Tironelle's Foamcore Inserts and Miniatures Painting
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This list present my own creation : foamcore inserts and miniatures painting.
I started building my own inserts for Imperial Assault (too much extensions and I would like to preserve the painted miniatures ...). And now I spend a lot of time cutting, gluing and painting.

Foamcore inserts :
For inspiration, I usually browse the list of Foam core insert modifications or somewhere else (see credits on each). Sometime, I made my own when I cant find the insert I need (without SketchUp, but maybe one day, I find the time to learn how using it !).

For each foamcore insert, I make a plan on paper.
Then I listed all piece of foamcore with the right measurements.
After I use a software like the freeware MaxCut to have a cutting diagrams and optimize foamcore.
And finally, I cut and stick all pieces.

My tool box :
- cutter, pencils
- rulers (1 of 60 cm and 3 of different sizes)
- glue (Tacky Glue) and pins
- black 5 mm and 3 mm foamcore
- grey 2 mm cardboard : Carton gris - 60 x 80cm - 2mm - 1260g/m²
- paper to sketch

List of my future inserts (update nov'18) :
- Legends of Andor
- Small World Underground and differents expansions
- Pandemic (1st edition, with expansions)
- Duplik


Miniatures painting :
I find inspiration on web :
- boardgamegeek (of course)
- Pinterest
- youtube, like Sorastro's Painting for SW:IA

My tool box :
- Citadel paint
- Differents kind of brushes
- corks
- wet pallet

List of my future painting (update mar'19) :
- Mice and Mystics expansion
- Continue StarWars Imperial Assault(actually on Hoth expansion ...)
- Continue Gloomhaven (with spoilers !)
- Start GhostStories
- Finish Zombicide : Prison Outbreak


Feel free to write a comment or send me a message, for any questions or remarks .
Sorry for typing errors and/or wrong grammer, english is not my native language blush.
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