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Last year I didn't really do a theme to mark Veteran's Day here in the US. I was inspired this week when a friend took me to see this:

From gallery of schiavonir
From gallery of schiavonir
From gallery of schiavonir

There are over 2000 flags planted there and most, if not all, have a tag on them with a soldier's name. We were very grateful for the windy day - that's really something to see so many flags blowing in the breeze.

So to those of you that are veterans or have family or friends that are, a very big THANK YOU for your service. It's not a job I could do, so I'm grateful that others have found the courage to take up the good fight.

So the theme for this SoloCon is "Soldiers and Flags." We're looking for games that have soldiers or military units. But since I always try to give an alternate theme - how about flags? If your game has flags of any kind, whether they are meeples, cards, or artwork - it all counts. And if it's a US flag, that's worth points!

And finally, let's hear your stories about veterans in your lives. Or maybe you are one! I don't know many, but I did have an uncle who was in the Navy on a destroyer in the Pacific during WWII. He died when I was in my early 20's, but if he was around today, I'd certainly love to hear his stories about life during the war.

On the new games front - I never did get Coloma: Deluxe Edition because it turns out that I didn't fill out the Pledge Manager! I've backed dozens of games and other items and I've never done that before. Damn, I was really looking forward to getting that during the last SoloCon. So, if you got it, chances are good that it will come up again in the near future. I did get Age of Civilization yesterday which I've also been looking forward to. So that will be our bonus game for the week.

Funny coincidence I realized - Lewis & Clark: The Expedition was valid for the Racing SoloCon, then for the Western SoloCon, and since there's a big flag at Fort Clatsop, it would qualify for this one as well!


A 1 point for a game with soldiers in it
B 1 point for flags (can be added to A)
C 2 points for every game that came from your shelf of shame (ie. unplayed as a solo game) (Exception: If you have owned the game 30 days or less, score only 1 point for this category.)
C 1 point for a "shelf of shame" expansion (same 30 day exception - 1/2 point awarded)
C 1 point if this game hasn't been played for a year or more
D 1 point for every game that I also have in my collection (link)
E 2 points if the game has a win/lose condition and you win. If there is no official win condition, but you scored what you consider a personal win, take the points.
F 2 points if the soldiers or flags are American
G 1 point if the soldiers can earn or be upgraded to veteran status
H 3 points for a story about a veteran in your life
I 5 points for Age of Civilization

Remember, there are no rules about when you have to stop playing or posting. The next SoloCon is going to be Nov 22, so feel free to post until then. Or beyond. I love seeing old SoloCons get new comments or items added.

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