2020 Dicember challenge
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Dicember is back! Our sixth year of dice rolling to end the year. And what a year it has been!

Normal challenge
Play 15 (or more) unique dice games (different titles) during this month of December.
Hard challenge
Play 31 unique dice games (different titles) during December. One for each day in the month.

To Participate
* Create a new item in this GeekList (it can link to your own personal GeekList for the challenge, or just use the entry here to keep track).
* Post a short entry about the challenge and anything else you would like to add.
* Keep your list updated as you play dice games and come close to (or complete!) the challenge.
* Have fun!

What counts as a dice game?
A good rule of thumb is any game that uses dice as a primary game component. Use your own judgement.

1. Only plays from December 1st - December 31st of this year count.
1. Games do not have to be from your own collection.
2. Solo plays are allowed.
3. Digital/iOS versions (as long as they are the same as a physical game) count as well.

If you want to participate, start an item on this GeekList and list your games - a microbadge is available for purchase: Microbadge: Dicember Challenge participant
Those who complete the challenge might, in addition, get a special microbadge for this year's challenge Microbadge: 2020 Dicember Challenge completionist. I'll just need to find an admin who can help me with handing out the badges.

A warm thank you to my predecessors:
This Space For Rent
United States
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it's Janna
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Nothing to see here.
Play black time!
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Now roll them bones!!! meeple
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1. Board Game: Dice Forge [Average Rating:7.28 Overall Rank:349]
Board Game: Dice Forge
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I couldn't participate last year due to travels, but this year I'm in again! Will try the hard challenge of 31 dice games!

1 Orchard: A 9 card solitaire game
2 Animal Party
3 Tulum
4 Keltis: Das Würfelspiel
5 Noctiluca
6 Encore!
7 Hippo
8 30 Rails
9 Rallytaire
10 Monza
11 Dino Hunt Dice
12 Tales & Games: Jack & the Beanstalk
13 Zombie Dice
14: Tales & Games: The Three Little Pigs
15: OctoDice
16: Pickomino
17: Celestia
18: Troyes
19: Can't Stop
20: Twice as Clever!
21: Draculix
22: Chupacabra: Survive the Night
23: That's Pretty Clever!
24: Clever Cubed
25: Ubongo: Das Würfelspiel
26: Catan Dice Game
27: The Taverns of Tiefenthal
28: Sagrada
30: Escape: The Curse of the Temple – Big Box
31: Tiny Epic Galaxies
32: Waggle Dance
33: Krig
34: The Castles of Burgundy
35: Rajas of the Ganges
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2. Board Game: Banjooli Xeet (Second Edition) [Average Rating:6.96 Overall Rank:13109]
Board Game: Banjooli Xeet (Second Edition)
Shaun M
United Kingdom
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I've been looking forward to this one

Not sure I'll manage all 31 plays, so will start with 15 and see how it goes from there...


1. Shut the Box - a popular one with the kids at the moment
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

2. Tales & Games: The Three Little Pigs
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

3. King of Tokyo: Dark Edition
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

4. Roll to the Top!
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

5. Personal Space - this is a ButtonShy game and I'm using a PNP version while waiting for the physical components to arrive. I spent my first day cutting hair and digging up worms
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

6. Dice City
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

7. Saint Malo
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

8. StreetSoccer
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

9. Funkoverse Strategy Game
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

10. Banjooli Xeet
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

11. Sharp Shooters
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

12. Escape the Dark Castle - a fairly easy win for a change
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

13. Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental Meds - utter disaster. The purple mutation dice can be real nasty sometimes!
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

14. Dungeon Roll - scored 25pts. not a great score, but better than I usually manage
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

15. Star Trek: Five-Year Mission - I boldly went, just about scraping a win at Lieutenant difficulty
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

11th Dicember: As I've now completed the Normal challenge, and there's plenty of time left, I'll aim for completing the Hard challenge!

16. Fantastic Factories
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

17. Burgle Bros.
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

18. Flash Point: Fire Rescue - I managed to rescue the dog, but sadly the cat didn't make it out before the building collapsed. I was able to use my new festive dice though!
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

19. Nautilion
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

20. Snowman Dice
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

21. Pizza Party
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

22. Yahtzee
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

23. Camel Up
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

24. Bowling Dice Game
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

25. Luchador! Mexican Wrestling Dice
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

26. Harvest Dice
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

27. Rivals for Catan
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

28. Ghostel
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

29. Age of War
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

30. Road Hog: Rule the Road
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

31. Biblios Dice
From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn

From gallery of HoraceHonkyHorn
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3. Board Game: Bowling Dice [Average Rating:4.58 Overall Rank:21128]
Board Game: Bowling Dice
Rosie Basset
United States
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I'm in again. Might all get played after Christmas but I think I can do this.

1. 13 Sheep
2. Ada Lovelace
3. Bowling Dice
4. Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game
5. Catan Dice Game
6. The D6 Shooters
7. Delve: The Dice Game
8. Doom Realm
9. Ganz Schön Clever
10. Knot Dice
11. Raging Bulls
12. Rallyman
13. Roll Player
14. Space Hulk Death Angel
15. Star Trek: Five Year Mission

Life happened, games didn't. Hopefully next year.
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4. Board Game: Zombie Dice [Average Rating:6.22 Overall Rank:2141]
Board Game: Zombie Dice
Olaf Slomp
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Not doing any more challenges this year, still need to finish five others...

Really not doing it...

Ok... you twisted my arm, I'm in!

Just a little confused about this "normal" level you mention...


Most Likely Candidates:
1 Yahtzee Jr. (Pokémon edition)
2 Ganz Schon Clever
3 Martian Dice
4 Qwinto
5 Las Vegas
6 Can't Stop
7 Encore!
8 Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade
9 Pass the Pigs
10 Roll for the Galaxy
11 Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition
12 Knaster
13 Heckmeck Junior
14 On Tour
15 Balloon Pop! (not recommended)
16 Würfel Bohnanza
17 Paleontologists
18 Zombie Dice
19 Qwixx
20 Sagrada
21 Hostage Negotiator (with Abductor Pack 1)
22 HexRoller
23 Polyhedral Park Planner: Convention Season
24 Clever Cubed
25 Yahtzee
26 Konijnenhokken
27 Doppelt so Clever
28 Confusion
29 Le Boomb!
30 Pocket Landship
31 30 Rails
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5. Board Game: Martian Dice [Average Rating:6.19 Overall Rank:2775]
Board Game: Martian Dice
Acolyte Loon
United States
Loon Lake
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Is all that glitters Geek Gold?
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Well, I don't own nearly this many dice games, but maybe I can find some online. Probably only get to fifteen max, but it will be nice to try. (I have decide to add comments to make it slightly more interesting than a wall of game names.)

1. Martian Dice Played this with 13 dice and the rules. Might have been better with an actual copy (or at least more than normal dice), but I felt no theme and kept thinking of the dice as twos and fours instead of cows and humans. Was fine so far as push-your-luck went, but the possibility of rolling seven+ tanks on your first roll killed some fun. Maybe a first roll mulligan with a one dice penalty could fix that. Great game to see if the Dice Gods are against you. d10-0d10-5 of 10.
2 The Train Game Played with six dice. Meh. Should be better than LCR thanks to the mulligans and the push your luck, but the push you luck only shows up with freight trains (none occurred in my game) and even with the mulligans, nothing can really be done to increase your odds. d10-0d10-3 of 10
3. Missed.
4Rise of Tribes Debated for a bit, but decided to count this one as it has a dice board that determines what you do on the main board. Great game, can start to feel a tad same-y. d10-0d10-8 of 10
5.Zombie Dice Played with 13 dice and rules. This was actually really good. It did the push your luck very well, definitely beating out Martian Dice in that regard. Having a slowly dwindling pool of dice, with some worse than others, greatly adds to the feeling of calculating your odds. And unlike Martian Dice, where I would almost always keep rolling until forced to stop, here I would often stop after just two or three rolls. Great filler to add to my lineup. d10-0d10-7 of 10.
6. Sinterklaas Dag, missed.
7. Shut the Box Meh. Relaxing, dice rolling goodness. d10-0d10-4 of 10
8. Arena of the Planeswlakers I debated on this one's inclusion, but decided the dice combat qualified it. I absolutely love this game (have two copies of each set), and today's play failed to disappoint. d10-0d10-9 of 10
9.Backgammon Don't really like this one. I just never feel the strategy. d10-0d10-3 of 10
10. Missed
11. Missed
12. Fish or Cut Bait Another push your luck dice game, though one I own this time. It's fine, but way too easy to get max or near max scores each turn. d10-0d10-4 of 10
13. Missed
14. Bowling Dice Played with normal dice. Well, chucking dice typically feels nice. That's about all this game has going for it though. d10-0d10-3 of 10
15. Missed
16. Missed
17. Missed
18. Missed
19. Missed
20. Missed
21. Missed
22. Missed
23. Missed
24. Dark Seas A rondel type game controlled by dice, I declare it to count. This was actually better than I expected considering its average rating. There is plenty of luck, but some strategy and thinking to be had as well. I found this to be rather enjoyable, and not taking too long too. d10-0d10-7 of 10
25. Vault of Dragons This D&D boardgame was a Christmas present to me, and I'm not quite sure what I think yet. I liked most of the main gameplay, but the game takes too long and I don't like the win condition. Lots of dice rolling though, so it qualifies. Polyhedral dice too! d10-0d10-6
26. Missed
27. Missed
28. Missed
29. Missed
30. Missed
31. Can't Stop A classic, I played this yesterday on BGA. It was enjoyable, but not something I would play tabletop. It might replace some of the time I spend playing Klondike on the computer though. Not rating, more an activity for me than somethin I'll play as a game.

So, I failed. 12 of 15 unique dice games. But I'll still consider December a win for me. I logged 102 plays in December, with 34 unique games. I played 16 new-to-me games, and played 7 games 5 times or more during the month. So, a challenge loss, but a personal win. Seems good enough.
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6. Board Game: Mmm! [Average Rating:6.43 Overall Rank:4658]
Board Game: Mmm!
Garry Lloyd
United Kingdom
Holmes Chapel
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Second year of this challenge for me. I should be able to complete the normal challenge but the hard one might be too much. We'll see.

1. Finito! - 1 December - Three player with Jan and Becky. Jan 33, Garry 27, Becky 21
2. NichtLustig: Fäkalini - 2 December - Three player with Jan and Becky. Luckily, no-one drew the great turd from a black hole. Becky ended up the best conjuring plumber. Becky 17, Garry 14, Jan 13.
3. Hostage Negotiator - 3 December - Loss against Arkayne. Only rescued 2 hostages and Arkayne escaped.
4. That's Pretty Clever! - 4 December - Solo only 148 points.
5. Pickomino - 4 December - Two player with Jan. Not seen this score before (Jan normally wins). Garry 14, Jan 0.
6. Keltis: Das Würfelspiel - 5 December - Jan was rolling Wishing Stones like no tomorrow whereas I struggled all the way through. Although I clawed my way back, Jan deservedly won 24-23.
7. Las Vegas - 6 December - Two player with Jan. Lots of blocking each other in this game but I ended up the victor $550,000 - $510,000.
8. Würfelwurst - 7 December - Three player with Jan and Becky. This is one of our favourite push your luck games and I recorded a rare victory. It ended Garry 70, Becky 55, Jan 49.
9. Twenty One - 8 December - Two player with Jan. My rerolls were not working for me and half the time were helping Jan even more than she already needed. With a 15 point bonus on the last line, Jan won 112-76.
10. Roll For It! - 9 December - Two player with Jan. I rolled poorly and Jan grabbed the win 40-17.
11. Extra! - 10 December - Solo play. This Sid Sackson game is one of the earliest and definitely one of my favourite roll and writes. I’ve struggled to get a positive score the last few times I’ve played but today scored a personal best with +550.
12. Dancing Dice - 11 December - Three player with Jan and Becky. Becky won with 2 endurance points remaining when Jan and I both hit zero together.
13. Nautilion - 12 December - Solo play with a level C submarine. Lost with the Phantom reaching the Happy Isles while I was still 5 spaces from the Abyss.
14. GOLO - 12 December - Played the standard course with no mulligans allowed with Hewey, Dewey and Louie facing off. Louie 74 (+2), Hewey 76 (+4), Dewey 78 (+6).
15. Go 500 Racing Dice Game - 12 December - 6 Hour time trial didn't go well - flags everywhere. Only 260 miles.
16. Ra: The Dice Game - 13 December - A two player game with Jan. Neither of us rolled more than two Sun symbols on a turn so the rounds advanced quite quickly. Ended with me winning 35-32.
17. Mmm! - 14 December - A solo play of Mmm! using the Advanced Board but without the “same row/column” challenge. It was going so well with the cat 4 spaces from the kitchen and just 2 fish spaces to cover. Four consecutive rolls with no fish meant the cat won with a nice mice supper. Lost.
18. Level X - 15 December - Two player with Jan. I didn’t realise quite how many 9s and 10s Jan had grabbed and this made the difference as she won 158-142.
19. Can't Stop - 16 December - Two player with Jan. She won 3-2.
20. Dice Heist - 16 December - Two player with Jan. Jan had terrible luck with her rolling this game and it wasn't close at the end. I won 66-28.
21. Pocket Tennis - 17 December - Solo play with Daniil Medvedev taking on Dominic Thiem best of 3 sets. Dominic Thiem won 6-2, 7-6 (7-5)
22. Pocket Golf - 17 December - Played The Players Championship Sawgrass Stadium Course. A terrible round of 83 (11 over par).
23. On Tour - 18 December - Solo play of the European Expansion. 25 States + 9 Circles = 34 points.
24. Blätterrauschen - 18 December - First solo play using the Spring board. Scored 75 points but no idea if that's good or bad.
25. Qwixx - 19 December - Solo play. 124 points after 23 turns and 2 misthrows.
26. Encore! - 19 December - Solo play. 23 points.
27. Powerboats - 20 December - Solo play with four Wacky Racers steering the boats. Peter Perfect won.
28. Back to the Future: Dice Through Time - 20 December - Solo play. Two player game on standard ("This is hard!") difficulty. Lost, lacking just one symbol to return the 12th item to its correct time/location. I just needed to biff Biff but didn't have the fist symbol to do it.
29. A Fistful of Penguins - 21 December - Solo play. First two rounds, I scored ok but a Lion turned up to cancel a camel in round 3 and one of my moose was squirrel-less. Ended with a score of 77 which only warranted a “Quite Good” ranking.
30. Run Fight or Die: Reloaded - 22 December - Solo play on Hard Mode. The Businessman guided Infected Maggie and the Brave Firefighter safely to the Town Line on turn 13. It would have been game over at the end of that turn with eight zombies about to do their worst. Scored 32 points meaning I evaded the horde for a year.
31. Whacky Wit - 23 December - Solo play. Although Whacky managed to trap himself between the blue and red ghosts on his first life, he managed to clear the board on his final life although three ghosts could have captured him just before the last dot was swallowed.

Challenge complete - 23 December

32. Bowling Dice - 24 December - First solo play. Scored 164.
33. Tumblin-Dice - 25 December - Four player game with Jan, Becky and Cat over four rounds. Jan won.
34. Fantastic Factories - 26 December - First solo play on Easy level. Won (just) 21-20.
35. Exxtra - 27 December - Three player with Jan and Becky. A rare win for me 21-17-15.
36. StreetSoccer - 28 December - Solo play with France playing The Netherlands. Although France struck first, The Netherlands scored three times before running down the clock. Although France scored again in the last minute, it wasn’t enough and the match ended 3-2.
37. Thanos Rising: Avengers Infinity War - 29 December - Solo’d a two player game, playing as the Avengers and Wakanda. Took a while due to inept dice rolling but eventually managed to win, defeating 7 villains with just 7 heroes down and Thanos having gained just one infinity stone.
38. Dice Stars - 30 December - Solo play. I got hamstrung towards the end with 2 stars in the reserve I didn’t want to place. I also went through the whole bag at one stage without rolling a single star. Lost 110-125.
39. Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister! - 31 December - Solo play using two treasure hunters with the advanced rules. Lost when a sixth haunting appeared having only got three treasures to safety.
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7. Board Game: Lumps, the Game of Big Rolls and Smart Holds [Average Rating:5.52 Overall Rank:18492]
Board Game: Lumps, the Game of Big Rolls and Smart Holds
United States
New York
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Excited to see Dicember return for another year!

A few months ago, I found a pile of free printable roll-and-writes with an autumn theme... now I'm on the hunt for something similar for the holidays, to give our Dicember 2020 a seasonal twist.


#1 - Dec. 1st: Blend Off!

This quick-thinking, fast-rolling, simultaneous fruit-blending game remains one of my 14 yo's favorites. Since the Advent Challenge goal for today was Partridge in a Pear Tree (play a game with fruit in it), Blend Off! took the #1 spot for Dicember as well.

From gallery of pisecobabe

From gallery of pisecobabe

banana for scale

#2 - Dec. 1st: Sagrada

In the evening, I asked MechDaddy if he'd like to contribute a play to Dicember, and this was his immediate choice. Sagrada has long been a favorite here and we haven't played it enough in the past few months.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#3 - Dec. 2nd: Bowling Dice

Usually a game we play when we're on the go... we haven't pulled it out during the pandemic, so when I asked JengaGirl what dice game she'd enjoy, this was her choice.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#4 - Dec. 3rd: Roll to the Top

The Advent Challenge today was to play a game set in France (for the French Hens, of course!). We chose Roll to the Top because one of the boards is the Eiffel Tower!

From gallery of pisecobabe

From gallery of pisecobabe

Tonight we also played Home Alone, which includes one paint-can die - a very special die, in that I don't think we have any other dice with cans of paint on them... but as it's just the one die, and only used occasionally, I didn't include it in this challenge.

#5 - Dec. 5th: Catan Dice Game

We didn't get a very dicey dice-game in yesterday (the 4th) - only Animal Upon Animal: Christmas Edition which has one fun die but is more about the dexterity aspect.

Today, we made up for it by playing two dice games that apply both here and to the Advent Challenge for the day (Five Golden Rings = uses gold).

We've owned the Catan Dice Game for at least a dozen years, maybe more, and it has seen lots of play over the years, most especially when we're busy, traveling, sick, etc. It is quick and light and comforting.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#6 - Dec. 5th: Rolled West

On the other end of the spectrum, Rolled West is a game that we picked up this summer but didn't get to play until tonight. I looooove the golden d12s in the game and the thinky nature of having so many paths to points but only 6 turns to earn them.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#7 - Dec. 6th: Pandemic The Cure

Another one of our favorites - we thought playing this one might give us a sense of control over the world around us... but we succumbed to the plethora of deadly diseases and outbreaks! Maybe next time...

From gallery of pisecobabe

#8 - Dec. 9th: Lumps: The Coal Dice Game

A seasonal favorite - it has the push-your-luck, roll-and-reroll flavor of Yahtzee but with a simpler scoring mechanism and a wider variety of dice.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#9 - Dec. 9th: Bloom

This game was gifted to me during the hardest part of the quarantine in the spring, and it was a lovely little game that we could play in the evenings with the tiny bit of energy that MechDaddy had left at the end of a 12 hour day in the middle of an 80 hour week. We still love it, and are so thankful to be back to nearly normal in terms of working hours.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#10 - Dec. 13th: Dice Throne

We got a bit sidetracked from our Dicember progress this weekend, playing a mini-marathon of quick holiday-themed games instead, but on Sunday we managed two really solid dice-based titles, including pulling out the Battle Chest for Dice Throne!

My best advice is DO bring a knife to a gunfight, as my Samurai handily took down MechDaddy's Gunslinger today!

From gallery of pisecobabe

#11 - Dec. 13th: Roll Player

Another one of our favorites - a more thematic, more involved take on the dice placement of Sagrada.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#12 - Dec. 19th: Mountain Goats

One of three new small-box games we received from KS this week. I love the goat meeples in this one and the choice of how to distribute your dice to climb up the mountains.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#13 - Dec. 19th: Sequoia

In the same series as Mountain Goats, I really enjoyed the dice-pairing strategy and the tree-building fun in this one.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#14 - Dec. 20: Goblin Teeth

Another new KS game (though not related to the last two) - using dice to bid on items in the market to try to collect appropriate sets of items... while using "cheat" cards to shake things up a bit. Lots of fun.

From gallery of pisecobabe

#15 - Dec. 20: Railroad Ink

I love the rail-and-road-writing strategy inside this cute little box.

From gallery of pisecobabe


Normal level complete...

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8. Board Game: Airborne Commander [Average Rating:6.89 Overall Rank:4844]
Board Game: Airborne Commander
Eric Teoro
United States
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Railroad Ink
That's Pretty Clever
How to Host a Dungeon
Four Against Darkness

Commando 4 en action: Dieppe 1942
Le Temps des As
Pocket Landship
Orchard: A 9 card solitaire game

1472: The Lost Samurai
1572: The Lost Expedition
1672: The Lost Crew
1872: The Lost Crows
1972: The Lost Phantom

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From gallery of govmiller
Eric Miller
United States
College Station
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I'm from the government, and I'm here to help!
Microbadge: Citizenship Recognition - Level VI -  Is six any more shiny? ... Well, it's one shinier isn't it? ... Okay, why don't you just make five a bit more shiny and then that would be the most shiny? ... Because these go to six.Microbadge: Sons of the American RevolutionMicrobadge: Gold SGOYT poster. At least 1000 geeklist items posted!Microbadge: ColorblindMicrobadge: I get distracted ea - SQUIRREL!
YES! I almost look forward to this more than most anything else that happens this month!!!!

I'm in for 'as much as I can get'- I hit 70 games last year (not all were dice) but with expansions and such, I'll see how many I can get.

Sorry, not going for any special formatting, just listing...

12-1: (5/5)
That's Pretty Clever (iPhone)
Go Hoops
Go Long

12-2: (7/12)
Dungeon Roll
Fill or Bust
Toss Up!
Tripoly Dice
Roll For It Deluxe
Phase 10 Dice
Battleship Express

12-3: (1/13)

Bowling Dice

12-4: (7/20)
Catan Dice Game
Raging Bulls (And the first one is crushed....)
30 Rails
Tombs: The Sword of Valhalla
Primary Dice
Swing States Dice

12-5: (8/28)
Castles of Burgundy: Dice game
D-Day Dice: Pocket
Zombie Dice
Zombie Dice 2: Santa Claus
Zombie Dice 3: School Bus
Dicey Peaks

12-6: (3/31)
Paper Pinball: Wolf Hackers
Supercade Pinball: Carniball
Pocket Landship [And this is game 31. Mark me complete! But I'm not done...!]laugh

12-7: (3/34)
Dice Stars
Space Invaders Dice

12-8: (2/36)
Pandemic: The Cure
Pandemic: The Cure- Experimental meds

12-9 (2/38)
Twice as clever!
Dice City

12-10 (2/40)
Zogar's Gaze
D6 Shooter

12-11 (1/41)
Istanbul: The Dice Game

12-12 (2/43)
Tiny Epic Galaxies
Deep Space D-6

12-13 (3/46)
Roll Through the Ages: Iron Age
Nations: The Dice Game

12-14 (1/47)
La Granja: No Siesta

12-15 (1/48)
Dungeon Attack!

12-16 (2/50)
One Deck Dungeon: Shadows
Mint Cooperative

12-17 (1/51)
Viva Java: The Coffee game: The Dice Game

12-18 (1/52)
Rolled West

12-19 (2/54)
Lucidity: Six-Sided Nightmares

12-20 (3/57)
In Security
Under Falling Skies

12-21 (2/59)
Twin Stars I: Stop the Virus
Twin Stars II: Serve the Rabble!

12-22 (1/60)
D-Day Dice 2nd edition

12-23 (1/61)
Imperial Settlers- Roll & Write

12-24 (1/62)
Run, Fight or Die!

--> Okay folks, that's two laps down (or four of the 15 game variety) and I'm heading out on the next lap... Please remember (in the words of Dave Letterman) "This is only an exhibition, not a competition. Please, no wagering!" Just play games!

12-25 (1/63)
Yahtzee! (Hobbit version)

12-26 (1/64)
Paper Pinball: Sherwood 2146

12-27 (1/65)
Escape: Curse of the Temple

12-28 (1/66)
Pulp Detective

12-29 (1/67)

4AD: The Knight of Destiny

12-30 (2/69)
Discoveries: Journals of Lewis & Clark
Elves under Hoof

12-31 (1/70)
Paper Pinball: Laser Sisters

...And we'll call it quits. At least one dice game a day for each day in December Dicember. 70 dice games- or at least games that use dice to roll for something.

See you next year!
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10. Board Game: Above and Below [Average Rating:7.41 Overall Rank:269] [Average Rating:7.41 Unranked]
Board Game: Above and Below
Romy Cat

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Games bring people together.
Games bring people together.
Microbadge: Subnautica fanMicrobadge: Subnautica Below Zero: PengwingMicrobadge: Subnautica: Seamoth -- Trusted submersible to save you from a hungry leviathanMicrobadge: Subnautica fanMicrobadge: Subnautica Below Zero
Yep, I've also been looking forward this this one all year.

Completed on 12/27/20

1. Qwixx
2. Orchard
3. Catan Dice Game
4. Yahtzee
5. Sagrada
6. Dungeon Roll
7. Tiny Epic Quest
8. Roll Player
9. Bowling Dice
10. Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition
11. Crypt
12. Galaxy Trucker
13. One Deck Dungeon: Forest of Shadows
14. Catan
15. Dig Down Dwarf
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11. Board Game: Dice Stars [Average Rating:6.66 Overall Rank:2583]
Board Game: Dice Stars
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Microbadge: I found all the Easter eggs in 2021!Microbadge: Golden MeepleMicrobadge: Traditional CatholicMicrobadge: I completed the Colour Rainbow Challenge for 2021Microbadge: Classical Music fan
I keep hearing about this challenge well into the new year. This time, I was watching for it.

Microbadge: Challenge Completed! Normal: 15
Microbadge: Challenge Completed! Hard: 31

d10-1 Blackberry Dice
d10-2 Citizen Cane
d10-3 The 7th Continent
d10-4 Snowflakes
d10-5 Rayos y Truenos
d10-6 A4 Quest
d10-7 Paper Pinball 2: Little Ghost
d10-8 Above and Below
d10-9 6x6 TALES
d10-1d10-0 Roll and ShootSuper-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade
d10-1d10-1 221B Baker Street: The Master Detective Game
d10-1d10-2 Rolling Village!
d10-1d10-3 Freeloader
d10-1d10-4 Game Store Races
d10-1d10-5 Spree!
d10-1d10-6 The Christmas Game
d10-1d10-7 Orchard: A 9 card solitaire game
d10-1d10-8 The Great Brain Robbery
d10-1d10-9 Mellow PainterSack Stackers
d10-2d10-0 Cinnamon Rolls
d10-2d10-1 Wizard's QuestThe Grand Magus of Ibaur
d10-2d10-2 VegasNine Circles
d10-2d10-3 Tetroll
d10-2d10-4 Lost Temple of GoldMy Corner of the Sky
d10-2d10-5 GardenoTriple Yahtzee
d10-2d10-6 Trivial Pursuit: Star Trek 50th Anniversary Edition
d10-2d10-7 Almanac: The Dragon Road
d10-3d10-0 Escape: The Curse of the Temple
d10-3d10-1 Captain Treasure Boots
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12. Board Game: D-Day Dice Pocket [Average Rating:6.29 Overall Rank:8685] [Average Rating:6.29 Unranked]
Board Game: D-Day Dice Pocket
JW van der Meulen
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Microbadge: Green tea drinkerMicrobadge: Friday fanMicrobadge: Shadowrun: Crossfire fan - DeckerMicrobadge: HallertauMicrobadge: Studio H "Alubari" Contest Participant
Great! Looking forward to Dicember.

Apart from taking part in the normal challenge, I plan to play D-Day Dice Pocket 15 times, so that I will have played this game over 100 times in 2020.

One Deck Dungeon: Archer vs Dragon (campaign, won 2nd game)

D-Day Dice Pocket

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13. Board Game: Unterseeboot: U-Boat Solitaire [Average Rating:7.17 Unranked]
From gallery of smic
Etien "The Most Interesting Gamer in the World"
United States
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1/114th Air Assault
Huey's Forward
Microbadge: Drive Thru Video Review fanMicrobadge: It's a Jeep ThingMicrobadge: MotorbikerMicrobadge: Tent CamperMicrobadge: My magic number reached zero in 2020.
Completed: 38

Age of War 01DEC
The Landing: Gallipoli 1915 02DEC
Fleet: The Dice Game 03DEC
Deep Space D-6 04DEC
Ducks in the Pond (PnP) 05DEC
D-Day Dice 06DEC
Package!? 07DEC
Unterseeboot: U-Boat Solitaire 08DEC
Star Trek: Five-Year Mission 09DEC
Dungeon Roll 10DEC
Escape from Pleasantville2 11DEC +Zombie Dice/Zombie Dice 2: Double Feature/Zombie Dice 3: School Bus
Rayos y Truenos (PnP) 12DEC
The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game 14DEC
That's Pretty Clever! 15DEC
Desolate 16DEC +Desolate: Dark Matters Pack 1 & Desolate: Dark Matters Pack 2
Pocket Golf 17DEC
Formula Dé Mini 18DEC
Scurvy Dice 19DEC
Shut the Box 20DEC
Cinque Terre 21DEC
Everest 1924 (PnP) 22DEC
La Granja: No Siesta 23DEC
Nahua (PnP) 24DEC
Dice Hospital 25DEC
Pirate Dice 26DEC
Airships 27DEC
Skyline 28DEC
The Doge Ship 28DEC
Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game 28DEC
Alhambra: The Dice Game 29DEC
Snowblind: Race for the Pole 30DEC
Yahtzee 31DEC
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14. Board Game: Burgle Bros. [Average Rating:7.53 Overall Rank:257]
Board Game: Burgle Bros.
Zenith Splendor
United States
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Happy Holidays!
Microbadge: Harold and the Purple Crayon Microbadge: Celebrate the little victories.Microbadge: I don't want to survive. I want to live!Microbadge: Dice Jail: Where all the bad dice goMicrobadge: I am a member of the Gaming Challenge Community
Progress 15/15


Catan Dice Game
Roll Player
Tiny Epic Quest
Dungeon Roll
Dig Down Dwarf
Bowling Dice Game
Deep Space D-6
One Deck Dunjgeon
Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition
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15. Board Game: Buccaneer Bones [Average Rating:5.85 Overall Rank:7524]
Board Game: Buccaneer Bones
Exit 191
United States
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Learn from the past, look to the future.
School starting, new kittens, and the garden ready for canning makes little time for games. :(
Microbadge: School TeacherMicrobadge: I rescued my pets from an animal shelterMicrobadge: Organic GardeningMicrobadge: equalsMicrobadge: I spend more time on BGG than playing games!
Ok, I am in! Haven't done one since 2017, but this year needs it.
A lot of personal PnPs (tricky to find enough games I own to make 31).

--15 finished 6 Dec--
1. 13 Sheep PnP
2. Pandemic: The Cure
3. Tiny Epic Galaxies
4. Monopoly Express
5. Roll For It! PnP
6. Rolling America
7. Phase 10 Dice
8. Dragon Slayer
9. Escape From Hoth [retheme] PnP
10. Easy Come, Easy Go: Star Wars Ships PnP
11. Pandemic: The Cure – Experimental Meds
12. Cinq-O
13. Pocket Landship: Free Trial Version PnP
14. Jasper and Zot PnP
15. Qwixx Deluxe
-------------Ok, go big or go home and stay home----------------
16. Brace for Impact! PnP
17. Machi Koro
18. Dig Down Dwarf PnP
19. Harvest Dice
20. Risk: Star Wars Edition
21. Dog Dice
22. Yahtzee Free for All
23. Buccaneer Bones PnP
24. Risk Express PnP
25. Pickomino PnP
26. Pass the Pigs
27. Can't Stop PnP
28. Biscuit Ball PnP
29. Bears!
30. Go Nuts!
31. Snail's Pace Race
--31 finished 22 Dec--

Options: Steampunk Rally, Stuffed Fables, Cosmic Cows PnP, Knucklebones, Catan Dice Game PnP, Reiner Knizia's Decathlon PnP, BarBEARian Battlegrounds
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16. Board Game: Tumblin-Dice [Average Rating:7.20 Overall Rank:755]
Board Game: Tumblin-Dice
Stefan Schneider
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always injured...
I'm in again, of course. I'm hoping to get 31 different games played in dicember. Not sure if I'll manage but I'm going to try.

01: 01.12.: Clever Cubed.
I started playing this recently and find it highly addictive. And it's not that easy. I was really happy when I hit 314 points today. A new highscore for me.

02: 02.12.: Twice as Clever!. Played it online in a break at work.

03: 03.12.: D-Day Dice (Second Edition). I will probably trade it away or sell it. I sorta do like it but not enough to keep everything fom the kickstarter. I don't think I will miss anything if I don't own it anymore.

04: 04.12.: Wreck Raiders. I really like this game. The solo mode plays a bit differently but it is also very challenging and easy to play. But I did rather badly this time.

05: 05.12.: Fuji. We played a three player game. It was okay to good. Not sure if I need to play it again, maybe once in a while?

06: 06.12.: Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers. I like the board game and the r&w was cheap enough to add it to another order. And it is nice and gives you the feel of playing the full board game.

07: 06.12.: Troyes Dice. Two more games of this one. My first impression wasn't that great but it really grew on me and there is a lot going on with just those few dice.

08: 07.12.: Bravo!. Easy to play but somewhat underwhelming maybe? I got rid of the previous game and I might try to sell this one of, too. Not bad but there are better r&w games out there.

09: 11.12.: Railroad Ink: Deep Blue Edition. I started cooking Lasagne and wanted to play some dice games for this challenge. Lot's of free time because it does take a oouple of hours to make one properly

10: 11.12.: Pandemic: The Cure. This is one I would love to like but it always somehow falls flat for me. Not even sure why and I keep trying to like it. Maybe one day...

11: 11.12.: Santa Maria. One of my favorite games. IT made my personal top20 solo games every single year since I first got it. Simple rules, lots going on, I just love it and really need to play it some more.

12: 13.12.: Fleet: The Dice Game. Only managed to become a Deckhand, so I did pretty poorly. But as always, a great game.

13: 16.12.: Rome & Roll. Great game. Masquerading as a r&w game we have a great resource management game. I really enjoy it.

14: 28.12.: Cthulhu: Death May Die. We played episode 2. It was a lof of fun. Still not really in the mood to play games but it was a very fun evening.

15: 29.12.: Der Clou: Roll & Heist. Finally tried this game. I should love it, I guess I'm still not really in the mood to play games because it felt more like just going through the motions. Back to reading for a while, I guess.
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17. Board Game: GOLO [Average Rating:5.65 Overall Rank:17595]
Board Game: GOLO
Erik G
United States
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Fight Fight Fight for Washington State!
This is the way.
Microbadge: 2019 Copper SupporterMicrobadge: Born in 1977Microbadge: Dominion fanMicrobadge: A Feast for Odin fanMicrobadge: Gloomhaven fan
Heard about this through the metalist and signing up for the advent challenge. I'm going to try and combine "get my magic number to zero" 2020 advent and dicember and run through some games. Here we go.

making my list and I have a lot of options. got some good ideas from others' lists but surprised I don't see king of tokyo or new york or space base. I'm playing those 3 for sure.

1. Sonic the Hedgehog: Dice Rush is the first one, been sitting there since the 1st. Hopefully soon but still haven't motivated anyone to play it with me.
2. D-Day Dice I got out this weekend but it was used and found something sticky had dripped in the box so had to clean all the cards up and ran out of time to play it. hopefully this week sometime.
3. Sushi Roll will be next, out on the table ready to go
4. Pandemic: Rapid Response hopefully will be forth, but like D-Day I'll need to learn it which will make it harder. But will knock it off my magic number list, so fingers crossed. Edit: PLAYED, but the speed part of this made us think we were doing something wrong because we had to cheat to even come close to winning.
5. GOLO Played my geeklist item. Golo is still my favorite dice game.
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18. Board Game: Pocket Landship: The Second Front [Average Rating:8.17 Unranked] [Average Rating:8.17 Unranked]
Board Game: Pocket Landship: The Second Front
ron E
United States
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Microbadge: Mr. Cabbagehead's Garden Game fanMicrobadge: D-Day Dice fanMicrobadge: Pittsburgh Penguins fanMicrobadge: Pocket Landship fanMicrobadge: Button Shy fan
31 Plays for Dicember!

8 Seconds
From gallery of airzonk1

With Dicember also happening this month - a good excuse to get some solid dice games onto the floor - I have 43 plays in of this fun dice chucker -- today's session ended with a final score of 65 points - a solid outing - Finished with 9 Bulls (48 points) from cards of: 4, 6, 6, 4, 10, 2, 6, 4, 6 + 17 tokens - fun!

Banned Books
From gallery of airzonk1

Easy Level (1, 1-2, 1-3) - Played with Atticus - Powers had 1 track complete (#2) & Atticus had 0 tracks complete - however, before track 1 or 3 could be decided, Powers rolled a 3 - triggering 2 Lanes & Atticus's Stamina was reduced to zero -- Game Over!

Batman: The Animated Series Dice Game
From gallery of airzonk1

First Player to 20 - 5 Bad Guys Do Battle! - Catwoman Wins as she ends game with 32 points; Riddler with 15 points; Joker with 10 points; Poison Ivy with 8 points & Mr. Freeze with 5 points --

Brick Work
From gallery of airzonk1

Next on the floor was my print n play copy of this brick building, dice rolling & worker placement strategy game!
Played 2 handed - randomly drawing and building a brickprint for each player out of the neutral (yellow) bricks. Blue ended up winning as they were the first to rebuild both brickprints using bricks of their color! Legos and Dice together = FUN!

Burger Dice
From gallery of airzonk1

Played a 2 handed session tonight - Each player takes a turn rolling dice and making burgers with their ingredients based on a set of simple rules - score points each round to decide a winner -- tonight's session ended with Left 51 defeating Right 50

Chalk Talk Sports Ice Hockey Dice Game
From gallery of airzonk1

3 Periods of Play - Final Score Blue 7 -- Red 5

Criss Cross
From gallery of airzonk1

Final Score 21 points - Symbol Simon

From gallery of airzonk1

I played the Black Dice and scored 39 points (The Petty) - AI was the teal dice and they scored 46 points (The Affluent) for the WIN!

D-Day Dice
From gallery of airzonk1

Operation Neptune (Battle Map NX-02) - June 6th, 1944 - MGF dice were in use for this mission - I sent troops thru Sectors 4, 8 & 12 before failing after the third turn in Sector 17 - where I met my end for the game as I did not have enough Courage (had 6 - needed 7) to advance to Sector 22 ---- LOSS!

D-Day Dice Pocket
From gallery of airzonk1

Played D Day Express (Utah Beach) - Lost in 2nd Sector (Barriers) - when only 1 of 3 Axis die faces were matched (Star was matched - Missing a Soldier & Tool) - No (RWB) were rallied to my squad -

Deep Space D-6
From gallery of airzonk1

Loss - Halcyon - Easy Challenge - 16 cards remaining on Board (6 in the threat deck - 10 on the board - 5 internal & 5 external) - Taken out by the Bomber (which sent my last die (all 6) to the infirmary!) - All time record 4-33

Dicey Crafting
From gallery of airzonk1

A fun dice delving RPG card game - where each turn you the following 3 actions: 1) Player actions; 2) Monster actions & 3) Drawing of a Monster Card -- The game ends when either your shield is destroyed (which happened to me in this session) or the monster deck runs out - Really nice artwork - lots of variety with the Monster, Event, Treasure and Players Gear Cards -- A nice effort from this independent designer

From gallery of airzonk1

From the same designer of Pocket Landship - You win the game if you are able to transverse the ranges of Drakard's domain and after defeating him in the end boss fight - move to the Fortress with at least 1 health --- Today's session saw me defeat Drakard -- but fail as I lost my last health just 2 hexes from the Fortress .....

Escape of the Dead Minigame
From gallery of airzonk1

Loss - Finished with 60% Repair Status as my Barricade Strength points reached Zero - Zombie Death Count for the Match: 24 -
All-Time Record: 3 wins - 12 losses

Hex Roller
From gallery of airzonk1

Board 8 - Sector Scores of: 6, 16, 6, 8 & 16 = Final Score of 52 -

Justice League Hero Dice: Batman
From gallery of airzonk1

Batman - 7 dice (3 gray & 4 black) are used for each round - rounds are divided into 2 phases (attack & resolution) - the game ends with the final battle after the villain deck runs out - Solo rules are included in the instruction manual

Justice League Hero Dice: Flash
From gallery of airzonk1

Flash - 4 dice (3 red & 1 yellow) are used for each of the 8 rounds in the game - rounds are divided into 3 phases (move, attack & reckoning) - the game ends after the 8th round - with both the villain deck and outskirts being emptied - and then determining the final score - Solo rules are included in the instruction manual

Justice League Hero Dice: Green Lantern
From gallery of airzonk1

Green Lantern - 6 dice (4 green & 2 black) are used for each of the 8 rounds in the game - Game play is similar to The Flash - where rounds are divided into 3 phases (move, attack & reckoning) - the game ends after the 8th round - with both the villain deck and outskirts being emptied - and then determining the final score - Another fun entry in this line of Dice Chuckers for DC fans!

Justice League Hero Dice: Superman
From gallery of airzonk1

Superman - 6 dice (3 blue, 2 yellow & 1 red) are used - Game play is similar to Batman - where rounds are divided into 2 phases (attack & resolution) - the game ends with the final battle after the villain deck runs out & all villains from the outskirts of the city move into the battlefield! - Final score is then determined!

Mint Tin Mini Skulduggery
From gallery of airzonk1

LOSS - Spectre (AI) with the win - as he finished the game with 15 points vs my 11 points by games end - Spectre had 1 Crystal Skull remaining - I had 0 Crystal Skulls remaining by games end -- Skulduggery was activated 0 times - "2" was the Spirit for the game - All-Time Record: 14 Wins & 19 Losses

From gallery of airzonk1

A quick paced game where each player is depositing packages onto 1 of 5 houses for delivery - moving packages and creating openings for more points or removal of other players cubes -- points are scored at the end of the game based on final location and number of packages there --
In this session - (I played solo 3 handed)- The final score was - Yellow (25); Green (24) & White (21)- Fun strategic game!

Pocket Landship: Second Front
From gallery of airzonk1

LOSS - (24.1 Enemy Value) - All Enemy Cards and Strike Cards chosen at random - Enemy Cards were deployed in a blind draw - Finished with Sponsons (2), Forward Cannon (0) and Landship Hull (3) - Badger Class Landship dealt the final blow by rolling a "3" and damaging my Forward Cannon for its last 1 of health - A very fun challenge!

Pocket Sports Hockey
From gallery of airzonk1

Finland takes a big lead after 1 period of play - and holds on to defeat Russia for the Win!
Final Score: Russia - 5 ----- Finland - 6
Finland 3 1 2 - 6
Russia 1 2 2 - 5

Replay Baseball
From gallery of airzonk1

The Cardinals would cruise to a 5-0 win over the Giants in a game that featured a NO-Hitter through 8 1/3 innings -- as Al Dark of the Giants broke up the no no with a single in the 9th - giving NY their only hit for the game -- Harry Brecheen was brilliant (9 IP, 0 R, 1 H, 2 BB', 3 K) in the win and Red Schoendienst provided all the offense needed - reaching base 3 times (BB, 1B, 2B) and scoring 2 runs to lead St Louis

Rice Dice
From gallery of airzonk1

Game makes players focus on optimizing the process of flooding, planting, weeding, and harvesting -- in half the time of the full edition - Beautiful components - small footprint - and a dedicated solo mode all make this a winner!

Risk Express
From gallery of airzonk1

This session saw Left defeat Right by final score of 17 (8 cards) to 13 (6 cards) ---

Rolling Japan
From gallery of airzonk1

This session ended with me collecting 12 X's : 2 White; 3 Black; 2 Green; 2 Yellow; 1 Red; 2 Blue

Scurvy Dice
From gallery of airzonk1

Played 2 handed solo - Look at ALL the DICE on the beautiful cloth board map! Players build ships to race for Treasre and Battle opponents on Parrot Island - winner being the one who collects the best treasure and avoids Scurvy!

Space Invaders Dice!
From gallery of airzonk1

Continuing some Dicember rolls on the floor! -- this session ended with 1380 points scored (pretty weak effort on my part)- 630 points with 7 completed columns + 750 points with 4 Bonus UFO's scored --

From gallery of airzonk1

Fun dice stacking push your luck game - this session saw my final score end at 218 points - 8 dice was highest build I was able to accomplish -- (6*8=48 points in Round 4 + 50 point Bonus for stacking on a 5)

Yahtzee: Steal the Deal
From gallery of airzonk1

Always enjoyable to roll dice - Yahtzee (and its many iterations) has always been pure - low thinking rolling fun - this session was no different - Played solo 2 handed - Player 1 ended the game with 5 cards for a total of 12 points ---- Player 2 ended with 7 cards for a total of 13 points

Progress: 31/31 - COMPLETE
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19. Board Game: On Tour [Average Rating:7.05 Overall Rank:1097]
Board Game: On Tour
Betsy & Chuck Berry
United States
State College
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Microbadge: AtheistMicrobadge: Pandemic fanMicrobadge: Connected Circumnavigation Challenge completionist 2019Microbadge: I completed the Travel Challenge for 2021Microbadge: Gaming Missionary - I try to convert everybody I know to gaming!
Sure . . . we can fit in one more Challenge this year . . . thank you for hosting again!

We've actually completed a 20x20 of Roll & Write games, on our way (we hope) to 25x25 by the end of the year. Most involve dice, so that will fit in with Dicember. Here are some Likely Suspects as we try for at least 31:

13 Sheep 1201
30 Rails
Ada Lovelace Consulting Mathematician 1205
Aquaducts 1210
Bora Bora 1231
Can't Stop Rollin' Down the Highway
Careers 1217
Castles of Burgundy 1201
Castles of Burgundy Dice 1201
Cuba Cube
D-Day Dice
Deep Space D-6
Dino Dice
Dizzle 1211
Dizzle Halloween printed & played 1219
Dizzle Zoo printed & played 1220
Encore! 1217
Escape of the Dead Minigame 1202
Flash Point Fire Rescue 1228
Fleet: Dice 1211
FUSE 1230
Gardeno 1219
Grazing Sheep 1202
HexRoller 1230
Knap Daneben
Land 6 1215
Las Vegas
Le Boomb! 1229
Lorenzo il Magnifico
Mayhem at the Rockport Zoo
Nations Dice
On Tour 1201
Paleontologists 1218
Pandemic Rapid Response 1224
Pandemic The Cure In the Lab
Pandoria Merchants Demo 1229
Patchwork Doodle 1215
Polyhedral Park Planner 1205
Quacks of Quedlinburg 1225
Qwinto 1201
Qwixx 1223
Raging Bulls
Railroad Ink - Deep Blue 1220
Rajas of the Ganges Dice 1231
Reiner Knizia's Decathlon
Roll for the Galaxy
Roll n Cook 1201
Roll Through the Ages - Bronze
Roll Through the Ages - Iron
Roll to the Top! 1214
Rolled West 1230
Rolling America
Rolling Japan 1203
Rolling Realms 1206
Rolling Tokyo
Rolling World
Sagrada Co-Op
Silk Road Maker 1208
Super Dice Heroes 1221
Super-skill Pinball 1216
Stone Age
That's Pretty Clever 1228
That's Pretty Clever Challenge 1216
Train Game
Triple Clever (Clever Cubed) 1201
Twice as Clever
Twice as Clever Challenge
Twin Stars 1204
Zoo Break 1222

Progress: 48/31
Complete 1220, but I'll likely play several more.
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20. Board Game: Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game [Average Rating:8.24 Overall Rank:4068]
Board Game: Fallen Land: A Post Apocalyptic Board Game
JL San Miguel
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Simplify, prioritize,... enjoy! :-D
Microbadge: LurkerMicrobadge: I love solo gaming!Microbadge: 1 Player Guild - Together We Game AloneMicrobadge: Lost in Subscription!Microbadge: I spend more time on BGG than playing games!
I just play when I feel like doing so (no obligation at all). I also don't log my plays. That's why I don't usually participate in challenges (I don't want to be forced to play or to do it under pressure).

But, I feel like going along and join the merry band this time. I'll give it a fair try. cool

From gallery of Bicho

Ready to tackle the Dicember Wall of Games!

> > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > >

All games played pure solo o solo multi-handed (with Alfme and/or Jonme)

Death Angel Obliterated by RDOD (Red Die of Death).
Is there any other feasible result? laugh

Shut the box - Alf 25, Jon 11, Bicho 5

Deep Space D-6 - KABOOM1, KABOOM2

Tiny Epic Galaxies - Alf 22, Jon 21, Bicho 17 Close race at the end.

Dice of the Living Dead - zombie, zombie

Zombie Dice - Alf 8, Jon 13, Bicho 13 (+2)

Rory Story Cubes

Na so was Alf 70, Jon 53, Bicho 48
Walk in the park for Alf, from start to finish, racking up points in all categories.

Cosmic Cows Alf (2) vs. Bicho (3)

Dancing Dice Alf, Jon (4), Bicho
Strong start for Alf while Jon and me started to tire down but much better comeback from Jon while Alf finish exhausted in the final rounds.

Can't Stop Alf (1), Jon (3), Bicho (1)
Jon´s proverbial luck in action.

Sushizock im Gockelwok Alf 3, Jon 9, Bicho 7
Sushi and luck? We never stood a chance against Jon

Roll through the Ages - 1st game I played some rules wrong blush, 33

Castle Dice Alf 5, Jon 7, Bicho 11
Bad day from the beginning for Alf, the opposite for me.

Fallen Land + A Journey into Darkness
Swamp Runners (me) vs. Sigma Corp (bot1) vs. Enclave of Terra (bot2)
14-80 vs 48-19 vs 20-64
I won in prestige one of them bots won in Town Health. A tie!
Tie Breaker - Every 4 points of Town Health equal 1 point of prestige
136 vs 144
Arrrghh, so clooose.zombie
In Fallen Land you live and die by the die. It´s one of those games where what it matters is the journey and not the destination.
High hopes and great expectations, always delivers.

Alien Frontiers (+ agenda cards from Factions) Alf 6, Jon 7, Bicho 10
As usual, strong start for Alf, who then halted and finally stalled (a couple of points stolen by both of us at the end gave him the final blow).

CV + Gossip Alf 61, Jon 67, Bicho 73
I ended working as a boardgame designer, with a boardgame collection and being a member of a boargame club. laugh Alf didn´t care about gossip and ended up being a fool, liar, workaholic, hipocondriac, latecomer, bankrupt, nihilist and with overweight (among some other things! ).

Dark Horse Alf 22, Jon 20, Bicho 18
The perfect Far West tycoon... most gold, less reputation (in fact, none!), more points for connetions between cities & towns, and he didn´t even pay a loan at the end. surprise

Kingsburg Alf 32, Jon 35, Bicho 41

Dragon Rampage Alf 16, Jon 20, Bicho 18
Alf (Barbarian) got so carried away trying to kill the dragon that was the closest to the entrance at the end (the penalty was too much).

Ancient Terrible Things Captain vs Journalist - 13-21, 19-25

Giganten der Lufte Alf 14, Jon 19,
Bicho 19 (tie breaker)
Poor choices by everybody led to not many options for everyone and the game dragged for a while ending by pure luck. shake

Alea Iacta Est Alf 47, Jon 37, Bicho 38
Alf stole the show with the best provinces paired with the most valuable patrician couples (34-24-24) because we scored nearly the same in the other categories... spqr (12, 12, 12) points for reroll counters (1 1 2)

Run, fight or die
A couple of solo games. Girl power!
Sweet prom girl (healer), 4+11=15
Sassy secretary (+3), 5+4=9

Quarriors! Quarmageddon Alf 13, Jon 15, Bicho 7
Alf, last by far (3 points).
Out of the blue he can sacrifice two creatures for their glory points. And of course, in that very same roll he gets his most valuable creatures... ten points in one single blow! wow
If I hadn´t killed his last creature that he was going to score, he would have won a couple of turns later. In that same turn Jon also lost one creatures but one still remained and was enough to win. He was always in the lead, with a very tight and well chosen small collection of dice, that granted him nice and frequent combos, while on the other hand, Alf and me with big sets of dice had most of the combos and powerful creatures diluted. Nice game.

Euphoria: Build a Better Dystopia Alf 6, Jon 9, Bicho 10
A turn later and Jon would have won

Yspahan + The Souks Alf 81, Jon 75, Bicho 78
Always good, a sure bet: easy to grasp, quick, enjoyable and visually nice. grapecamel

The Castles of Burgundy Alf 174 Bicho 164
Alf always trailing for most of the game but then got some bonus counters that fit perfectly whith what he already had (lots of sold goods and a type of building, that, again due to a bonus counter, could place without the usual "just one per teritory" rectriction). Nice final comeback and a close win for just 10 points.

Macao Alf 51, Jon 37, Bicho
Quite Different stategies... Alf went very tactictal + money and trying to get no penalties. Jon tried selling goods but it didn´t work out as he has planned. I focused on ships and buildings.
As always, a great game, a great session.

Troyes + The Ladies of Troyes
Alf 27, Jon48, Bicho 55
I went all in with a combo involving the banker and it payed out in my favour. Jon played much better and he deserved to win.
Again and as always, a great game, a great session.

Feudality + Dark Clouds, Pretty Flowers Alf 7, Jon 7, Bicho 16+
Fully buffed up castle was blessed with the visit of the dice twice in the last two turns. Feudality classic!

d10-3d10-1 / d10-3d10-1

[possible backups, just in case... The Hellgame, Conquest of Planet Earth, HEXPlore it, ...]
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21. Board Game: Yahtzee [Average Rating:5.40 Overall Rank:21034]
Board Game: Yahtzee
Dave Manley
United States
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Microbadge: 1 Player Guild - Together We Game AloneMicrobadge: Solitaire Games on Your Table - Together, we game alone...Microbadge: PnP / DIY fan Microbadge: LeftyMicrobadge: I'm my own worst enemy - I play multiplayer games solo.
I'll give this one a go! I might switch a few games in or out depending upon what I pick up in the next few weeks.

1. Decathlon

I tried to make my entry a bit fancier! I will fill in the 31 games as I play them. My suggested list is below, but I will probably not play them in order. All games will be played solo.

1. 30 Rails 2. Zonerunner 3. Deep Space D6 4. Pocket Landship 5. Yahtzee (Had to do it!) 6. Grazing Sheep 7. Raging Bulls 8. Delve
9. Utopia Engine 10. One Deck Dungeon 11. Twin Stars 12. Decathlon
13. Aerion 14. Titan Dice 15.Strat o Matic Baseball 16. Wrath of Ashardalon (Or another D&D game) 17. Formula D 18. The Hunters 19. Nautilion 20. Pathfinder Adventure Card Game 21. Sherman Leader 22. Strat O Matic Football 23. Rallyman 24. Ghost Stories 25. Space Hulk Death Angel 26. Chosin Few or Ottoman Sunset? 27. Deadball 28. Four Against Darkness 29. Mage Knight 30. Dawn of the Zeds or maybe Nemo's War 31. Black Orchestra.

I might also try a solo variant of Betrayal at Calth, Burning of Prospero, Deathwatch Overkill or Stormcloud Attack. I might also try Dicemasters with one of its solo variations... Also, if I get a bright shiny new toy with dice, I might play it too.

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22. Board Game: Reiner Knizia's Decathlon [Average Rating:6.29 Overall Rank:3546]
Board Game: Reiner Knizia's Decathlon
Katie Davis
United Kingdom
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Microbadge: 2020 Silver SupporterMicrobadge: 1 Player Guild - Together We Game AloneMicrobadge: Calico cat lover
This will be my first ever challenge.
I got into dice games earlier in pandemic year, so have a few print and play etc and would like to find more through this challenge.

1 Roll n Cook (P&P) - 1st Dec
Solo play, score of 42 but I don't bother with the extra options.

2 Yahtzee (digital) - 2nd Dec
Lost to a stranger on Board Game Arena! Score 202.

3 Can't Stop (digital) - 3rd Dec
Thanks to the people who put this on their lists and who mentioned Board Game Arena - I knew about this one as its their training game but I'd forgotten. Joint second out of 3. In real life I'm very risk averse but tend to push my luck in those kind of games - so I lose! Good fun though!

4 Reiner Knizia's Decathlon (P&P) - 4th Dec
I love this game (why I named my entry after it!), its so simple yet really feels like it captures the spirit of the events (noting I am no athlete!), and brings actual tension, even when playing alone. On my own for lunch today so did not seem anti-social to play this. Scored 218 which is actually a high score for me! Notable: 34 on the 1500m. Also recommended for remote play over Zoom, my friends liked it and was fun seeing all the random dice collections...

5 That's Pretty Clever! (digital) - 5th Dec
Played on the app, score of 173. I normally get over 200 now I know what to do... but its a dice game, so this varies.

6 Everest 1924 (P&P) - 5th Dec
Thanks to smic and CrazyBlueDwarf for recommending this, which I really enjoyed. Only 14 points (forgotten to history!) as didn't quite have the hang of it (didn't realise I could go sideways when I couldn't progress, so kept gambling!), but will definitely play again.

7 Cinnamon Rolls (P&P) - 6th Dec
Thanks to Schoolmarm5 for the pointer to Jake Staines and his Christmas series of one page printable games (designed to go in Christmas cards), we tried this one today. A nice game and it did feel festive, though I think it would have been better with more than 2 players. I had a few queries on the rules but I expect playing again may resolve these.

8 Ducks in the Pond (P&P) - 7th Dec
I thanked smic in a previous entry for recommending the contest entry P&P roll and writes, and now I see they actually designed this one! Very nice, another compact 1 sheet game including rules, and thematic with the weather getting worse and affecting your duck watching. I like birdwatching and ducks are a favourite, so this was nice for me. If I were to do a BGG brief description I might put "feathered Yahtzee"! But its a bit more complicated than that with the special die powers. I would love to be able to design a game like this, congratulations.

9 Harvest Dice solo variant - 8th Dec
Have had this game a long time and played it a lot remotely with friends in the first lockdown as it was quick and easy to get the hang of. Had forgotten about it when I first drafted this list, and was reminded about it when I saw a mention of a solo variant on a thread in the 1 Player Guild. Glad to have tried that although I did not find the rules as clear as some of the P&Ps above, even though I knew the game. Will probably not play solo again, mainly because have generally played the game too much for a while, but glad to be reminded I had it!

10 Ada Lovelace: Consulting Mathematician (P&P) - 9th Dec
Got some tips on this a while ago from forum discussion (Pythian games I think), but still score in middle area - I like that it keeps you coming back to try tto get a better score.

**I now think I can get to 15!**

11 Twice as Clever! (digital) - 10th Dec
It took me a while to get the hang of the original game and some reading on strategy forums, but this one I'm yet to work out. Feels counter intuitive? Max score so far 150...

12 Der Clou: Roll & Heist - 11th Dec
Printed today and a first try this evening. I like it and lots of room to play again and improve... scored 4 against "The Kiosk" playing solo as "Janet". Will play again. Thank you for making this game and for sharing the link on another thread - to those who did.

13 Corinth (P&P) - 12th Dec
Enjoyed playing this again after while, having played a few times over Zoom earlier in the year. I prepared for that by playing this solo variant, and did the same today. Not a high score but its been a while. Nice that a publisher made their game available P&P for the pandemic.

14 13 Sheep (P&P) - 13th Dec
I have invented a new category, less catchy: download pdf, open in an editing file, and play. Its not as fun as working from a laminate - especially this game as its eminently portable. But its good as I don't have a home printer, and even less barrier to trying a new game - essential for this challenge. I liked the game but as usual scored zero on a first go. I am still trying to beat Der Clou - Roll & Heist from a few days ago, so that one has been excellent value. Enjoying this challenge and now wondering how far I can go...

15 Shut the Box (app) - 15th Dec
Wasn't feeling the challenge today so downloaded an app for a quick try of this. Moreish!

Other than that, I have Wingspan, would that count...?
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23. Board Game: Roll for the Galaxy [Average Rating:7.66 Overall Rank:100]
Board Game: Roll for the Galaxy
United States
New Mexico
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Microbadge: Green Ribbon (Mental Illness Awareness)Microbadge: 18xx fanMicrobadge: GameChat League - Gelato Division: "Discover your favorite flavour!"Microbadge: Complex and IrrationalMicrobadge: Thyroid Cancer Awareness
Yay! I'm happy to join all of you for another Dicember Challenge. I'd even already started a list of possibilities.

Just the normal version for me.
It's the morning of December 8 and I've already played 8 dice games this month. I'm going to see if I can get to 31.

1. Discoveries: The Journals of Lewis and Clark (12/2)
2. Doppelt so clever (12/2)
3. The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game (12/3)
4. Artifacts, Inc. (12/3)
5. Fleet: The Dice Game (12/4)
6. Santa Maria (12/4)
7. Ganz schön clever (12/5)
8. Clever hoch Drei (12/5)
9. Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition (12/6)
10. Yspahan (12/9)
11. Renegade (12/10)
12. Kingsburg (12/11)
13. Roll for the Galaxy (12/11)
14. Santiago de Cuba (12/14)
15. Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers (12/14)

16. Burgle Bros. (12/15)
17. Favor of the Pharaoh (12/16)
18. Madeira (12/17)
19. Zooloretto: The Dice Game (12/18)
20. Hellboy: The Board Game (12/18)
21. Space Base (12/19)
22. Sequoia (12/21)
23. Mountain Goats (12/21)
24. Dice Forge (12/21)
25. Luxor (12/24)
26. La Granja (12/24)
27. The Castles of Burgundy (12/26)
28. Cosmic Run (12/27)
29. Qwinto (12/28)
30. Qwixx (12/28)
31. Noch mal! (12/30)

Finished with a day to spare! laugh
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24. Board Game: Aerion [Average Rating:7.50 Overall Rank:1430]
Board Game: Aerion
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I'm in. My first time participating in a challenge

1. Railroad Ink: Blazing Red Edition (SGOYT) ... choo choo
2. Rajas of the Ganges: The Dice Charmers (SGOYT) ... awesome combos
3. D-Day Dice Pocket (SGOYT) ... rolling dice, matching symbols
4. Deep Space D-6 (SGOYT) ... can be brutal sometimes
5. Encore! (App) ... a nice filler
6. That's Pretty Clever! (App) ... I'm really bad at it
7. Twice as Clever! (App) ... reading the rules would help I guess
8. Clever hoch Drei (App) ... I don't know how often you could copy the same concept
9. Aerion ... my aircrafts stay on the ground this time
10.FUSE (SGOYT) ... a kind of meditation

11. Flatline (SGOYT) ... more dice dispatching against the clock
12. Ra: The Dice Game (SGOYT) ... such a great game
13. The Castles of Burgundy: The Dice Game ... populating a duchy
14. Tiny Epic Galaxies ... a short trip into space
15. Istanbul: The Dice Game (SGOYT) ... collecting rubies
16. LANTERN ... defeated the dragon, but didn't score well
17. Roll Estate ... Yahtzee with a twist, a rare win
18. Super-Skill Pinball: 4-Cade ... some sound and light effects to brighten this gray day and now the sun is shining (the free PNP table)
19. Fleet: The Dice Game (SGOYT) ... gone fishing
20. Dice Hospital (SGOYT) ... healing some patients

21. Reiner Knizia's Decathlon ... one moment in time? No, not this time.
22. Fantastic Factories (SGOYT) ... back to work
23.Imperial Settlers: Roll & Write (SGOYT) ... R&W in an Imperial Settlers setting, without being Imperial Settlers
24. Everest 1924 (SGOYT) ... to gamble or not to gamble?
25. Troyes Dice ... nasty black die
26. Dice City ... trying to build combos
27. Rolling Village! (SGOYT) ... village development by rolling dice
28. Dungeon Roll ... I'm not made for "Push your luck"-games ?
29. Nations: The Dice Game ... a quick civilization game? It exists.
30. Nautilion ... another Oniverse game, two wins agains the Phantom

31. 13 Sheep (SGOYT) ... protecting sheep

And that's it..

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25. Board Game: Roll Player [Average Rating:7.52 Overall Rank:199] [Average Rating:7.52 Unranked]
Board Game: Roll Player
Virginia P.
United States
New York
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Microbadge: I adopted my dog(s) from a rescueMicrobadge: A Couple of Gamers guild memberMicrobadge: "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye." ―Antoine de Saint-ExuperyMicrobadge: Board games keep me youngMicrobadge: I adopted my cat(s) from a rescue
First time I've heard of this -- I'm in!! This will be my first ever challenge! (Also starting 5 x 5 or Whatever challenge and 2021 Family Games Challenge.)

All games will be played 2P with my husband. Because of work schedules, most games will probably be played over the Christmas week break.

Normal level (titles may change):

1. Grand Austria Hotel
2. Cosmic Cows
3. Sagrada
4. Pandemic: The Cure
5. Flatline
6. Noctiluca
7. Istanbul: The Dice Game
8. Herbaceous Sprouts
9. On Tour (Second Edition)