A few days in October
Hilko Drude
Lower Saxony
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What are you doing!? I don't even know you!
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I run a blog with a focus on games from outside Europe and North America. Essen is the best opportunity to get a hold of games from Latin America and Asia (and occasionally other places) for me, so my wishlist will concentrate on those games. Games that will hit the German market anyway are less important to me, as I will have plenty of opportunity to play them later (although I make the occasional exception). I have asked for enough vacation to cover all days, but I haven't heard back yet. Keep your fingers crossed. Time will be tight no matter how much of it I will have, but I'll make the best out of it. 80% of my time will be spent meeting people anyway. Add some purchases and just wandering around. Gaming will happen mostly in the evenings, I reckon.
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