Reiner Knizia's Linear Adventures
Laszlo Molnar
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Samurai, Tigris, Yellow, Babylonia. Through the Desert, Ingenious, Stephensons Rocket also rock!
Knizia tile laying rules! Samurai is #1, closely followed by the three games with two rivers
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Yes, Reiner Knizia does revisit some of his ideas time after time. The question is, is that a problem if he can add something new to the idea again and again?

This time I look at games that even have quite different mechanisms, although they share some common threats. These are mostly adventure games so theme is mostly stronger in them than in a usual Knizia. Usually you have one or more paths where your hero or heroes are advancing from a common starting point to a common final point, mostly driven by cards played from your hand (most of these games have a strong hand management aspect). It is possible that everyone moves the same figures or everyone moves a different figure, or there is only one figure altogether. Quite probably, as a part of capturing the theme, you'll have some stuff to collect during your journey: treasure or other objects that allow you do some extra actions. In quite many cases you also have randomly drawn events or adventures added for further sense of theme; what's more, you might have to roll a special die as well. So quite often the theme is so strong that the game moves a bit towards AT directions, but of course these are Knizia games so they still remain tactical games and eurogames after all.
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