2021 Challenge: LADDER OF INSANITY!!!
Mike Holcomb
United States
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What is this challenge?
The purpose of the LADDER OF INSANITY!!! is to challenge RPG Geek community members to log the most plays of the most games in the year 2021. It is similar in spirit to the "Play 10 games 10 times each" challenges that appear on BGG, but we recognize that RPG sessions aren't quite as easy to rack up as board game sessions for most players. So we have made the challenge more progressive and incremental by breaking it into a ladder. Each rung of the ladder represents an increasingly difficult challenge.

Rung 1: Play one RPG one time (i.e. one session)
Rung 2: Play two RPGs two times each
Rung 3: Play three RPGs three times each

...and so forth to

Rung 10: Play 10 RPGs 10 times each.

How to Enter
*When you have qualified to enter the rung, and have logged your RPG plays to back it up, make an entry by adding a comment under the geeklist item for that rung.

*Include a link like this in your comment:
[geekurl=/plays/thumbs/user/YOUR USER NAME/subtype/rpg/start/2021-01-01/end/2021-12-31]OPTIONAL LINK TEXT[/geekurl]

*Add a d1000 die roll to the associated geeklist item.

Prizes will be awarded as follows:

*50% of the prize pool goes to the participant with the highest die roll in the highest rung.

*The remaining 50% of the prize pool will be divided into equal portions for all lesser rungs, and the participant who rolled highest shall win that prize! For example, let us assume our ultimate winner achieves the 6th rung (6 RPGs played 6 times each). He or she would win 50% of the prize pool. 10% of the prize pool would go to the person with the highest die roll in the 5th rung, 10% to the person with the highest roll in the 4th rung, and so forth for the lesser rungs.

*MonsterMike will match all tips to this GeekList to constitute the prize pool.
In other words, the prize pool will be double the amount tipped to this geeklist header.
MonsterMike will be participating, but is ineligible to win prizes. Should MonsterMike get the highest roll in a rung, no prize will be awarded for that rung. However, MonsterMike may use that unawarded GG for discretionary prizes.

*In addition, every participant will be tipped for each ladder rung they achieve. 1 GG for rung 1, 2 GG for rung 2, etc. So even if you do not win a rung award, your accomplishment will still be recognized.

*Users reaching Rung 10 of THE LADDER OF INSANITY!!! by playing 10 RPGs 10 times each will be awarded this spiffy microbadge: Microbadge: I climbed the Ladder of Insanity all the way to the top!

My preferences about logged plays are as follows:
1. Log your plays under the RPG, not the RPG item.
2a. 1 tabletop game session = 1 play.
2b. PbV games are fine. 1 PbV session = 1 play.
2c. PbF is fine. 1 PbF game, yes the whole game = 1 play.
2d. Solo RPGs are fine. 1 complete solo game = 1 play.
3. Character creation or world-building sessions are fine if they are an integral part of game play.
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