The Essen 2018 no-shipping auction list. Post your own items for sale!
Carsten S
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The idea for this "No shipping auction" for Essen had been invented by

four years ago. thumbsup thumbsup thumbsup

After running the list for three years in a row he did resign las year and I was glad he passed the baton to me so I could continue keeping the tradition of this auction list alive.

This year people started asking ask for this list to be submitted in April already!!!! wow
So we go.

Happy selling/bidding to everybody.

To keep it simple I'll continue using the original rules from last years list:

1. Sell your item through BGG so it receives the 3% commission (this can be done as one listing after the sales have been completed ).

2.a. Auctions have a starting price, the lowest number that users may bid.
2.b. Your starting price can be expressed as a "reserve":
a SOFT reserve = will certainly sell at that price, might sell below it
a HARD reserve = won't sell for less then this price
2.c. You can only add a Buy-it-Now price [= the number at which the bidding immediately ends], when you have provided a lower starting price or a soft/hard reserve.

3. You may post your item in any currency you wish, but Euros are recommended.

4. You must state in the item description when you'll be available in Essen to deliver the game.
4.a. Suggested for handover is the Math Trade Meeting which will take place every day at 12:00. The last two years it has been in front of entrance "WEST" here: new MathTrade Meeting-Point
However, it has not been confirmed whether it will be the same place again this year. Watch out for announcements.

5. Behave and act like the decent folk we all are.

6. If in doubt, refer to rule 5.

7. Games will be listed in the order in which they are posted. Once a sale has been agreed, please strikethrough the initial item posting, but do not delete it!. Near to Essen, I'll reorder the games alphabetically to help people find the games they've bid on.

8. Please list the condition, language and where relevant, the edition of the game.

9. Add an end date to your sales. So the buyers know when it is the limit of bidding on it. (This is mainly to let them know when you finished packing for Essen).
9a. If you don't like snipers let your auctioned on a specific day but at a random time.
9b. Don't choose an end date too close to the beginning of the fair, as some people start their journey early and do not have Internet connection while traveling. Dates later then Friday, October 20th should be avoided.

10. Only items which do have an individual entry in the BGG database within the category "Boardgame" or "Boardgame Accessory" maybe added to this list (which are available when adding an item).
Please do not use the item "Outside the scope of BGG" as it will make searching the one pager list (see below) more uncomfortable.
10a.You may of course add any number of sweeteners to your items but I strongly recommend sweeteners which can be referenced to a valid BGG database entry.
10b. Please do also not add geeklists to other auctions.
I don't want buyers to search through a maze of lists to find a specific item.

11. Bid with full euro's, not with cents. Don't be that guy.

12. Can't get your game sold? Maybe someone missed it on this auction and is asking for it here: Essen 2018 The hunt for 2nd hand games

...and finally I'm more than happy to announce that

has promised to create his great one-pager aggregation lists again.
The one-pager will be available with 4 different sortings again so it easily will allow you to search through all items and to distinguish between base games & expansions.

Thank you very much, again, Pierre. thumbsup

Here's the link to the aggregation lists:

Like last year Pierres page does also include an aggregation for the Essen 2018 The hunt for 2nd hand games

Have fun with it.

Update 19.09.2018:
Pierre did a major update to the auction list, concerning languages:
1- it now detects more languages (scandinavian, asian, etc)
2- the detection is MUCH more reliable now (detects short formats like EN/DE/FR which were almost non-existant last year, a few false positive cases removed)
3- with this more solid language detection in place, I have added language filters (several people asked); it is still a little experimental, not fully satisfactory yet, and in particular TOO SLOW; I'm working on it to improve that

Hope this will help you making even better use of the aggregation list.
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11576. Board Game: Project: ELITE [Average Rating:7.66 Overall Rank:1343]
Board Game: Project: ELITE
Spa Marcel
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Project Elite with all expansions

Title: Project Elite
Publisher: Artipia Games, Drawlab Entertainment
Version / Year Published: 2016
Language(s): English
Condition: played a few times but in very good condition
Availability at SPIEL: Sunday

Kickstarter version including:

Project: ELITE – Adrenaline
Project: ELITE – Alien Pack
Project: ELITE – Mega-Boss Bundle
Project: ELITE – Sandman

I actually bought it in math trade but I underestimated the size of it and it would not fit in my luggage
If you are with a car, that's a bargain!

The initial seller had it for a BIN of 150 eur.
I would sell it for what I bought: 45 eur

So, I have a BIN only: 45 eur
The games will be available during math trade on Sunday.

Auction ends Sunday 8:00 Essen Time
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