Traditional Card Games that Should be Played More.
Mark Paul
United States
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Almost every weekend my aunt and uncle would come over and play pinochle with my parents. I would fall asleep to the sound of cards shuffling and a post game analysis by someone of why they bid a certain way and what they were trying to do. I learned many things from the stories they would tell while playing. Also, there were the phrases that would come up that still stick with me. Phrases such as, "You sent a boy out to get the beer." (When it was hoped a 10 or smaller card would win the trick, but the other side had an ace.) or "Are we here to eat or to play cards?" (My aunt and my mother would always try to serve some new recipe during the games. "The jacks are throwing up their so dizzy, you shuffled them enough just deal out the cards."

Unfortunately, only my sister and I still play pinochle, but rarely. None of my nieces and nephews know how to play.

My grandfather was German and taught as Skat and Sheepshead when I was young. My grandmother taught us Forty-Five, Spoil Five and Piquet. This games were common and cheap entertainment when I was growing up.

Here is a list a games I played in my family until I left home. I wish they were more popular, I miss them.
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