three player game of 1817. This was my third play (both this year and all time) and (I think) I managed to make all new mistakes... so that's something.


The last two games I went heavy on the mail contract privates so this time I tried to do something different. For those of you who aren’t familiar with 1817, the auction is a little bit different. At the beginning of the auction there is a $200 pool of bank money which is used to make up the shortfall between the winning bid and face value. Privates are later used, in addition to cash, for starters companies so getting privates at less than face is a good way to get ‘more value’ into your privates. Leverage fun. I still don't think I know how to value these properly (or create synergies). Glen came out with the most privates, paying face for two of his 5.

Asha: Train Station: $65, Mountain Engineer - $30, Minor Mail: $35
Mischa: Ohio Bridge - $30, Union Bridge - $60, Minor Coal - $20
Glen: Major Coal - $65, Major Mail - $70, Mail Contract - $55, Pittsburgh - $40 (face), Regular Coal - $60 (face)

Coming out of the private auction I had $290 cash, Mischa had $310 and Glen had $130... but he had lots of privates to leverage and put into companies. (Note, for this game I probably should have written down the total capital available to start companies).

I started in Cleveland @ $140 (with minor mail), Baltimore @ $180 (putting in station) and Blackburg @ $150 (putting in mountain engineer). Note: mountain engineer sucks on its own.

Since this is a BAD session report , I did not manage to make note of what privates went into everyone else's companies (so Mischa and Glen please fill in the blanks if you can).

Mischa started in Charleston @ $210, Cincinnati @ $140 and Louisville for $110.

Glen started in Indiana for $100, Pittsburgh for $160 (I remember the Pittsburgh private went in here), Albany at $160 and Richmond at $110.

No M&A activity before SR2 (although we all got a bunch of 2Ts, and Mischa a bunch of 2+s too)... I believe two of his companies (possibly three) were not able to run all their trains.

Cash - Asha $120, Glen $125, Mischa $195)
I started in NYS for $120, Mischa started in Cleveland for $195 and Glen started in Detroit for $125

In OR1 - J (one of Mischa's companies - Note since this is a BAD session report I randomly switched from cities to names somewhere in my notes... will try to reconcile this later) bought the first 3 train and green track began to spring up around the board (allowing my poor W&T to run at last... it tried to be 'smart' and build to M&E in Baltimore but got tiled out till green - since this seems to happen to me a lot it is something I clearly need to work on).

M&A begins to happen! Glen's West Chester and B&A grew up to 5 shares. My PWE and WT merged. Glen's GT and A&S merged.

OR2 - nothing exciting ... or at least that made it into my notes

M&A-2 - some more activity with ME & NY merging (me), and Mischa merging Union & J, and Houssatonic and & Bess.

In SR3 - Glen had $402 cash, Mischa $137 and I $196. Mischa and Glen began to short my PWE (5 shorts between the two of them I believe). I bought one more share into the company, but didn't want the loan burden of buying them all (I cannot remember if I could have).

OR1 - 4 trains bought (by Glen's A&S) rusting the 2Ts and giving the 2+s one more run. Some train shenanigans ensued with B&A buying the 4 from WC and the 3 from Strasburgh, destining Stras for liquidation (where it was bought by GT for $30).

No M&A after OR1, but after OR 2, I converted M&E to a 10 share (putting a big target on its back) and Glen converted GT and B&A to 10 shares.

SR4 was a flurry of activity with Mischa shorting 5 of my M&E and covering his position on PWE. With cash from M&E shorts, Mischa restarted the J. M&E took on two loans and bought 2 shares (ending up with 60% in the company). Mischa also shorted 3 Altons and started the Susquehanna (Glen's Alton took on 3 loans and bought 2 shares back).

I thought about shorting Houssatonic as it was on two 3Ts and trading at a lofty $220, but passed as Mischa had a lot of flexibility to pass trains and cash around. Glen covered his shorts on PWE and made (what I think was) his fatal mistake shorting all five Houssatonics. Using Houss short cash, Glen bought up B&As and GTs getting to 60% (I think) on both companies.

I didn't do much this round shorting 1 Bess (@$150) to get cash and bought a B&A and 2 M&E (bringing myself to 60%)... Bess took on two loans to buy a shares into the company.

M&A after Or1 saw PWE growing to a 10 share (with me purchasing 1 share) and Mischa's Susquehanna growing to a 10 share (with Mischa buying 3 shares). Glen did a friendly sale of West Chester to B&A for $300 (West chester at this point had no trains as they'd already been shuffled over to one of his other cos).

By the end of Or2 both my PWE and M&E had 5s with PWE also having a four. Glen and I both had lots of loans, while Mischa was relatively loan light (which was great as interest was a killer at ~$35).

M&A continued to be active with Mischa merging Bess and J and Hous and UP (I bought a Bess covering my short). Glen grew Alton up to a 10 share.

SR5 saw Mischa covering his M&E shorts and Glen shorting 8 of them! I sold my B&A and shorted 5 GTs (starting at $55 and later $45 after the company took on its 9th and 10th loan). Mischa joined me in shorting GT (taking on 5), sending GT down into the acquisition space post SR. Glen restarted West Chester at $200.

In OR1 PWE paid off 4 of its loans (leaving it with 2). Poor M&E (whose share price was hammered by shares in the pool) bought over PWEs 4 leaving it with a 4T and 5T and a yearning to pay out big.

GT could not cover its loan interest and went into liquidation.

By the end of OR2 M&E was paying out ~$60 a share! Houssatonic was also paying out big hurting Glen on both sides.

In our final SR - Glen had negative net worth and no ability to close his short positions on either M&E or Houss. Destined for bankruptcy, we called the game deeming Mischa the winner.

Reflections: I love this game and need to play a lot more. I did not short a lot and left myself in a disadvantaged position relative to Mischa and Glen who had lots of capital for starting companies.

I have more pics, but need to sort through them - in the meantime, this is the board at endgame along with our shareholdings.

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6. Board Game: 18CZ [Average Rating:8.11 Overall Rank:2880]
Gregor MacDougall
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We had five people for our play of 18CZ this weekend. I (Gregor) was joined by Michael, Asha, Mischa and Jeff.

Initial Stock Round

Local Railways went as follow:

1. Asha (1 Large, 2 small) for $130
2. Mischa (2 Large) for $130
3. Jeff (1 Large, 1 Small, 1 Medium) for $150
4. Gregor (1 Medium, 1 Small, 1 Large) for $140
5. Michael (2 Medium) for $95

Initial companies were:

Jeff: MW @ $50
Gregor: OFE @ $55
Asha: VBW @ $60
Mischa: BCB @ $60
Michael: EKJ @ $50

Round 1

I should mention at this point that we thought we knew the rules for the game, and that it was 2 yellows or one upgrade, but later rediscovered that it was two yellow builds in your first OR only. Oops!

All small companies started up and bought two trains (EKJ the only to get a 3T)

Round 2

Michael bought 1xOFE and Mischa grabbed 1xMW in the second stock round, with everyone else having not having enough cash on hand.

First runs were for $80-$100 each with everyone paying out

Round 3

No one felt comfortable starting a medium company at this point so we bought out the remaining small company shares.

Jeff: OBE @ $55, MW @ $50
Gregor: VBW @ $50, EKJ @ $50
Asha: VB@ @ $50, EKJ @ $50
Michael: BCB @ $60
Mischa: BCB @ $60

We had similar runs for $80-$100 each, with everyone paying out aside from my OFE which withheld in order to buy a 3T.

Round 4

Where last time, everyone was short on starting a medium company.

Mischa: ATE @ $70
Michael: NWB @ $80
Gregor: BN @ $70
Jeff: KFN @ $60
Asha: BTE @ $80

The new companies all bought 3+3 trains. BCB withheld to buy the first 4T leaving VBW and KFN trainless. Asha was able to shuffle some money over to VBW to give it enough for a 4T, while Jeff was forced to Acquire KFN to avoid emergency financing.

Round 5

No new companies started in SR5 with people loading up on shares in the small and medium companies. I had bought in a couple of my privates on to give myself enough cash to by the only person to buy 3 shares in this round (VBW, OFE & BTE), Jeff grabbed VBW and NWB, Mischa an OFE, and Michael a BTE, while Asha had to stick with her holdings.

OR 5.1 and 5.2 were filled with payouts from nearly all companies. Only ATE withheld once after an unfavourable tile lay by one of Asha's companies cutting it off from the second OO tile and the western side of the board.

Round 6

Cash counts going in to SR5 were:

Jeff: $360
Asha: $390
Gregor: $529
Michael: $384
Mischa: $363

Going in to round 4, Mischa held a small lead due to some good pricing and investing early in the game but I was able to pull ahead in round 5 due to timing the transition from local railways to shares in small/medium companies well. It allowed me to get a share lead heading in to a heavy payout set of OR's.

Asha started SX @ $90, Gregor PR @ $120, Michael BY @ $90, and Mischa kk @ $90 while Jeff invested in BN, BTE, OFE, and VWB.

PR went to work trying to get permanent trains for all my companies buying a 4E, 4, and 4+4.

NWB acquired EKJ

SX bought 4+4 & 4E which allowed BY to buy a 4+4 and then toss in $270 in emergency financing to buy the first 5E.

KK grabbed a 5E and acquired ATE for the minimum.

BN withheld 1990 and shipped its cash over to PR for the 4+4 train.

BTE and KFN also had to withhold to stockpile cash for permaments while BCB, VBW and OFE paid out.

In OR 6.2 everyone paid out aside from PR who withheld to buy a 6E train, and SX who withheld to knowing that an 8E would be in its future.

Round 7 & 8

Jeff was on priority and able to start the final large company (Ug @ $120) while the rest of us trying to invest wisely.

Ug bought the first 8E letting everyone get their permanent train (only one per company) situation settled.

Asha had to kick in ~$300 out of pocket, but everyone else was fine.

There were some minor upgrades to add a bit of revenue to some of our companies before we all had our runs solidified and paid out to end the game.

Final Scores

Gregor: $5,965
Mischa: $5,713
Michael: $5,240
Asha: $5,012
Jeff: $4,859

Post-Game Analysis

Mischa had a great early game (due to a misunderstanding of the rules) and a poor mid-game (due to the previous misunderstanding of the rules being corrected moving forward).

The big dividend payers in the game tend to be the Medium 5 share companies. You're likely to get your best dividends per certificate with those.

Deciding when to buy in your local railways and acquire your small/medium companies is key. The large influx of personal cash can help you start a new company, or get a solid investment portfolio going. In our game, the operating round before the first set of double operating rounds seems to be particularly key.

Managing the train rush can be difficult, as sometimes trains last until the export at the end of the round, and sometimes another company is able to buy that type of train before that happens.
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7. Board Game: 1822: The Railways of Great Britain [Average Rating:8.45 Overall Rank:3181]
Gregor MacDougall
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We gathered four players for 1822: The Railways of Great Britain today. There were two grizzled veterans (Mischa & I with two plays under our belts) and two new players (Asha and Chris).

Round 1

M24 $110 - Mischa
M4 $100 - Asha
M9 $100 - Chris
M18 $120 - Chris
LNWR $140 - Mischa
CR $125 - Asha
MR $125 - Gregor
P1 $120 - Mischa
P7 $ 50 - Gregor
P17 $ 20 - Mischa

No big surprises in the opening auction. P7 (Mail Contract) went for a bit less than I thought it would, and the concessions a bit more. Bidding was fierce over P1 (Free 5 train) as it should be.

Asha went with a Northern strategy and grabbed the Caledonian while Mischa and I set ourselves up for developing the London-Manchester route with Midland and LNWR

Round 2

M23 $100 - Gregor
M3 $100 - Asha
M16 $140 - Mischa
M13 $100 - Chris
L&YR $110 - Gregor
GWR $120 - Chris
SWR No Sale
P6 $ 50 - Gregor
P8 $ 30 - Chris
P5 $ 50 - Asha

I was enticed by the big payouts of M23, Asha solidified her position in the North, and Mischa was enticed to develop around London.

P6 (Mail Contract) went my way, P8 (Mountain/Hill Discount) went to Chris, and P5 (English Channel) to Asha.

Cash reserves were dwindling at this point with only Asha and I having over $100 leaving the stock round

Round 3

M6 $100 - Asha
M17 No Sale
M11 No Sale
M7 No Sale
SWR No Sale
NER No Sale
NBR $100 - Asha
P3 $ 80 - Gregor
P14 $ 25 - Gregor
P10 $ 25 - Chris

With cash hard to come by, Asha continued to invest in Northern Companies while I nabbed the first of the permanent two trains (P3) and a Pullman (P14), and Chris picked up P10 (River/Estuary Discount).

OR3 saw the first two train purchased as a couple of companies acquired enough money to upgrade their L-trains.

Round 4

M17 No Sale
M11 $120 - Gregor
M7 No Sale
M5 No Sale
SWR No Sale
NER No Sale
SECR $100 - Chris
P2 $ 30 - Asha
P11 $ 30 - Mischa
P9 $ 30 - Chris

A round of uninspiring privates led to low bids all around as Mischa, Asha, and myself stared up major companies with LNWR, CR, and MR. MR was able to take advantage of my permanent 2 train and run on its first operation.

With the new companies coming in the two trains started going fast putting pressure on the lower earning privates owned by Asha and Chris, as they were going to be in trouble and on the hook for some 3 trains.

Round 5

M7 $200 - Asha
M5 No Sale
M2 No Sale
M14 $100 - Gregor
SWR No Sale
NER No Sale
LBSC No Sale
P16 $ 25 - Gregor
P18 $ 40 - Mischa
P4 $115 - Mischa

Asha really wanted to prevent the 3T from being exported triggering the phase change at the end of the stock round so she could shuffle some trains and money around. I picked up M14 for the minimum in order to get a token in London for later in the game, and some decent runs in the meantime.

Bidding was fierce over P4 (Permanent 2 train) as it's really good. M7 bought the first 3-train and it triggered phase changes and the first set of acquisitions as our majors ate up some minors that were in trouble.

Round 6

M5 No Sale
M2 No Sale
M19 $200 - Gregor
M12 No Sale
SWR No Sale
NER No Sale
LBSC No Sale
P13 $ 60 - Mischa
P12 $ 60 - Mischa
P15 $ 55 - Gregor

Final round of privates went for decent bidding with most people buying up shares in their majors, while I grabbed M19. to get a decent Cardiff to off board run.

Minors continued to get absorbed with only M23, M7, and M19 surviving the operating rounds.

LNWR and MR did big runs for 360 and 370, and MR used $600 to buy 2x4T.

Round 7

We went in to the stock round each having quite a bit of money ($427 - $565). Mischa and Chris got in a bidding war over M10 which had just come out due to Mischa using the P17 power to move it to the top.

In doing so, Chris sold down to four GWR shares, and allowed Mischa to take it over, which was a major swing in the game. Mischa had only purchased one concession and now had a second company with a lot of money sitting on it (funded by the takeover).

M10 went for $100, as the only company to get auctioned this round.

Round 8

At this point in the game Mischa was in last in priority and missed out on the three remaining companies to get started. Chris grabbed LBSCR, I took NER, and Asha took SWR.

This phase of the game was dominated by the big payouts of LNWR and Midland. Chris sold down two Midland in order to finance some operation order manipulation which didn't end up working out which allowed Mischa to pick up the two MR shares.

Round 9

Going in to Round 9 we were debating on whether this would be the final set of OR's or we'd have one more, which led to some companies withholding or half paying and getting express trains.

Once we had the express train (5 of them in the game) we obliterated the bank with LNWR, SECR, MR, and L&YR all running for over $1000. 5 companies paid out over $6000 (aka. half the bank) in the final operating round.

Final Scores

Mischa $10,524
Gregor $10,204
Chris $ 7,090
Asha $ 5,958

Post-Game Analysis

Mischa played well throughout and pulled out the win on stock value. I held a cash advantage going in to the last set of OR's and our dividends were almost identical in the last OR's, but he held a $750 advantage in share value due to his LNWR shares being above my Midland's.

Asha & Chris struggled early with their minors. It's a disadvantage to start a company which has any significant amount of terrain cost to pay after the first stock round, as those companies tend to struggle upgrading their L train to a 2 train unless they can run for a decent amount.

Asha had issues taking care of her minors and only had one major to merge them in to. This led to her having 100% in Caledonia, but no ability to get money in to the company without fully or partially withholding. This made it difficult to keep pace with the jumps that MR and LNWR were making with their large payouts.

Mischa and I did very well with our permanent 2-train privates. I think we undervalued them a little bit.

Chris made a couple of major mistakes in losing the GWR directorship, and selling MR to manipulate the operating order of L&YR. Mischa was able to take advantage of these in order to get a lead holding more shares in the two best companies (LNWR and MR) and use that to pull out the win.

I should have treated MR as my main company, stuck my pullman on there. Put two permanent trains on there as fast as I could have and paid out for the rest of the game. Instead, I shuffled stuff around for two long in order to get a 6T and an E on there. It was great when I ran it, but it only did that once.

I also had a minor with a permanent train which I should not have merged in, and just paid it out on the minor taking 50% of its dividends.

We're already looking forward to playing it again, possibly with the upcoming 1822 Plus expansion.
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