Essen 2019 designer trade list
Hilko Drude
Lower Saxony
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Here comes the eighth edition of The Essen Designer Trade List. I will copy the header of last years' trade lists (Essen 2018 designer trade list) here:

In the Essen 2011 no ship math trade, I was faced with the decision of how many copies of my own game I should enter. I have a rather large supply and can get more easily, and I could have put five or ten entries in for those - but I didn't want to clog that list. But seeing that some other designers also put their games into the math trade, it gave me an idea. How about a place where designers could agree on swapping their own games with other designers? Some of us do this anyway, but usually only with those others we personally know. Here's an attempt to help increase the number of trades that can be made.

I have decided not to turn this into a math trade just yet, as I also want to reach those who are reluctant to enter a math trade. For future conventions, such as Nürnberg, Göttingen or next year's Essen, we can discuss the best way to do this - if there is any interest at all.

For now, I suggest the following:
Make an entry for each of your games you are willing to trade for other games. As this is intended for trading your personal copies of games, the games should be new and in shrink (or just out of shrink and signed), unless stated otherwise. Please also include version information if there are different versions, and also state the days you will be in Essen. If you want to, you can also include information on how many copies you are willing to trade or the kind of games you are interested in.

If you see another game you would like, contact the designer directly by geekmail and suggest a trade. Agreeing on a meeting point and time in Essen is up to you, of course.

Some more things:
- It is, of course, perfectly ok to turn down any offer. Please don't be insulted if someone turns down yours. There can be all kinds of reasons: Your game might be great, but not attractive to the other designer's gaming group, there can be a limited supply of games that designer has, etc. I hope this can be a friendly experience.
- It is, of course, also ok to offer older games this way, although the latest releases might find most interest.
- It would be great if you posted some kind of numbers eventually, stating how many times you traded a particular game. This would help evaluate the success of this trade idea.
- If you are a publisher rather than a designer, I guess it is ok to participate as well. Please state this explicitly, though, as some people might be after signed copies.
- Please spread the word, even if you are not interested yourself. I am sure you know other designers who will be in Essen, don't you?

Ideas for future improvements of this are more than welcome. Thanks!
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